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Hello, We are making Chat and group chat system in our project and using SingalR. do you have any things related to this ready inside this or we need to make separate project for this. Can you guide me in details steps how we can manage to do this. user is going to be common that we have done for making social kind of site ?.


Versions 1 and 2 do not have any support for signalr. Version 3 will have signalr built in for events broadcasting and real time functionality, but there is no release date defined for the v3 yet.

Assuming you have the signalr package installed and uses the admin v2, I’ve created a gist with the current code responsible for adding signalr support in v3 that may help you achieve the functionality you are looking for:

Please take a look and let me know if you need further assistance.

Is the Database required, I am developing an API and need this as a quick interface to that Management API can your project support this easily?


Very sorry for the delay to answer, for some reason I was not getting the latest comment notifications.

Thanks for purchasing the product. Are there any further assistance I can provide?

Hi I am interested in buying this. But before I want to see live preview of all features available in this .net Admin Starter Kit. Please guide, so that i can go for quick purchase.


Sorry for the delay to answer, I was not getting the latest comment notifications.

I’m going through some server maintenance and the preview website will be down for a few more days.

I have t been able to find the Users Management section. As Admin, I need to be able to create/edit users within the admin. Please advice


Unfortunatelly, there are no such options available in the current version. Currently, users register from the signup form and admin can only visualize and change theirs permissions under the ‘Platform/Users’ menu.

Please notice that the project is a starter kit and not a full CRM system. If you are willing to wait, the next major version will be out in a couple of weeks and the ability to create new users as an admin will be among the new features.

Thank you for your interest in the project and let me know if you need further assistance.

You do not have the .Net Admin Starter Kit in source code, do you? Can I open it as a project in .net 2015 and develop it by myself? do not you give this template for free? does not integrate with this template?


This project is a Starter Kit with some of the common features already implemented, like authentication, logging and uploads. It is not a complete CMS/CRM. Full source code is included with the package and you can open the solution in VS 2015 and customize it as you need.

Althought static elements from porto admin html are available in this project, it does not include a license for any of the html versions.

Currently there is no .net frontend version available.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Hi! I noticed (above) that around the end of August you stated “Please notice that the project is a starter kit and not a full CRM system. If you are willing to wait, the next major version will be out in a couple of weeks and the ability to create new users as an admin will be among the new features.”

Just wanted to check and see if this new major version has been released. If not, do you have a revised release date?

Thanks! :-)


I got some unexpected extra demand on my primary job and that messed up with my release date. I’m doing my best to get the new version submited to envato this weekend. They take around 3 business days to get the version approved but the current version preview website will be back online late tomorrow and also a preview for the next major version (V3).

Thanks for the patience and for the interest in our product.

Understood, thanks! Just wanted to know what to expect.

Hi, when will the preview be available again?


The current version preview website will be back online late tomorrow and also a preview for the next major version (V3).

Thanks for the patience and for the interest in our product.

Hi, How can I get the latest version (3.0)? When you mention that webapi is no longer included, does that mean it is available for purchase seperately? If yes, what is the cost?


The new version just got approved by envato. It should be available for dowload in your feed already.

Regarding the WebApi, it will be available as a sepparate package in the future. For now, the v2 package is included in the v3 download as well and the web api project can still be found there.

Separating them will be easier to maintain and also allows them to evolve independently, as needed.

I will update the preview and our website with further information as soon as its available.


I can’t find left sidebar at small screen in the v3 version :(

Thanks for the feedback. I will look into it and will create a gist with a quick fix for the reported issues.

I will reply this with the link as soon as it’s done.


Here is the gist:

Replace the content of the files in your project with the content from the files in the gist as follows:

- Views_Search_Box.cshtml to ~/Views/Search/Box.cshtml
- Views_TopMenu.cshtml to ~/Views/TopMenu.cshtml

Thanks again for the feedback.

Thank you for your support :)

I want to know if v3 is already included or updated upon purchase of the .Net starter kit. Thanks!


V3 is already available. The download package contains all the code to run a website just like the preview demo.

Thanks for the interest in our product.

I will purchase this for the web application I am doing. Thanks for this, it’ll help me speed up production.

Hi! I purchased this template some minutes ago, but I made a mistake. This template is an App template, is not a design app template. I have my app developed and I only want to add a good design on it. I found this template navigating at Porto Admin template page and I thought that this template was the Porto Admin template adapted to .NET Core (like an Angular (design) template that I purchased, specific to Angular Apps). So, unfortunatelly, this template is useless for me.

I’d like to know if is possible cancel my purchase and refund my payment.

I’m sorry about my mistake and appreciate your attention!


I’m not sure about the steps, but it is possible to request a refund.

I’ll review the name to avoid future confusions.

Here is the link to the original HTML version:

Nice! I found the refund request!

Thank you!

Does current purchase Is V3 and Users Management is included?


Yes, the current purchase is v3.

All available functionality can be tested on the preview website. Users management can be found under the ‘management/users’ menu.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Hello, Thanks for the prompt reply. Do we have to buy Porto Admin HTML 5 template separately or the license is include with the purchase? Regards


They require different licenses.

Porto Admin HTML 5 Template is a sepparate project and is maintained by the official owners (Okler Themes).

Porto Admin .Net Starter Kit is an MVC5 project that have their permission to use their work as our primary visual style. And is maintained by us.

All elements present in the official package can be found in this one, the main difference is that the versions may differ. For example, Porto Admin HTML 5 Template is in version 2.0 (Bootstrap 4) and the .Net Starter Kit currently implements the version 1.6 of their product.

Hope that helps. Thanks!

I have bought this product but where are the HTML files and themes as shown in the demo…


You can find the sample HTMLs under the ‘Areas/HtmlElements’ folder.

Thank you for your purchase.

Hello there, I would like you to ask if is or any chance the possibility that you can attach our database with Porto and create a basic table inside. I know is written no customize, but I was wonder since you build Porto would be much faster and easy if we can find a solution in this matter. Thank you in advance for your reply. Best Devis


Customizations are not included as part of envato licenses but I do offer those as separate services.

If you have interest, please let me know what you need from the profile contact form so we can discuss the details.

Profile contact form:

Thank you for purchasing this product!

Can you help us convert our existing legacy webForm to this .Net theme?


Yes, it can be arranged as a separate customization service. Please contact me through the profile form so we can discuss the details.

Profile contact form:

Thanks for your contact.

Does this support server side paging? Or is it just UI

Thanks, I just purchased

Thank you for your purchase.

Can you please explain what is included in the purchase of this template? Does it include the complete Visual studio solution with all UI built in, with data layer, UI layer, API layer and all? I am looking for a .NET starter template that has UI layer built in and one that uses EF for data access. Thanks, Exlnt


You will get everything you need to run a website just like the preview demo.

That includes:

- Database schema (Sql Server).
- Server side implementation and validators.
- Built in UI template (Porto Admin Html version 1.6 [BS3]).

The only difference of what you need is that this project does not use EF, it uses the StackExchange Dapper Micro ORM dor data access.

Let me know if you have further questions. Thanks!

Hello, i wanna ask a few question before buy :D. did i get a full solution file? can it run in framwork 4.5 or i should install 4.6?


Routing is part of the framework itself and the template uses the mvc built-in attribute rounting features.

By convention, the following structure is used to determine the routes:

- <area>/<controller>/<action>

So, in case of users login, the current route ‘users/account/login/’ is composed by the following attributes:

- In ~/Areas/Users/Controllers/__AreaBaseController.cs
AreaPrefix = "users" 
- In ~/Areas/Users/Controllers/AccountController.cs
RoutePrefix = "account" 
- In ~/Areas/Users/Controllers/AccountController.cs (LogIn)
Route template = "login"

You can modify those attributes to achieve what you want and/or you can move the ‘AccountController.cs’ outside the users areas (e.g: HomeController) to make the attribute mapping easier. One last alternative would be setting the routes manually in the Global.asax.cs file.

Here are some resources with further info:



i want to change in admin. already add the code to Global.asax but nothing change.

about the portoadmin template, can i see the documentation?

The admin docs are distributed with the downloaded package, but there is nothing regarding routing in it as routing is part of itself. The admin just takes advantage of the attribute routing features to build its routes, following the official microsoft documentation for that (links above).

To change the routing you would have to customize the admin to make the modifications required to fit your needs.

Please notice that customizations may require some advanced knowledge as described in the requirements section in the project description page.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Can Integrate with Porto – Responsive HTML5 Template?


This project is being deprecated. Please consider using the new beta version at:

Moving forward, a standalone version will be maintained using pure Bootstrap 4, but still fully compatible with the recommend official Porto HTML templates (and any other Boostrap 4 templates).

Thank you for your interest in this work!