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Still waiting on source what you said you would provide in the comments please can you email the source or update with sources please.

Uploaded the source code. It will be available once approved.

Glad to hear it RaviNila, better late then never I have to say :)

Does this come with the source?

Yes It’s.

Hello, could you please tell me how can I create different groups?

Also can you say when File sharing is coming?

thanks in advance

drag and drop the user from main window to sub window. That’s it. Group’s got created…

File sharing implementation is in progress. Though I’m stuck in some other works. Will try to finish the file sharing ASAP.

Thanks you.

Hello RaviNila,

Hope you are doing great! I’ve a quick question, is there a way you can help me translating this great tool to spanish? I can help providing the translation of labels, messages, etc.

Please let me know your thoughts and comments.


Hello Anybody there?


For this version of NetChat it’s not possible. I can give this option for the next version of Netchat.

What did you make this in, Visual Studio 2013 says many things are out of date and when I try and build it, it bitch’s about the fonts been null and needs to be declared I not changing anything part from name and the lay out of the chat window but it when I also build it it also brakes so I need to know the very same software you using and what things you have enabled thanks.

Hi Guys,

Please do me a private massage for instant reply. I’m not much active in codecanyan comments section.

Hello! is this works with wifi network?