Neil Hop - HTML5 Skill Game

Neil Hop - HTML5 Skill Game

Hop under the platforms and collect coins, but be careful with thorns or broken platforms. Don’t leave any coins backward!

How to play: Touch the left half of the screen, to jump 1. Right half, to jump 2. (Or keys ‘Z’ and ‘X’)


Landscape (854, 480)


Made in Construct 2. No third party plugins\behaviors. 



For any questions write a comment or contact me by email.




- Work on all HTML5 browser.

- Touch/mouse controls.

- Easy way to add/replace images.

- Included Source: Construct 2 (r259).


What you get

- Construct 2 File (source .CAPX).

- HTML5 Game files.

- Documentation.


Or contact directly by email


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