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hi, do you have plan to build ios version?

Hi, no i’m sorry, if you have a wordpress website check my new plugin

Do you know the app link on google play suspended in this week? What is the problem??

I have a Doubt. Google accept templates like this or not?

Google change some their policy and i had to update my app.

Can I know more?

i had a problem with youtube link inside my demo app…

Hello DigitalBorder, I bought this app to embed HTML5 games.Unfortunately, all games failed to load.

HTML5 Games I needed are from CTL Arcade including: 1. 2.

Games are tested on Android Kitkat.

i’m sorry but i don’t know why.. try to check the logcat errors when you start the app.

The logcat indicates it has something to do with E/MediaResourceGetter.

It’s working fine in newer builds except Android 4.4(Kitkat). Can I ask for custom support for this?

Hi, i’m sorry but Android kitkat is too old :(

This app supports accept=”image/*” capture=environment ? Because the app previously using is not working.

Please clarify me. Thankyou

This app supports accept=”image/*” capture=environment ? Because the app previously using is not working. Please clarify me. Thankyou

Do you have any idea of updating your 2 y back code to today? Or Can i assume you are making new one with extra features?

Hi, i don’t integrate extra features

what is compileSdkVersion your app targeting ?

If i want to use the panel only with my existing app, will that be easy to do ?

Hi, do you mean the push panel? Yes it’s very easy… you have to send the token from your apps to api server (just http post) and set your server key.

alright i will try to do that after purchasing your code .. but i expect some assistance from you with doing that…. Also please make sure your app is targeting the least android version : .com/distribute/best-practices/develop/target-sdk

Hi, i still can’t get the push notification correct… It still shows shows You have sent 0 push notification. as the databaase is empty. I’ve check the register.php files and i m sure i’ve got them correct… Can you help me to fix this issue? or by remote access?

or do you have that video tutorial for creating the push notification? as there is only simple notes on your pdf documentation…

Hi, check the video tutorial, but it’s very simple because you have to create a firebase project and configure it.

Check the log please i have explained all in my user guide pdf

Pre buying Questions : I went to know, Can i send push notification to specific user ?Also i need to know more about app Login and get device id or user ids for login session. Because i have a user based web application now i need to a Android & IOS App for it .

Hi, no the simple push panel can send just push to all users. You can use Geopush panel to send push to a specific user.

No you can’t know the login or device id i’m sorry

I have loaded an online HTML5 game. The problem is the audio is still playing on the background no matter I click on a new menu on navigation drawer. The onPause() is not working. How can we fix this issue?

The app has been rejected in Playstore.

Issue: Violation of Device and Network Abuse policy We don’t allow apps that interfere with, disrupt, damage, or access in an unauthorized manner the user’s device, other devices or computers, servers, networks, application programming interfaces (APIs), or services, including but not limited to other apps on the device, any Google service, or an authorized carrier’s network.

Your app shouldn’t access or use the service or API in a manner that violates its terms of service. For example, your app shouldn’t download, monetize, or access YouTube videos in a way that violates the YouTube Terms of Service.

How can we resolve this issue?

Hi, i’m sorry but how can i know it?

Check if you have youtube links in your app… or contact google and ask what is the real problem… They answer you in 2-3 days from request

Hi, push notification can be sent to unlimited users or only limited for 1000 users?? please confirm and reply asap. Thanks

Hi, mmh no it’s unlimited, but check your firebase policy pls


ekopde Purchased

How to delete admob because I ‘m not showing ads. My app is deleted from play store with warning We found the ad SDK in your active APK: Version: 25, SDK: AdMob. How to delete it? Tq

Hi, go to strings xml and remove admob strings value banner id and intestitial id

il link della demo non funziona

Fixato grazie dell’avviso

i check your demo app but my website is not load in your demo app please tell me why my website is not supported .my website is -

please reply fast

Hi, I don’t know why… maybe some javascript is blocked i can’t try it for you because i’m on holiday. Try to change your template or check consol error Thank you

please check i want to buy your template .plz plz plz

Does you documentation have video tutorial to setup ?

Yes in the description you can open my youtube channel!

hello i can not open the project on my andriod studio

im able to get it working now my major is issues is on the please wait loading dialog and pull to refresh how do i completely disable them pls ?

even after commenting the lines im stills getting the app ask for location how do i completely disable location asking , pull to referesh, and please wait dialog should be changed to a progress bar.

Hi, In the demo version you can check the settings of loading and location.

But you can’t remove completely the loadin, or you have to go on java and disable loader

custom work possible ? i want to add lock option.user can lock the appsby own pin

Hi, no i’m sorry i’m not a freelance. The source code is open, you can buy it and search a freelance to customize it.