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Does the nekos included in packages or you charge extra for it? :)

Anyway, looks like pretty simple and plain script, great to integrate somewhere. Simpicity and directly linking to paypal (without any attraction is nice either.

But best for me is being CSV based.
What I want to ask is;
How to add and configure products? Could you please link a sample CSV file that I can see?
Second is how to configure and settings. Also linking a config file will be great.

Nice work which is needed between millions of bloated alternative.

Now I saw the reply, no matter it will not kill us ;)
And config is bright !

  1. Letting people to choose their own CSV seperator is great idea since, Excel is actually not using CSV, it uses [ ; ] so one gap overcomed.
  2. Taxes etc. as simple and straight as possible. It’s fine for it’s target usage because nobody will try to handle million USD shop, it’s another category.
So one question left for me
There is no PayPal ID in settings. Just email address. Is it also enough to receive payments?

And one suggestion
Use [,] instead of [.] in prices. Most of the people will demand to handle in excel. And since Excel is yet another MS software, anything with [.] converting to dates if in range. This will cause many people to go in depression :)

Notes: There is no such thing as Neko Chart without siyamese
And since I get bored in these whiles, I involved a bit on design :) Check this maybe you’ll like (ok it’s fast and dirty but not bad)

Well as far as the settings, the paypal ID is not needed :) all you need is the PayPal email to get the payments.

And for the logo, we will submit it to our team of nekos to see if it gets their approval :D

Also thanks for the suggestion about the [,] , we will make a fix in the next release :)

version got approved, thanks for the suggestion :3 Also added a configurable view so you can change the way you see prices in the shop (, or .)

Hello karaziki,

first of all, the most important thing: the nekos are included at no extra charge. :) Our customer-to-neko satisfaction rate is the highest on Envato, we are quite proud of that.

For the less important things here you can find the config file, and here is the example CSV file (the one used in the live preview). Along with the files there will be a full documentation on how to configure the different type of products (simple, with options, and with different price options).

Thank you!

Hello, Is it possible to include delivery instruction and confirmation mail ?


Hello xemaps, as for the confirmation email, it is all done with Paypal. Both you and the customer will get a confirmation email of the order and the payment. As for the delivery instructions, the customer can specify them during the checkout process in Paypal. You will get his/her instructions in the same confirmation email of the payment.

Not possible with paypal basic, and i want add option personalized engraved on object. This require some modifications. Some script like plum shop make this possible. I like the way from csv, but in fact i woulsd like csv to html5 generator. thxs

Can the add to cart and price be moved from the thumbnail to the ‘lightbox’ picture ?


Any update on this ? :o)

yep, we will send you before tomorrow :) can you contact us with your email?


Does your plugin work with any theme? If not what do I need to find out to make sure it’s compatible with the HEAT theme which you can see on ThemeForest. If it’s compatible, is it plug and play or am I going to run into problems with coding. NEWBIE sorry. Thanks

Hello FashionShooter, NekoCart is not a plugin for Wordpress. It is a stand alone shopping cart that can be integrated on any website (does not matter if it is Wordpress, plain HTML, Drupal, Joomla, etc…).So you can still use NekoCart even if you have Wordpress, but you need a little bit of coding to fully implement it in your theme/template.

Hello and Good day.. Nice Innovation you have but I have some Questions to ask..

1. Can I embed this into a Html site 2. Can I add local payment solutions like Web-pay e.t.c 3. How Do I add products.. 4. Can I always Edit the CSS fiel to fit my web Project

Good morning,

1) yes you can add that into any html site. 2) as long as they offer some good api yes. But it will take some coding on your side. 3) Once purchased you will add your product in a csv file. all is explained in the guide. 4) sure of course


Hello and Good day.. Nice Innovation you have but I have some Questions to ask..

1. Can I embed this into a Html site 2. Can I add local payment solutions like Web-pay e.t.c 3. How Do I add products.. 4. Can I always Edit the CSS fiel to fit my web Project

is this HTML? How can I as admin support this script?

Hello kliconnet,

NekoCart is written in html/js and all the information about the shop are saved in a single .csv file (products, prices, etc…)

Anything else is handled by paypal (the payment process, etc…)


Hi; Long time passed after last discussion. Again I need a solution with CSV product management and again with a conflict :)
I need to receive product orders in email instead of selling. Can it be modified to send selected products to email and say “thank you we received the order” ?

Hello karaziki,

if you need to modify the plugin, we can give you an estimate on how much it will cost to perform those modifications.


Well I’ll be glad to discuss options. Please provide me contact details inovasyon {;)] gmail com

Hello karaziki, please contact us from our profile! Thanks :)

Nice work, good luck with sales

Hello st1s,


The cart doesnt seem to be responsive!

Hello prosenjeet, thank you for the comment! One day we will make this responsive, for the good of the cats involved.