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Hello – Pre Sales Question:

1 – Can the panel be automatically opened on page load?

2 – Can the panel be required to ONLY closed by clicking a link or button? (not the overlay) Clicking the over does no action.

3 – Does it support widgets?

4 – Does it support multiple widgets in one panel?

5 – Can two panels be active on the screen at the same time?

6 – Will the locked panels auto scale the main content container on window resize?


Hi. Yes. That’s custom work. No widgets. Single per-post/page. Not sure what you’re asking here but the panels are fully responsive (how your content scales is of course up to you).


If someone takes the time to number out there questions… reply the same way. They took the time to make sure what they were asking was clear. Don’t make them sort through your response to find the asnwers.

Sure :)

1) Yes. 3) That’s custom work. 3-4) No widgets. 5) Single per-post/page. 6) Not sure what you’re asking here but the panels are fully responsive (how your content scales is of course up to you).

Have a good one, cheers.

Hi, It is possible to hide/show in a specific page? Thanks


Yes, there’s an option to hide the sitewide panel on individual posts/pages.


Pre-Sale Questions:

I would like to use Nest to embed filters in the sliding panels from Woocommerce Products and Posts separately. I would want one filter to slide out for products, and a different one to slide out for products on each of their grid pages.

Is this possible with Nest?


Hi. Nest is single panel per-post/page, so sounds like you’re after a different solution there.


Hello – Pre Sales Question:

1. – Can these buttons be used as a bottom menu?

2. – Can button / link also be a sticky like a menu?

2. – Can this plugin be used if I already have ‘Touchy Menu Plugin’ active?



1. As a bottom menu? If you’re asking if the buttons can be placed at the bottom, then yes.

2. Can either be sticky or scroll away with the site. Your call.

3. Yes, of course.


Can this be used with Multisite?

Hi. Yup, Nest is multi-site tested.


Beautiful … THANK YOU!

Hi there,

Great Plugin. It works great!

Just need a little help with some advanced triggering.

I’m trying to trigger Nest panel with a fontawesome icon.

[icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”large-2” icon_size=”” image=”fa-plus-circle”]

I’m not sure what to put class=”nest-custom-activator” to make it work.

Can you please give a hand?



[icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”large-2” icon_size=”” image=”fa-plus-circle”]


Just a couple questions before I purchase

1) Can the background color become slightly transparent or is it only designed for solid colors? 2) Can I write text with a button at the bottom to link clients to certain page?

3) is there an option to have it scrolling to another call to action? example:


1) You can set any opacity level you’d like (you can even set background color and image opacities separately).

2) Not sure what you mean here. If you mean if you’d like to enter a button into the Nest panel, then to answer that, you can enter whatever you want given you have the tools in your installation. Content into the panel is entered through the content area of a page, so whatever you enter there will show up inside the panel.

3) Nest is about providing a highly customizable panel. What you enter into the actual panel is up to you. A Nest panel displays whatever you enter into the content area of a page.


Thank you for your quick response!

Pre-sale question: I am interested in this plugin and many other plugins you offer.

Is there any tutorial guide that shows how everything works? Because a friend of mine purchased it and does not know where the shortcodes are. Could you please tell me if there is a short guide included as well? Thank you!

Hi there I purchased the plugin, customized the settings and added this on my page: TEXT HERE[/nestbuttontwo]

I can see the button but when I click it, nothing happens. I also selected the fly-out page in the settings and added class: nest-custom-activator. What am I doing wrong here?

2: how do I add different fly-outs on ONE page for different buttons, is that even possible?

Thank you for your help!

That’s not the complete shortcode. Send me a message via the contact form on our profile, include a link to your site so I could see what you’re doing there.


Thanks for the fast reply, I sent an email with the website link

Love this plugin! I have an email form in the flyout and when the captcha is not entered correctly, the flyout panel closes when the visitor hits the submit button. Is there a way to keep the flyout panel open to re-enter the captcha and also when it’s entered correctly? Thanks!

Hi. I’ve responded to your email. Cheers.

Thanks! Appreciate it.

Hi! I love your plugin, but before buy it, can u tell wich is the placeholder gallery that use in example one Is perfect with your work and i dont have a nice one… thks!

Hi. That’s just a sample gallery with custom styling.


Hi, A pre-sale question!

I have filters in side widget along with some more information @

I wish to show only filters on flyout sliding, keeping other things like store logo as it is in mobile devices.. Is it possible by this plugin.

It can be noted that, this filters are on various pages of different permalink, will it work fine across various pages. i.e.

Hi. Nest displays whatever content you enter into the content area of a page. If you can enter those filters that way and you wish to do it per-post/page, then Nest won’t stand in the way. Though I imagine depending on how many pages with those filters you have, it may take a while to set up.


Hello, Is it possible to create an individual panel on each product page? I want to use it with Woocommerce Online Shop. When the customer visits a product page, I want to offer predefined alternatives with your Plugin, if possible. Regards

Hi. You can add per-page panels, yes.


Hi there, this plugin looks awesome. How if i am using a hotspot images and click to the button, would it be possible to slide out a panel as well? Thanks

Hi. Nest has a custom activator class. As long as you can add a class to it, you can use any element to activate the panel.


I see. Appreciate for your information & quick respond. :)