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Great stuff. Can you change the icon of the button, and colours of button and flyout items?

Um, menu-min.css is not in the package.

I figured it out, you might want to update your helpfile.

menu-min was just a generalized name for the menus used as an example; the actual files are named by the menu name, sorry.

hello, very nice and just what i want for my new website :) thank you

Thanks for the comment :)! If you find it useful, please rate the item, thanks!

I have just Buyer Rating: Minimum of 3 votes required :/


Is it possible to use the drawer icon (with placement) that opens up the standard side menu instead of icon menu?

You mean that you want a floating button, but on clicking the button it opens the side dock menu?

Yes, exactly.

It can certainly be done. But on its own the drawer menu isn’t meant to do that. What you need is a simple CSS-styled floated button, which you can use to open/close the side dock menu. You can email me for assistance; make sure you send me zipped files of what you’re trying to achieve and I’ll send you back an example.

Hi there, is there a way to see the live preview??? The link brings to your website, I look for the script and the link points back here…

Thanks for any help!


Hi Luigi, thanks for bringing this in my notice, I recently moved servers so forgot to upload some stuff. It should be fine now, so you can try again. Let me know if you encounter any problems, thanks!

Congratulations! GoodLuck


I can’t seem to align it bottom right where in the css can I change the position?

Figured it out :)