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Hello, I got an error: Probably the path to Git executable is not valid. Fix it.

Hello, I have problem with push message.. and user guide is not enough :) Can u pls make a Video for push message ? Best Regards.

Hi, do you have installed the push panel? Your users table (on mysql) is empty?

Follow my user guide in pdf if you have some problem tell me!

Hello,I am interested to buy,It will be approved in Play store ? My site is responsive,I have side menu in when view in responsive,I want to disbale that menu only in native app but when user dont have they view Side menu.Can we do this ?

Hi, ok edit this file:

res -> layout -> app_bar_main.xml

and change this:


to this:


Hello,I tried this code,its hiding but its not showing anything on app, I paid extra 15$ to freelancer just for this work,I am not satisfied with your support

Hi, i’m tried now and this code works correctly!

Hi dear, I put my application java to open on external url, and don’t appear nothing, but javascript has been activated.. what’s wrong ? my aplication www.yezimoto.com.br:85

No, but I need this on port 85. This os Java application.

I see you have a mobile version. try to point to: http://www.yezimoto.com.br:85/m/

I tried but don’t work… Just work with iframe, but I don’t like iframe :\

Hello, How can I change the icon of navigation drawable menu? I want to change the menu icon from whit to black. Thank you

Hi, i’m sorry for late you can change menu48.png on mipmap directory.

The software can integrate Doubleclick for Publishers google ads

Hi, i don’t know Doubleclick.

Admob is integrated

But I want to askDoes the app have integrated doubleclick for publisher (DFP)?

I think you can use DFP with Admob, but i’m not sure… I have integrated standard AdMob

Does the app have integrated audience network Facebook ads

Hi, no only Admob

Hi I want you to integrate audience audience Facebook ads ond double click publisher google added inside your application. What information do I need and what is the cost of it? Thank kiu

Hi, i don’t know because i’m not a freelance.

You can buy my project and find a freelance online on envato studio or freelancer.com

Complimenti…..molto bella…solo per Android??? Avrei bisogno di creare anche per ios