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Will this library also compress images of any format?

Is there plans to support compression for the other formats?

i ask as this is really something im looking for mainly is the compression aspects.

Yes, different compression levels for PNG and 8-Bit color palette is planed

Will be looking forward to that..

Hey, Does it work with .net 4.5 and on resizing or cropping is the quality satisfying. I really get tired of Image.GetThumbnailImage pixalated outputs. I like to have it to perform resizing, cropping and saving as jpeg files so would you post an example image resized by your code? Best.

Hi. It works with .NET 4.5, no problem. The quality of the image processing is good.

It is truly a good image component. I am using a .NET UI component to help me to create an impressive UI, however, its controls about image are not strong enough. And I discovered yours. Can you give me more detailed info about its filter effects.

Hi. Here the filter effects: jitter, sharpen, blur, watermark, brightness, contrast, sepia, emboss


MVC3 works with .NET Framework 4

how about merging 2 or more images?

Doesn’t work

url encryption?

For all who want to purchase it – THERE IS NO SOURCECODE in it. EAT OR DIE! DLL = Wasted Money and cant be checked for any frauds doing to your source. The worst Thing, you cant step back after purchase.

Hi Timmey. Source code is not provided because it’s not open source. But it’s fully working and you get an extensive help file with code samples. Please let me know if you need any further help.

Hi Can we add any image annotation functions like adding rectangle, lines etc…

Hi snagareddy. This is not possible at the moment, but it’s on our to-do list.

I need this with source code, is this posible to buy complete with code and explanation. Also is this in webform or mvc.

Thank you

Sorry, it’s not possible to get the source code. It should work for webforms and mvc.