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does it only work with pdf files ?


WordPress version has support for PDF:

Will this properly display a 8.5” (width) x 5.5” (height) booklet?


You can change the dimensions of the page.

Hi. I want to change the naturebook file to a php file so I can use it as a tour on a site. I just cannot seem to find the line which looks for the html. Can you give me a pointer please?


File “js/onload.js” and line 199. You need to change the html to php.

Hi. How to show a Vimeo video in a lightbox?


Support is only for youtube in lightbox.

I have purchased http://codecanyon.net/item/nature-flipbook-jquery/9254567 and unzipped, it is opening in Firefox but in Chrome and Safari I am getting this error:

error load book / NetworkError: Failed to execute ‘send’ on ‘XMLHttpRequest’: Failed to load ‘file:///Scripts/flipbook/flip-book-codecanyon/main/jquery_nature_flipbook/nature_book.html’.

Please reply soon.




Send to a server. On the server – it will work in Chrome and Safari.


After purchasing, downloading, installing and uploading to server, flipping page is not working for me on Chrome by clicking on magazine’s corners. Dragging corners is not working on chrome either. Works fine on FF, IE and Safari.

This issue is for the example page included in download without modifying anything. The only change was including purchased library turn.js 3rd release.

In advance, thanks for your prompt reply.

Ok, never mind. Issues solved.

Problem was an outdated library turn.js 3rd release received with purchased license. So downloading it directly from github solved the problem.

Good day, bought the soft, but that is in error and is not opening the páginaws properly … what do I do?


Have you read the documentation of “Installation”?

Yes! I’ve read all documentation. the problem is that the PAGES does not open at all. I made a complaint to Paypal where I ask my refund my money because the product is not working.


Book is working properly.
I think not properly installed library turn .
Send me a private message.

hello, please how can I use this offline? just in my computer when I don’t have internet and want to start a presentation?

thank you.


I wrote you by email.

I just purchased this b/c I thought it supported PDF’s. I need a flip book like this that will work by using 1 multipage PDF file.


You can convert pdf to jpg quickly.
Use the tool “http://pdf2jpg.net”.

hi, I managed to make the plugin work with php + mysql, loadding one image (.jpg) on each page.

but my anterios plugin work with SWFs, and when trying to load the plugin files from the old, almost worked … the only problem was that the SWF is being cut when not in zoom 1: 1

is there any possibility to fix it? I’ve tried to set width 100% or inherit and not worked.



If you need to use swf instead of jpg – using the flash version.


If you need to use swf instead of jpg – using the flash version.


Can you describe how we could make our own book using his jquery version after purchase!


It is so simple that you do not need to describe :) After purchasing you have the attached example flipbook.. Just change the page to another or to add new pages. In addition, there is documentation – how to handle the flipbook.

Hello! I acquired the license for this amazing jquery flipbook. However there are times when the thumbnails do not work properly and wrong pages load. You know why you can be? Do you have something to do overload pages?

Thank you!

Ok! Thanks!

Hi, I used “Lazy Loading” but the same error keeps happening … Sometimes when you click on the thumbnails or use “setPage” loads the wrong page …

Can I send an example for private?


You have entered the wrong page number. With each thumb specify a page number. You need to improve it.

<li class="1" />
“1” – it is page number redirect

I want to show my url like this : full-area.php?id=1#nature_book/1

How can I do this?


Send me a private message.

Can you have a background image under text (like page 3 of your example)?


Yes of course :)

Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to make this wider and shorter so it will fit nicely on a laptop?


The file “full-area.html” This is a full browser

Hi, Thank you for getting back to me so fast!!! I did find something that helped!!!

Kim Williams

Hi! i’m looking for a plugin for my webpage. I need to upload some pdf files y show these like in your plugin. I would need to know if it’s easy to implement your plugin. I don’t want to convert first my pdf files into images. I need a plugin to do this automaticly. Thank you!


This product does not read the pdf. Support for pdf is for version wordpress here:

Hi man!

I bought your script.

I cant use it, because seen message – ‘error load book / ’. I put ‘turn.js’ in js folder, but problem is still same.


Send me a private message.

I have problem with you nature flip book , I am putting pages to several books for some time but after some time all of pages in every book are in mess pages not sorted correctly , I fix them one by one I do it for hours and after 2-3 days again what to do to resolve this


The system shows that you did not buy this product. Send me a private message and attach there purchase code.

Hi flashmaniac,

I have the version1 of this plugin,

I have 96 books but I can´t add any more books because I have get an “error create book = 500”

If I upgrade to this new version, this error fixed?

I can´t lose the books, that I already have,

Thanks for your help.



Send me a private message and show the purchase code. The system shows that you did not buy this product.