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i am planning to buy this Script before i want to confirm, is there any option to add some more fields in create new ticket page ?


Currently nDesk does not support custom fields.

Hello, is it possible that I can change the system?

It’s because I want to add some personal use features.

Or is your code closed?

Thank you!


The code is open source and you can customize it.

Thank You

I got this error during install : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’, expecting ‘)’ in ***/public_html/vdesk/install/check.php on line 8

Hello Callehost,

This error occurs if your hosting server is not running PHP 5.4 or greater. I recommend you use PHP 5.6, older versions are deprecated and have many security flaws.

Please see on the item page all requirements:

There is not the PHP, I have PHP Version 5.6.28

Hello Callehost,

Can you please send me temporary access to your hosting account so I can check?

Please send through the contact form available here:

Thank You

Hi, is this built on top of any Framework? Custom Fields will be an option? Thanks.


nDesk is not build with a Framework.

For now custom fields are not available.


after installing database and confirm connected, delete install then click to login, showing this error.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘support-system-u’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)’ in /home/**/public_html//vendor/classes/class.medoo.php:150 Stack trace: #0 /home/devsecureserver/public_html/ifixit-ticket-system/includes/loader.php(36): medoo->__construct(Array) #1 /home/devsecureserver/public_html//index.php(24): require(’/home/devsecure…’) #2 {main} thrown in /home/devsecureserver/public_html/*-system/vendor/classes/class.medoo.php on line 150

Please help me to resolve… thanks

Hi, issue resolved,

Hello, I would like to know if you can make modifications to the script according to the needs that we have ?.

That is to say, the system is very complete but it needs some details that I would like to add. It would only be to define the modifications and that you indicate the value in which the system would be.

Hi isnardokun,

I can make custom mods according to your requirements.

Please conatact me directoy via my user profile page with all the modifications that you need.

Thank You

Can it be linked to my main site database , so our users can use it without registering ?

Hello EgyLTD,

With custom modifications to the code, nDesk can be integrated with other database for authentication.

Great application. Well pleased…Just a small question though i get this error when trying to retrieve imap inbox via cron: [15-Dec-2016 15:37:01 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function iconv() in /home/MYDOMAINHERE.COM>/public_html/support/vendor/classes/class.imap.php on line 614

Just incase anybody else has an issue with this problem you need to install php-iconv for your php version. Its not in the documentation to do this.

Hello stmiscmail,

Thank you for your feedback. Usually php-iconv is included in all PHP installation I have never encountered an installation without it.

Anyway I will add it to the requirements list.

Thank You

tickets autoimport not working ( IMAP)

Hello, ticket autoimport works, I will get back to your email with more details.

I is possible create 2x Support Operator to try?


You can sign in with: Password: operator

Please note that all roles can be changes and you can go to People > Roles to see the permissions that can be adjusted..

Hello, the system is responsive? or will be added later?


The system is responsive. Please check the demo on any mobile device.