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If i buy this can you upload and setup iAd for me? If so ill buy it right now!

whats your Skype


Demo Please! To test the app.

it’s same s Screenshot you will buy test app.

Hi there. First, thanks for your great products. I have a few question before purchase it! 1. Are there any live or video demo for this app? 2. I see the thumbnail images of each location in your app? Where did you get it from? 3. Can i re arrange the catalogue of location, change the icon images easy?

We are awaiting your responses

Nice work, GLWS! :)

How do I add places to the app ? Is there a backend needed or included ? Is this compatible with Xcode 6.1 ? Storyboards or just code ?

Please add a good description to your product.

we can’t add any place.xcode 6.1.1 suported

Hi, Is there any Admin panel? Please need to see a demo and test it before buy

no need admin panel.


I have the same problem as others – the result pages are blank( only restaurant category is with resoults).

Other question: I don’t see the Admob ads at all (Not even a test ads) only the iAd ads Why is that?

Thanks Ofer

Great support !!!

Hi just bought your apps , how can i put my ads into it ? thank you


Would like to buy your app, but I need to have a few questions answered:

1. Does it connect to an external database?

2. Is there a possibility to hook it with a database from a wordpress site?

Can I see a demo of how the app works on a phone? eg a sample APK download?

Once you answer those I will buy.


ios only avaiable

Still providing support for this? Bought and downloaded. Receiving error “(null): Linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)” when trying to simulate.

nvm figured it out

sorry i was very busy last 6 month. please tell me i will help you.

any test app ? does is support near by public events?