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Where is the decompiler software ? After downloading, it contains DomainTool Setup ?

Can you please send me your email .

yes sent

Sent you the new files.

Sir, it works fine. If you are confused after seeing the comments above then don’t be because they are fixed.

I just purchased your decompiler and it crashed when it tried to decompile.

If possible, can i please know what are trying to decompile ?

I purchased this and have tested it on many things… it doesn’t decompile anything. It doesn’t work at all, it loads, but it never decompiles anything, just spits our errors. To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, even if it were free. Waste of $11.

can you send me the files you want to decompile ?

I cannot decompile a dll. It shows an error Mono.Cecil. Can I send you the dll?

yeah sure use my profile link to send it directly.

Can you tell me how your decompiler is better then de4dot which is free deobfuscator ? And the list of obfuscators it can deobfuscate ?