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hello did you think your module work with perfex crm?

offre il servizio installazione?

In che senso installazione?

L’app non va installata bisogna scaricare il progetto, modificarlo con android studio a piacimento (seguendo la guida sono 2-3 passaggi) e poi pubblicarla su Google Play store (se la si vuole pubblicare)

perfetto, queste modifiche a pagamento puoi farle tu?


chebiri Purchased

Hello I had some problems Android Push Panel do not work but noteifi work from the firebas platform What are the settings? server_url ؟؟؟؟ google_api_key ؟؟؟؟؟

Hi, Follow these steps:

- Run you app in a real device with logs - Send me the complete logcat of start - Please send me by mail the complete package downloaded from codecanyon, i think there was a little bug.


Thank you

Hi brothers. I am too with problems with the push panel. The notifications don´t come.

Hi, i will upload a new version of push panel because the mysql dump i think it’s corrupted. Try new dump from here: https://expirebox.com/download/bd5d868cd5613550273d254c6c44ff98.html Delete old user table and import this dump.

Thank you

Hello @ Admin Author, I would like to buy your app but there is no way i can send push notifications with custom link to open inside the app web view+ (image, optional), I have seen people comment but i don’t want to waste my money. I need the app with push notifications for custom URL and also optional ways to add image too to push notification. If this is available then let me know so i can buy it tomorrow. Does it have in app billing ?

Hi, yes you can send a custom url and it will be open inside webview.

Before buying try my online demo: Panel: http://pushpanel.digitalborder.net/ App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digitalborder.webappessentials

hello i need help before buy… i buy to another person in themeforest and the push admin panel dont work i try to get the support but nothing happen and i dont want to buy and then happend the same. can you help me setup the push admin panel.. what i need to do start? i have the app and work from firebase , what i really need please email me alexishdz7@gmail.com

y buy it and i need help please i do everything and still not working i cant enter with the password

I’m sorry but i don’t understand

When you buy my plugin, check the User Guide PDF on package

Hi, how to remove title bar, menu and make only one webview activity?

Can this transform a prestashop theme to android ?

Hi, No, this is a webview app, you will see your responsive website

I like your item but it lacks something. There should be an easy configuration to let facebook, twitter, google maps etc to open in their app. Social sign app that would open google or facebook. Can you add this please? I would like to buy

Hi, no i can’t add it. My app is just a webview… If you use Wordpress, look my moZable plugin

Hi, I receive the this error after changing the name. Can you guide me how to fix this? No matching client found for package name ‘com.myfirstapp.mytest’

Hi, did your rename the package name of app? Send me a screenshot of error pls.

Yes. I changed the package name. How can I send you? I don’t have your email.

send me a private message by codecanyon or email info@digitalborder.net Thank you.

Before send, try again because i think you have made a mistake… try to change it again follow this tutorial


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Hi, I am using the latest Android Studio 3.1.3. Is your code works in the latest Android Studio version without problem (have you tested it)? Your youtube demo video was done using Android Studio 2.2 and not sure if it works the same way in the latest version.

My other question is do you have any plan to update the version to work on the latest Android Software version as well (8.0, 8.1) ?

Thank you very much for answering my questions above

Hi, My app works on android 8.0 and it works good with android studio last release version.

I have no test android 8.1 yet

Thank you


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Hi, I see WebView loads fixed labels from the strings xml file as a title, but how can we set it up to get titles dynamically from the html page/url and set it to appbar title?

And also whenever I press back button, titles are not changing, for example when I go back from Contacts to About Us while pressing back button, it is not changing the title accordingly, the title is remaining on as on the Contects page’s title.

Do I get any response or what?

Hi, you can’t load title dynamically from html page…

For second question: - Did you use local html or remote page? - Can you send me a screenshot? i will try to test it

Okay, can you at least make sure than, when pressing back button, the title would also change to the previous page. You can actually see it on your own demo app. I use both local and remote pages.

Dear DigitalBorder,

When I navigate to previous pages with back button, the title pages are not changing, please can you check it. This creates disorientation for the user. And how to set title of web page on the toolbar, I am talking about html itself not from the xml label.

Hi I have replied previous comment

thank you

Hello, what version of android is working? Do you work more in the product details than you see in android 6.0? What version of Android studio do we need to compile? I’m thinking of buying