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Sorry! It is work in HTML5 sites … Oooops …. Can you help me? I already bought :) Thgank you! Igor

yes of course :) what is the exact problem and which protection makes problem?

disableTextSelection doesnot work on firefox (latest). Could you fix that please? Thanks in advance! Andreas

Hi there, thanks for feedback and sorry for delayed reply. Now the problem is fixed. You can re-download the files. Best regards.

Thank you very much, that works now for me. Great buy!

Thanks :)

Hi! is-that it clears every problem it is found on its website. I search a plugin could delete it all the problem that I have on wordpress.

I think i was hacked.

This only works on websites.

RemoveWhitespace method seems not to work for me. If I save the HTML of my page its 200KB big (including whitespaces). But when I add your Remove Whitespace method, then CPU usage goes up, but the page is not delivered. Can you fix your method? At the moment it doesnot work.

any updates on this?

any new developer sleeping….

is this product come with source code…. or only .dll file

Hi I have bought this tool for my web page protection. Please help to get the page protected by converting it into image with watermark. I have html content that that require protection from copy paste.

Hi, We are interested in this software, we would be using it for a CMS site (we developed in house) and as it reads html from the database and writes it out we were wondering if this library will handle that after the page is rendered but before the page is sent over the network (you mention on the fly but I’m not sure if this covers our scenario) or if we have to use specific image tags for instance (of a type you’ve created within your library)

Excelent work, congrats!