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what do u mean by math parser?

I mean that you write the expression down as if you were writing it on a paper and then you press ”=” to calculate the result


Does it works on ios 8 ? support iphone 6 and 6 plus screensize ?

I have tested it yes it works

Where is the key to unlock the paid features in the code? com.davedelong.ddunitconverter?

Can you help me with the in-app purchase?? Thanks

No worries – neatCalcPro

great thanks

hi, is there a live demo or video demo? Thanks !

Hi, currently not. But the app is available on the AppStore

Can we resell this app on the app store?

Yes you can. You have to use a new name and bundle id of course…

is there iAd integrated ?

hope I helped

Yes thank you very much!! You are a great coder!

Thank you. I really appreciate it

Is this storyboard based?

Hello. Yes, it’s storyboard.

hi, can you put a scrollview in MatrixViewController? Because on iPhone 4 the matrix is not complete. A-B and A+B are not showing.

well yes, but then this won’t be connected with the code, if you like to lock it in the future

I should change the code too. I want look other menu items. Thank you for your fast reply.

no problem. thanks

Hi, I want to change color and size of numbers in the storyboard view (calculator) but there is a pick controler covering part of the numbers. How do I remove the pick controler to be able to change size and color of the numbers and then put the pick controler in the same place again ?

Hi. You can send the pick controller on the background then do your changes and then put it forward again. Thanks. PS:please ask any other question using only email.

On the main calculator, is it possible to have the UITextView automatically scroll down to the latest line? I have tried to put in an offset, but when I enter new numbers it just springs back to the top. If this is just an Apple thing, is there a known workaround? Thanks, Luke

hm. The other thing I would try, is to try to write on first line of textview and not on the bottom. Or add a textfield just to display what is currently typed and save the result to textview?

That seems to work OK. Not as nice as having a history to work from, but I might put in a table showing that at some point, maybe editable….not sure. My next question is: Is this project 64-bit ready? It seems to fail a lot when trying to build for iPhone 6, so I think that’s the problem.

you are correct, it’s not. Don’t think it’s too hard to modify it though to be, the CorePlot library is the main issue, since it’s 32bit. I ‘ve done that for a client of mine and work ok. We needed 64bit because I ‘ve added an extension.

Does this include PSD files?

Hi. no, it doesn’t. But to reskin is very simple. Thanks


Is it universal? Supports 64 Bit? Bug free? Optimized to iphone6 & iphone6plus?


Hi. It’s only for iPhone. For 64-bit, I have an external CorePlot library that has problems, so you need to disable that. It won’t have any problem for iPhone6/6+. It will certainly have some minor bugs, but nothing serious. Regards

I’m trying to unlock the paid features in the code? I saw one reply referencing to the pro version. Can you tell me exactly what to do? Thanks

Hi. The items are locked using NSUserDefaults value “neatCalcPro”. Check for this string in the code to see how it is used. Basically it is set in the InApp purchases in SettingsViewController.m. Then it is used in SidebarTableViewController.m to handle the locked items. Regards

I think there is an issue after the unlock because I don’t reload the table view, so the lock icon is still displayed, but the item is indeed unlocked. You can try to reload the table view and maybe use ViewDidAppear or ViewWillLoad methods to reload the table view

its not work on xcode 6.4 can you help me?

I have downloaded the latest version and its worked. Thank you very much mclife.

Thank you

great! thanks


Just bought the code. Is it possible to get this code with admob banner integrated at the bottom?

Do you do customisation for extra charges? I would like to add admob banner and if possible, support iPad as well.


Hello and thanks for your purchase. Send me an email to zois_avger@live.com, to discuss about your changes. It’s possible yes to add a banner. Regards

There are some problems with the latest iOS/Xcode. The screen loaded but swiping and tapping is not functional (nothing happens).

Hi. SWRevealViewController library needs to be updated with the latest one and some more changes are needed in the code, because the usage of the old library is pretty much deprecated. Unfortunately you have to use an earlier version of XCode for this. Regards

PS. I am planning on updating – if possible – the codebase. But if I see tons of deprecated code, which is pretty possible, this project will stick for the time being using an earlier version of XCode.

hi, does this work on iOS9 and 64 bit supported ?

Yes, The code runs ok with latest XCode and iOS9. Thanks

thanks but you mentioned earlier in comments that some libraries need to be updated and CorePlot library does not work on iOS 9. can you please clarify on that with respect to the iOS 9?

Yes indeed. I have removed core plot from the latest code base. All the other work ok. Thanks