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Hi Again…..... After install the nearmeCMS it always goes to : https://xxxxxx.herokuapp.com/login and not for install, what i need to do? Something wrong here? I need you help, you never reply me, i think you support is a little bad…. Thank You

Please check your ENV variables in Dockerfile. Probably either Server URL or MongoURI is wrong.

hello, any update planed?


A new version is coming in 2 months but as a new template.


can i make paid listing? like monthly payment for listing?

can i make booking for the listing?

Can be done. We are available for custom app development. Reach us at info[at]quanlabs.com to get a quotation.

Add some documentation to how to customise the branding.

Where does one go to change the primary and secondary colours?

Your documentation is very very poor.


Can I to use a C# .Net backend with this app? i can not run on Heloku

It’s not supported atm but feel free to edit source.

hi! how fix it in windows after change main.js and run : gulp—cordova “prepare” [17:18:32] Starting ‘cordova-with-build’... Running command: “C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs\node.exe” “Projects\app\hooks\after_prepare\update_platform_config.js” “Projects\app” net.js:654 throw new TypeError( ^

When adding new place is the location autolocated or has to be typed?

Looking to buy and wanting custom work. I have my needs organized.

Has to be typed.

Heroku reports that the installation was successful, but I get the following error: “this is most likely a problem with the nearmeCMS package” Your dependencies are not up to date. You need to give me support through e-mail or Skype, or I would like get my money back.

Please check your mail.

please can I use php/mysql as a backend ?

Currently the app use Parse Server (Node.js) but feel free to add your own backend solution.

Looking for backend and android app demo?