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Very nice! :)

Thank you:)

Hi, is this wordpress? I do not know wordpress… It is possible to include, but I do not know how….

Yes wordpress..

I’m sorry but I cannot help you.

Hey man, i have explained that the menu can go to phpbb3, can you help?

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t know php good enough.

I plan to learn WordPress in the next 2-3 months, then I’ll help you to install menu completely free.

Hi is the menu colour customizable, and is it possible to have the rounded corner edges, squared?

Not working when the screen is reduced? give me a link to your website.

No I don’t mean its not working. When I resize screen and the menu bar changes to the short format then its also going under the image carousel underneath. Where can I insert the z-index line for the short version of the menu bar so that this ISBN stacked over image. At the moment I’m working offline on code but if you want I can send you the main code as an html file obviously most things would not work right.

Send me the main html/css code.

Hi, Good work and looks really nice, I’m thinking of purchasing one or two items but first I’ll start with probably this one, I’m just trying to achieve something and wondered if you can help.

(1) I’ve seen it uses 7 themes can they be modified in terms of the colors?

(2) I really like this theme on the ‘Neptune – Dropdown Menu’ with the social icons but wanted it as your ‘Horizontal Submenu’ control you have and possibly limit the with to 920px is this possible?

Many Thanks

(1) Yes
(2) Yes, it is possible

Buy the menu, contact me and I will create what you want…


Hi, first of all congrats, your menu is awesome! I´m using it in a new site but I have a couple of questions:

1.- It´s there a way I could use only the default menu (not responsive)? I deleted the couple of lines of code the way you say it in the help file but if I do that, my menu gets weird in both styling and location.

2.- How can I edit the CSS for achieving that a submenu level 2 could be more wider? This is because right now I have some large phrases and they can´t be read with the default submenu wide.

You can check it out here:

For the issue of the submenu wide you can see it following this in the menu: Productos – Pruebas de Seguridad Vehicular.

Thanks for your time (and sorry if my english is not that good :) )


1 – You probably did not delete HTML tags (from the line 20 to 24),

2 – In ”.menu ul ul ul” on line 134 add “width:200px”(example, you may add as much as you want), then after ”.menu ul ul ul” add ”.menu ul ul ul li a {width:179px}” why 179px? links(a) have padding from left side of 21px, 200px-21px=179px…

Thanks for your answers, they were so much help, I just have one more question and thats all :)

How could I edit the CSS or make a style in way to just edit the width of one submenu or sub submenu? Example: I have Submenu 1, Submenu 2 and Submenu 3, if I follow the steps you replied me, the width of the 3 of them will be edited, but what if I just want to make Submenu 2 more wider and the other 2 stay in their default size?

Sorry for the late reply but we have been working a lot, thanks again for all!

Give the class to the submenu in html.
Then in css ”.menu ul ul.your_class {width:200px}”, then add ”.menu ul ul.your_class > li > a {width:179px}” (i told you why 179px)

If something is not clear feel free to contact me.

Hi, Great menu! Had one problem, using this with Foundation Everything works great with it except for the dropdown. Its getting hidden under the grid layers.

Any help would greatly be appreciated! :)

Hi, thank you.
Add “z-index:10” to a .menu ul ul{}

Hi, great menu, it’s woring good on cumputers, ipad, but not iphone, could you help me please ?


Hi, menu works on iphone but you made ??some mistakes during installation. You have two “doctype” and two ”<heads>”. Call menu files in the current ”<head>” do not create another ”<head>”.

If something is not clear feel free to contact me via email.

how hard to make full width

Hi. Easily. Buy the menu, contact me and I will send you the code…

How hard to make this dropup (Fixed-Bottom) ?

Hi. I have already sent you several mails…. to this mail: but you don’t answer me….

I also sent you a beta version of the project, to see how it looks and what else do you want to change…

I just found your emails in my spam.. ! I will add you to my safelist. sorry about that thank you so much I will look at the menu now. excellent excellent service.