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Hi! Im getting this error:

-> App not compatible with buildpack: https://github.com/heroku/heroku-buildpack-erlang More info: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/buildpacks#detection-failure ! Push failed

when try to “git push heroku master” on heroku, can help me with it? Thank You

Be sure to add all the project files in your local repo.

Hi Again…..... After install the nearmeCMS it always goes to : https://xxxxxx.herokuapp.com/login and not for install, what i need to do? Something wrong here? I need you help, you never reply me, i think you support is a little bad…. Thank You

Please check your ENV variables in Dockerfile. Probably either Server URL or MongoURI is wrong.

hello, any update planed?


A new version is coming in 2 months but as a new template.

can i make paid listing? like monthly payment for listing?

can i make booking for the listing?

Can be done. We are available for custom app development. Reach us at info[at]quanlabs.com to get a quotation.

Add some documentation to how to customise the branding.

Where does one go to change the primary and secondary colours?

Your documentation is very very poor.


Can I to use a C# .Net backend with this app? i can not run on Heloku

It’s not supported atm but feel free to edit source.

hi! how fix it in windows after change main.js and run : gulp—cordova “prepare” [17:18:32] Starting ‘cordova-with-build’... Running command: “C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs\node.exe” “Projects\app\hooks\after_prepare\update_platform_config.js” “Projects\app” net.js:654 throw new TypeError( ^

When adding new place is the location autolocated or has to be typed?

Looking to buy and wanting custom work. I have my needs organized.

Has to be typed.

Heroku reports that the installation was successful, but I get the following error: “this is most likely a problem with the nearmeCMS package” Your dependencies are not up to date. You need to give me support through e-mail or Skype, or I would like get my money back.

Please check your mail.