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Whenever I execute the run from eclipse, I got below message. I am using android 2.2 or android 4.2.2 I got new API keys from google site and changed the previous one with it. When I execute android .apk file in phone, it worked very well without error. why doesn’t it work in emulator. would you give me a help, please.

07-19 14:15:55.329: E/ActivityThread(824): Failed to find provider info for com.google.android.gms.ads.adinfo

Okay, Let me some times i am working with those to convert for Android Studio

Nice script and good luck with the sales mate.

Hi, I just installed from playstore. The map seems not working. I have couple of questions:

Once I take the license do I get following? 1. Source Code 2. Ready to launch in Android / Google store 3. Ready to start ads 4. Admin panel to add additional categories 5. Ready to add new stores at each new and existing category.

I am interested to buy this. Thanks

Hi! The new User interested in adding its mechanical workshop can do the registration and add your workshop? He can then log in and edit your data?

Hi, before buy questions: is it possible to translate into my language (italian) and change the graphic? What do i need to do that? One suggestion for the app: wouldn’t be better to display inside the app all the nearest tow truck services available, in case the car has problems? Thank you Tony

hello, is there an iOS version? is there an admin section with web-service Jason? is there full documentation about the product makes me easily develop more features to the app? is there a downloadable demo version for iOS or android ?

no have admin web for add local busness

Does this work with Android Studio?

You have an application to remember to give maintenance to vehicles …

could i input new data location for this application?

Hi Looking for Around Me android and mobile App with website

Around Me allows you to quickly find information about your environment. The nearest gas station?

AroundMe quickly identifies your location and allows you to find nearby the cash dispenser, coffee shop, petrol station, hospital, theater, cinema, restaurant, supermarket, or taxi station you are looking for.

Regards Haseeb ( haseebahmed97@gmail.com )

hi, I would like to buy your product, i installed in my mobile your app, nut is it not appearing any data can you help me for this,

can we add any vehicle in this product ex: bike, auto, etc..

hello, plz any one help me on this i need to know why they are not giving support.


I just bought this app and trying to run this on Android Studio. I changed the API key as well but clicking on any of the six categories (car repairs, wash, etc.) just shows a blank activity. Can I please get some help? This is kinda urgent. Thanks!

Sorry for late response. Yes ! Sure ! Can you send me an email.

Is it possible to remove all services and leave just wash?


after import i got crash could you send simple documentation

Do you still have support for the app? use the gps to see nearby workshops?