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hi , i didnt see any information in script details about the source code , is the project open sourced ? which asp.net used ? is it Ef or ado.net or any other ? thnx.

Hi virgotech, the solution is open source, using asp.net web forms 4.0, the back end is SQL server express (also sql script is available so you can include tables and procedures in your database). DAL is ADO. I hope this information is enough. please let me know if more details are required.

thank you for information , it is all what i need.

I hope you can also have VB.NET version, since Im not familiar with C# coding.

In case you have, please advise me asap.

Unfortunately there are no VB.Net version for now… though you can convert it to VB.net,, or convert the parts you need …like BLL and web pages logic,, but for me to change the whole project to VB.NET it’ll take a lot of work and effort

I can not find source code.. Download is only index file. index file(aseets folder)

Thanks for your purchase and sorry for inconvenience,, I fixed this issue with code canyon but they do it again,, anyways please for now send me your email address and I’ll send you the files, and I’ll fix the uploaded files again.

Thanks again for your purchase

Thanks. My email address msdos@hanmail.net.

Hello, I’ve just purchased this product but in the downloaded file i’ve find only the documentation folder.

Can you help me please?

Kindly check your mail,, sorry for this issue

Do you have VB version for this?

Can I easily integrate this into a PHP/MySQL site I currently have… Just want the ability to move the marker and send it to the db

I guess you can,, just by you can use the javascript in the solution,, and replace the JSON calls to your web services…. but it will take some time…

We are looking for a system that can take addresses in a database and calculate the mileage between locations. Does your program do this? Also we would like it to be able to detect all businesses of a category on the map within an area code. For example if they select restaurant it would should all restaurants in that in a selected zip code.

these features are not available, but you can inbox me with the exact details that you want and we can make a custom solution for you

i am creating builder property website…..

i want to locate property or search property on map….

1)i want to filter map using category,pincode,... i am from India..so i want to filter map country,state,district,city..all above my category….

2)i want to add nearest railway station,bus station,school,malls… and calculate their distance … above field may multiple…

is this possible in plugin

Still no replay…..

Sorry for the delay but its the holidays rush..we are studying your requirements and we’ll come back to you with a quote by next sunday.

sorry and thanks for your patience

still no replay…. i already send u my front end looking requirement ..

please let me know .. what is status

Hi any updates, on MVC 5.2

we’re looking to purchase

Any new features Like drag and move markers Edit items in the map, and add content… on the marker Database to hold data

looks like no updates, my boss bought it…

Hi Can we add map features in mvc 5.2?

not in this version, soon we’ll produce an AngularJS version with Web API backend

Waiting for that new version….

When are you releasing the version with angularjs and Web API?? If I purchase now with old version, will you provide me with the new version copy free of charge? Thanks ..

Hi gravity,, we are busy right now to build a new angular js version with many updates and a whole package of new features,, I hope that you can manage to hold it up to 15th of December maximum

ASP MVC version coming? any new updates>

i don’t know if you sister works in my server, http://edsindustrial.us/sistema/ and i can not import de Data Base to MySql. in other words, i don’t know how to install it!

I anxiety sorry but this system is under .net category. It uses Microsoft SQL server not MySQL

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale