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Some pre-sales questions:

1. Can an agent initiate chat with a website visitor (including the feature which collects visitor’s IP address, current page he/she is visiting, previous pages visited, GeoLocation etc.)

2. Can I setup triggers? (such as when a user spends more than say 15 seconds on a certain page, a predefined message pops up in their chat window and when the user replies, the chat gets connected to one of the agents)

3. Can I answer queries from multiple websites which belong to the same company (Website, Blog & Knwledgebase) form one account?

4. Does this plugin has Google Analytics integration?

5. Does this plugin allows to add default Social Icons in Chat Window?

6. Can an agent store a list of predefined replies/answers which can be sent with click of a button?


how to add nchat to website


I have a problem with your plugin, i have set my website to HTTPS and changed all the URLs, the only url havent changed yet is your URL (('. This content should also be served over HTTPS.))

Advise where can i change it, best regards

Re-edit the form, and change the background image, and change it back again.

Done thank you

hi this plugin support mobile app ?

Thank you

hello, I need a chat redirect to multiple operators. exemple : User is on page exemple1.php—> user chat with operator A.

User is on page exemple2.php—> user chat with operato B

can you do that ?

Hello, does this plugin offer a ‘leave a message as ticket’ function when no operator is online to answer the chat request? Can i use “caned responses” to use often used phrases without typing them every time completely. Can I charge my chat oponend to chat with me, e.g. for paied customer service?

Thanks! Ci

Sorry, we don’t have support for those features.

Is there a solution for using this as a the operator on a mobile phone to answer people on the site?

Hello! I need i chat plugin that allows me to embed the chat window inside a wordpress page, using a iframe, so can create a page dedicated to the chat,

Is it possible? How to? I wanted to see how it would look like when embed inside a page. I cant buy it if i’m not sure it will work as i need

Are there any planned updates before I purchase this plugin? It looks out of date.