.net decompiler [Man]

.net decompiler [Man]

.net decompiler/de-obfuscator

The awesome .net source recovery tool that helps programmers to get back there source even after obfuscation. Now you don’t have to hit you head in the wall if you lost your app’s source code and your app is obfuscated because you can now recover it with just one click. .net Decompiler [Man] works swiftly and smoothly and fixes all obfuscated symbols…

Watch the video preview to know what exactly it does!


Q.What is .net decompiler [Man] ?

A. .net decompiler [Man] is a standalone utility that helps programmers to get back there source code even after obfuscation and makes easy to understand than those unreadable characters .

Q.What can .net decompiler [Man] basically do?

A. Let’s say that you have a application and you have it obfuscated with obfuscators like deepsea, dotfuscator, smart assembly, confuser or whatever etc . now, this app is very important to you and unfortunately you have lost it’s source and you can’t read or understand when you open it in reflector then what to do…in this time .net decompiler [Man] is the must have tool.Just drag and drop your assembly and select where to save and then click on “Decompile” and wait for it to finish till you get a message telling you that is has decompiled the assembly successfuly now you can open it with reflector and now it’s easy to understand and you easily get back your source.

Features at a glance :

> Easy to use. Sleek GUI.

>Powerful engine with de compiler.

>Advanced Engine to detect functions, classes, >namespaces and so on…

> Fairly priced.

> Portable and secure.

> Support for .dll or .exe (.net) assemblies.

> Pre-enabled Self-Protection Engine(To protect itself from getting affected by viruses.).

> Tested with deepsea, confuser, obfuscam, dotfuscator, smart assembly,, xenocode, crypto and many more..

Q.Does .net decompiler [Man] supports all obfuscators ?

A. As of now we have tested all popular .net obfuscators and it seems .net decompiler [Man] works fine with them . Please note that obfuscators that compilers with a native packer are not supported. Any processor compiled assemblies supported. Mono is also supported.

A Example…

In this example we have taken a app that has obfuscated with deepsea, when opened in reflector it look’s like :

As you can see we can read nothing nor can we understand anything but when we de-obfuscate it with .net decompiler it look’s like :

As you can see now it’s pretty more clear and understandable.

Please note that .net decompiler [Man] is for educational and personal use only. Decompiling others software is illegal. The author nor us are responsible for any actions caused by customers. Once a software is licensed to a user then all risks of using this software falls to the customers however we may provide support if we think the matter deals a great extent to our software.