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Hi Autor, your webview not open this framework is jquery https://framework7.io/kitchen-sink-material/

I was able to resolve to leave. In the file fragmen_web.html change the wrap_parent by match_parent and it worked.

Hi, i’m sorry for late. Thank you for your bugfix!

I have some pre-sale questions:

1. Is this app on Material design 2. Does this app support splash screen? 3. Can it browse offline html files embeded within the app (not remote) 4. IMPORTANT: Can in inject css/javascript to override remote website? Say for example, I want to load a remote site google.com and override the background color from white to red using a custom css within the app. Progress bar when loading the page

5. Support for Offline and Error handling 6. Action bar title based on HTML title or custom text 7. Confirmation dialog when user tries to exit the app 8. Pull-to-Refresh 9. Support for high-resolution displays (xxxhdpi) 10. Support for opening links in external browser 11. Intents for opening external apps (e-mail, sms, phone call, map, store)


1- yes this app is material design 2- yes this app support splash screen 3- yes you can navigate to local html or remote website 4- i don’t know, this app is a webview, i think yes but you can make some modify on java (i think), search on google: “Override css on android webview) Yes, progress bare is there

5- yes 6- title on strings 7- yes 8- yes 9- yes i’m tested it on galaxy s6 edge 10- yes 11- for intent specification see the feature on description.

I will suggest you download demo app from play store!


i purcheased ur both scripts geopush and web essentials, followed all help files and videos ,but still can not make registration from android studio after running scripts.., no database error. http://www.sanalorder.com/Test/register.php is all seems ok but still cannot make registration to sql

Hi, ok try this:

- Uninstall your app from device (real device) - Press Clean Project and Rebuild on your android studio - Run now the app - Save the log of your android monitor from start and paste here if you can or send me by email info@digitalborder.net

I can answer you tomorrow…

Thanks for your purchase!

Hello I have a question, my web page contains registration and login with a live chat, does this work correctly with that app?

Yes, but i suggest you try the demo from play store.

When will there be a new update?

Hi, not in this period … you have some problems?

Hi. I am a beginner. 1. What do I need for setting up this app? I have google play store developer account for publishing apps. But what do I need for programs and do I need a server?

2. I am hosting a wordpress blog – is this possible?

Hi, 1- You need only Android Studio

2- You need a remote web site or local html website

Hello, could you send me the documentation of this so I can check first

Hi, which documentation?

Do we get web panel along with Android source code. Is it mandatory to add webpush panel for every site. For example, if I want to make for Google.com, and can we send push notifications from the webpanel. and for every app do we need seperate domain for hosting the web panel. Can we publish without web panel? Pls reply fast

Thank you so much!

Is it possible to display or embed or view PDF files stored locally? If yes, can you guide mw. Thanks.

Hi, i don’t integrate any pdf reader in this app, i’m sorry.

I’m searched on google and you can try this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2655972/how-can-i-display-a-pdf-document-into-a-webview

Hi, This app has splash screen an that is jpeg but how can i integrate animated splash screen as i want to start app with animation or video. pls hlp on this problem.

Hi, this is not a problem… this app have a splashscreen with logo.

If you want modify it, edit the splash screen layout xml with Android studio and insert it what you want.

Hi..I have follow ur instruction to add android:theme=”@android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar.Fullscreen” to make full screen and no title bar. However, it always failed when build. Can u give some more specific instruction on ur current version update. thank

Hi, try with this string on Manifest file:


HTML5 video doesn’t have full screen option, while in Chrome/Native browser it does show the full screen.

Yes, the simple webview does not support html5 video full screen

hi DigitalBorder, before buy i want to ask some question? When we use this application with our code can we use pushpanel in our web server, and all push panel codes are included packet?

Another quesiton, can we send push notification with big images dynamicly related to pushed link content ?


Hi, yes push panel are included and you must use it on your webserver.

You can sent push notification only with title, description and URL, so you can create a web page with big images.

thnks for your quick replay, i want to buy it, but firstly i test it with some website, i got some problem when tested websites, for example could you try to get this website with your application http://bilemezsin.com or http://m.bilemezsin.com

thnks i will wait for your answer before buy it..

Hi, yes this website not work, i thinks some javascript conflict but i can’t test it now with debugger.


agayzjr Purchased

Hello, you have said that this app supports android 4.0 – 6.0, but when I try to download it from Play store with Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos (Android 4.2.2) it says that the device is not supported.. See this SS http://i67.tinypic.com/4iocuw.png

Hi, i tested it on Android Kitkat 2 o 3 months ago and it works fine…

Hi author I am trying to upload file to this link through webview https://www.formget.com/app/form/share/uQyy-230085 But unable to open the upload button Kinldy check the link with your app
http://cityadda.in/cloth/income/ try this url userid: demo password: asdf1234

kindly update asap

I’m tried and upload works fine.

I have tested with Samsung S6 Android 7.0