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Hi what is difference of version Canvas: Show any content in a fullscreen slide and Nestest Flyout Sliding Panels? Thanks

Hi. I have no idea what you’re talking about? Please be precise with your question.


Nest is single slide per-post/page with per-post/page overrides.


Hi, has the price fluctuated for Nest the past few weeks? I keep seeing different prices. Thx.

Hi. Just one change. It was included in a week-long promotion that the marketplace held. It’s been back at its original price for the last week now.



I understand from reading the item page and the comments that this plugin:

- is 1 panel per page
- does not yet have mobile display options

What I’m hoping to have on my site is:

- Desktop: a fixed button on the right of the page which options a sliding panel from the right with a contact form.
- Mobile: a fixed button on the bottom of the page which options a sliding panel from the bottom with a contact form.

Despite the above described limitations of this plugin, I am wondering, in your opinion, if I could achieve what I’m after using CSS media queries to change the button location and sliding panel location/animation (slide from bottom instead of from right) – as the content of the panel would be the same. It is essentially the same panel but just at a different location based on screen size.

Could you let me know if this would be possible?

Thanks so much :)


Nest is fully responsive, meaning it displays the same on desktop and mobile. If you want different buttons and slideout directions for different devices, then that’s certainly possible with media queries but something you’d have to add on your own. Taking such an approach is made easier by Nest’s well-marked code and options to hide the default menu button and the included activator class but you’d still have to navigate plenty of code on your own.


Thanks for the reply. I purchase the plugin and achieved what I wanted – very slick! If you’re interested you can see the example on my test site:

Nicely done, looks great :)

Hello, I just bought the plugin. it looks good. and seem to work fine on my site. :) Now, i would like to add one or several videos in pages. When i put one video , it opens the video on the full page. But I would like to have the video in a smaller window on the page; and several videos if possible. How can I do it ? thanks a lot.

Hi. Glad you like it.

That’s not something I can really advise on though. Whatever you enter into a panel will display however you enter it. You can change the entire content area width as well as the panel size in the settings but if you wish to change the size of the video only (or whatever other content) then that’s something you need to do on your own. All the panel settings you can change are detailed in full detail on the item page.

To sum up, Nest is a flyout panel plugin that has a lot of options as far as panel appearance goes. Formatting the actual content you enter inside a panel though is up to you.


Hello, thanks. When I put a single video or some text in a page. it does not work so well. the content seems to be double size as the normal page appearance. I have not changed any parameters, such as scale and so on. So I am confused. How to fix this, I have no idea..

Can’t really comment since I don’t know anything about your installation. Again though, Nest doesn’t have any code that could affect videos inside it; what’s placed inside a panel and how it’s formatted is all up to the user.

You can send me your site address via the form on my profile and I’ll have a quick look. Maybe it’s something simple I can quickly help you out with.


Hey, great plugin, very responsive and works well – thanks! I’m just having one small issue: the page that I’m loading as the flyout via nest ‘loses’ some styles it seems. When viewed via the nest plugin, the button and some text styles are different than when viewing the page. I’m using the latest Wordpress and the latest version of the divi theme. Any advice? I’d also know if it’s possible to place a full width solid background color behind the button, so it forms a floating top or bottom bar rather than just a floating button, which looks a bit odd/interferes with the UX on mobile. Thanks!

Hi there. Contact me via the form on my profile and include your site address, I’ll have a look at the text. As for the button, if you wish to create a custom button, then we’ve included the activator class for such uses. Stretching out the button could be done via simple css as well.


Is there a video or screenshot(s) of the admin panels inside Wordpress?

Have you read the item page? Every single detail that can be changed is laid out in full detail on the item page. Just please read through it and you have a full overview of what you can do.

Setting up a new installation (I’m not giving admin access to the demo site for someone I don’t know :) ) for a single user is simply unreasonable since all the details are already laid out. If you really need to see the interface then get in touch via the contact form on my profile, I’ll send you screenshots.


Thank you for replying. Apologies if I am coming across high-maintenance. I just want my expectations for the plugin to be spot on rather than too high’ resulting in yet another bona fide and sure fire happy sale for you.

Yes, I have read through the item details carefully as you suggested. You guys did a great job putting it together, btw. The only curiosity remaining for me of course is how the back-end actually looks and functions.

I am primarily a ‘visual’ person and do best with ‘seeing’ the plugin in action on all sides before making a final purchase. But I do know the ‘devil is in the details’ or as the saying goes and the admin panel is an important detail for me too.

I agree with your rational for setting up a demo for just one ‘unknown’ customer and I don’t mean to press you. Screenshots will work just as well as I originally mentioned and I will surely take you on your offer.

FYI, there’s an author here on codecanyon called ‘feeling4design’ – they offer trial demo’s of their plugins allowing customers to give them a spin before buying. The demo’s of course are feature limited but go a long way in appeasing any lingering questions customers have about what they are getting before purchasing the full version. I know this works for some plugins and not others but suffice to say, I’d like to see the marketplace head more towards this method of sales as it sure makes the buying process seem easier on both ends (pre-sales/sales).

Thank you for your time and answering my inquiry! I hope my next post with you is a happy positive experience in the review section. I look forward to being part of the community.

Yeah, sure thing.


Hello, is this plugin able to push the site content like this (click on contact button): Thanks for your answer

Hi there, thanks for the interest. That’s not possible with Nest though; Nest panels open over the content as demonstrated on the demo site. There are content animation possibilities as demonstrated there as well, but no push option, for now at least.



kreamer Purchased

Hi – How can I add this to every page on my site? I run a news blog and have close to 100 pages and over 1k posts so going page by page and post by post really isn’t an option. Thanks.

Hi there. Just use the site-wide panel; check the documentation for the step-by-step if you need it.



kreamer Purchased

Ahhhh gotcha, completely missed the documentation, I see it now, thanks!

Hi there!

If i purhase your plugin is it possible to achieve something like this -> ?

I want to display multiple posts in flyout panel.

Thank you, Spyros

Hi there. I wouldn’t try to use Nest like that. That looks like something you’d need to get done as substantial custom work.


Hello Bonfire I have to admit that this is the first WP plugin that makes me feel stupid! I followed the “Set up a site-wide fly-out” instructions and I only manage to add one page for the activation button to appear side-wide.

I spend many hours trying to setup multiple pages to show side-wide, but the minute I try to add another page for side-wide button appearance, the other button for the first page vanishes.

This leads me to a simple question before I waste more time. Is it actually possible to have multiple activation buttons showing side wide, like a menu of buttons on the right side? Otherwise this plugin is useless for me. Thank you.

Hi there, thanks for the purchase.

Like the item page says, Nest is a site-wide panel with per-page/post overrides. Meaning it’s single-instance.


Well, another boat anchor in that instance, as that is totally not serving my needs! Misrepresentation for side wide anyway, as a single panel per page is deceptive.

No problem, my fault! I should have downloaded a version first and try it in local-host.


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great work, but i want to ask you is it possible disable the plugin or set invisible on desktop device. I need to see sidebar on mobile device. I use on my site bootstrape maybe you have i idea..

rgds and thx Dan

Hi there.

I do plan on adding a resolution-based feature in a future update. For now though, send me a message via the contact form on my profile and I’ll give you some CSS that will hide it above your desired screen size.



immerpower Purchased

Thx for your HELP!! Great thx