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Is the version 2 based on ASP.NET Core? I really would want to buy it to bootstrap my project.


The new version will still be based on the .Net 4.6 version. It consists mostly in a complete code revision for making it easier for customizing and adding new sections.

Thanks for your interest in our product!

Hello, 1, do you have user registration from front end ? 2, do you have membership subscription plan kind of things? 3, access right according to membership plan? 4, invoice and renewal membership etc ..?


Currently we support only simple role based authorization to limit users access. The platform provides the necessary infrastructure to attend your requirements, but they are not implemented out of the box.

Thanks for your contact and let us know if you have further questions!


i just bought , i given my developer , but saying not able to compile , can you please guide the details in steps ?

also is there any online document so i can check online , also send online support system as well …



Is his/her dev environment meeting the described pre-requirements?

The solution targets the .net framework 4.6 and uses C# 6 features that are available in Visual Studio 2015 Community or higher.

Please let me know if this helps or send me the error that is happening so I can be more helpful.

Thank you for your contact!


When will version 2 come out, and what will it look like?


As it is going through some major changes, the new version is taking longer than originally planned to be ready.

The major changes are:

- Full code review.
- Simplified data layer.
- Simplified services layer.
- Simplified web configuration sections.
- Simplified dependency injection registrations.
- Theme customization.
- Fluent validation.
- Globalization.
- Web API.
- NLog.

An also new sections

- Contacts
- Locations
- Events Calendar
- Alerts
- Tasks

As well as improved user profile section, authentication and search.

Development is on it’s final stages and then it will go through a battery of tests to ensure it is stable and ready to be released.

I’m doing my best to get this submitted to codecanyon before the end of the month.

I apologize for the delay.



Werzachi Purchased


I bought you product yesterday, I’m trying to get into ASP.NET and devemopping Web UI for an application that I already have. I’m quite new to this.

But I did run the installation kit step by step but facing an issue to log as an admin. It seems that the user is not created. I did run the two scripts.

Could you help me on this point.



Did you check if the user is present under the ‘Users’ table in the database? If not, please send me the error you are getting so I can take a look and help you find out what may be the problem.

Meanwhile, another option is to use the registration form to create a new user directly on the application. Are you getting errors with this as well?

PS: The code you mentioned is part of the Dapper .net micro ORM library (https://github.com/StackExchange/dapper-dot-net) and is used for mapping the query results into c# objects (POCO).

Thank you for your interest in our product and let me know if you need further assistance.


Werzachi Purchased


Thank you for your quick answer. I did also try the registreation form but didn’t work . get the same error message. Exactly it’s in the Dapper.dll (System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException). under the “Users” table (from security) I have dbo, guest, Information_Schema, sys and no admin.



Werzachi Purchased


Forget it I finally make it work !!!! I will probably contact you later for other points.


Mr Sato, I am considering a purchase and also require multitenant/different user management with various companys in the solution, will this support that?



Unfortunately, we do not support multi tenancy out of the box yet.

Thank you for your interest in our product!


reyaz102 Purchased

1, Jan month now over so when you releasing new version? 2, Can use this to create SAAS application?


After a long road, the version is finally ready. It is going through the final tests and then it will be submitted to envato by the end of the week. They normally take 3 days to approve the package, so it should be available on the marketplace next week.

It is possible to use the code in SaaS applications, but it requires an envato extended license for that.

Thanks again for you interest in our product!


feelyd Purchased

Hi Sartor, I have been following the comments and just purchased yesterday. I thought I was getting version 2, can I get that version instead.


The version 2 was not released yet. It will be submited tomorrow. But don’t worry, all buyers will be notified and be able to download it as soon as the package gets aproved by the envato reviewers.

Thank you for your interest in our product!


feelyd Purchased

Is there a delay on the new version ?

Yes, we had some delays but it is already submitted for revision. As soon as envato reviewers approve it, all buyers will be notified and will be able to download the new package.

The time they take to approve it may vary, but I believe it will be available in a couple more days.

hi sartor, what are included in the documentation of the product? i’m still new to .net, is there a procedure how can i add a new page. thank you

or can we edit the code?


You will receive full source code to run a website exactly like the one shown in the preview link. We provide some sample sections that can be either customized or used as base for creating new ones, but we do not have any section generator or scaffolding yet.

The documentation included provide guidelines to get the project up and running and a fully detailed online documentation is being created and will be available as soon as possible.

  • One important note at this moment: The project description and preview website are already showing the version 2.0 data, but envato did not released the updated download package yet and until they do, the download button will be pointing to the v1.0 source code.

Thank you for your interest in our product and let me know if you need further assistance!

thank you

Woo hoo – Update!

lol… It took awhile but it’s finally ready. Hope you enjoy it!

Wow! You definitely did a revision. Amazing work! The structure does seem a little easier to extend, the calendar as an example of a third party extension is great. Your approach to the very difficult time zone problems when working with calendars is well done and the new web.api is just awesome…..................amazing piece of software right here! again wow!

It is great to know that the effort we put in the project is being appreciated. Thank you!


robmind Purchased

I use SqlServer R2, but sql script gives error (‘CONCAT’ is not a recognized built-in function name) . Could you please can you check them.


Unfortunately, SQL Server Express 2008 R2 does not support the concat function that is used by the search engine. I will update that requirement on the documentation.

The recommended solution would be updated your SQL Server version to a the latest or at least to the 2012 version (http://downloadsqlserverexpress.com/).

If that is not possible, you may need to edit the database creation script and replace the CONCAT function with the ’+’ concatenation method.

Please let me know it that helps. Thanks for the feedback!


lima2 Purchased

Bom dia. Existe uma versão que não usa stored procedures ?


Sartor Author


Infelizmente não temos mais. A partir da versão 2, SQL Server passou a ser considerado o banco primário do projeto e então todos os scripts foram migrados para stored procedures e/ou views.

Mas vale lembrar que, embora não seja o método recomendado, queries ainda podem ser usadas diretamente nos repositórios. Basta mudar o parametro ‘commandType’ para ‘CommandType.Text’ e especificar o script desejado no parametro ‘sql’.

Espero ter ajudado e obrigado pelo interesse em nosso produto.



Unfortunatelly, no. Since version 2, SQL server has been considered the primary database in the project and scripts have been converted to stored procedures/views.

Repositories are not limited to that, though. To use plain scripts, just set the ‘commandType’ as ‘CommandType.Text’ and then specify the new query in the ‘sql’ parameter.