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Does it supports 3nd level menus? eg Main Menu-> SubMenu-> SubSubmenu
Can I setup a menu (top level) to be active, or on page load it activates the 1st menu by defauly?
Thank you

Hi vectordez!

Can it be used as a topbar in a wordpress website?

Thank you!

Not as a plugin… sorry

really good but when you resize to size of mobile website in the browser preview it extends outside the width??

Ciao, thanks. Can you provide me an online example?

Shame, after 9 months ago you saying that a Wordpress version would be available within 3 weeks …. its still not available… at least so far.

Kinda silly really. You have people clearly willing to pay for such a thing and you even made positive noises such as:

“It’s planned, I believe …. 3 weeks max…”

“hahaha… I’ve just started to put it together, so… if the guys at CC will approve it … I hope to sell many copies!”

“I’m working on some extra features too: -on click behavior (very useful for mobiles) -Some extra examples pages to display navIgo working in “tab” mode”

So, what’s the real situation ?

Hello, you’re absolutely right…

Sometimes, however, things get complicated…

Since I work alone I’m always very busy… I promise that I will do everything possible to make available the promised version very soon.

Thanks for your “encouragement”, anyway.

You >>> “should” <<< consider it ””“encouraging””” ... you have people willing to pay you for it.

e.g. Me.

Rather than just having “silence” in the thread. It’s generally considered “good prospective/existing customer relations” to keep people informed as to the progress (or the reason for hold ups) or if a project has been cancelled.

So I asked you a direct/pointed question about the status of something >> “you” << said you were working on.

Was the ””””“sarcasm””””” really all that necessary?

I’m wasn’t looking for promises. Just an indication that it was still going to happen since you also made another reply to someone else that could have been taken to indicate that it wasn’t.

Seriously, and without any angst or sarcasm intended….. honestly :)

Your existing product looks very cool and comprehensive. If you had that wrapped up in a WP Plugin and that somehow worked with existing WP custom menus and allowed them to be inserted by [shortcodes] in to any area that accepted short codes then I’d buy it up in a second.

So, you are most welcome for my encouraging interest in your work.

Ok,thanks, I’ll keep in mind your suggestions…

Hi vectordez, I’m building a joomla menu module based on your NavIgo menu. It did’nt take me too much of work but I’m stuck on one issue, without finding the solution. When narrowing the browser window, the menu stretches and if I continue, it disappers completely. It’s on a live site http://www.campuslille.info I know this is not directly related to navigo, but may be you can give me a clue or may be you have an idea of what is happening. Thanks a lot best regards to you

Ciao, it seems that your menu fails to trigger the responsive behaviour, that in navIgo is managed via jQuery/Css… I’m currently developing a WP version, so I can take a closer look in the next days…

I found a fix to this issue this week end: line 146 in your js file you get: $("#"+ulname).prev().append('<div id="'.....</code> it means that if there is no tag previous to the ulname, nothing appears. So just inserting an empty span tag, before the ul section does it ! (this is the case in your example where you have some h tags before the ul) thanks for the good job !! " />

This script is worth 5 times the price! I got it installed and set-up very quickly. Easy to modify and I love all the pre-set values. 5 Stars for vectordez! <3


Great navigation but I have a conflict with another jquery.js for an imgage slider. Depends on which script comes last this application works… Any ideas? Here is a link maybe it helps
Page with navIgo + Slider

Thank you very much. claudio

The issue origin seems to be in the onclick behaviour, have you already tested with the normal “mouseover”one?

Yes, had mouseover in the beginning (but client wants click). It’s the same. When I insert your jquery after the slider’s one, the img slider even does not show up.

Resolved: I downloaded jquery-2.1.0, renamed to jquery.js, put it in the header and both run on this one now perfectly :)

Using the full featured Portfolio drop down,...is there a way to allow the user to hover over a 1st level of portfolio image with text description and then have it drop down to a 2nd level image with description and if they stay and hover over the 2nd level portfolio image, have it drop down to a 3rd level portfolio image with text description?

Looking to add some simple code to a static website that will allow clients to easily add items to the menu when they’ve created a page (using surreal cms). Wondering will this do the job. Does this need a database? I’m looking for the simplest, fastest solution I can find.

Ciao, this is a jQuery plugin… so you can use it almost anywhere.

The only thing to change, if you want to use it on the markup generated by some system (cms surreal or other) are the CSS classes and the markup of the menu itself, as you can see if you look at the code of the demo page:


the majority of settings are controlled using the parameters of the plugin, but the width of the buttons and other things such as the contents of the submenus are inserted directly into the markup.

Hi, works great but I have a problem with iphone, it displays a penguin instead a letter “p”, just for 1 minute, then it fix it to the letter “p”, but the client is not satisfied.