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IMPORTANT! Problem with Chrome 55 + and Safari 10 +

Issue why SHOUTcast v1 and early SHOUTcastv2 will no longer play in chrome and safari: Solution: Update to the current v2 build and it works!

Google Chrome 55 + and Safari 10 + have a issue with much StreamURLs. The Problem is the header HTTP/0.9. In the future this will not more work. Browser console: GET; net::ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE

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Which audio streams are supported?

MPEG-Audio stream AAC-Audio stream (IMPORTANT! no AAC+, no HE-AAC, no HE-AAC v2)

How can I display the current song playing?

The player used a php-script for display current song. This script required PHP5 and supported cURL. Check if allow_url_fopen is enabled in your php.ini Also important is the web-server firewall. The web-server need a communication with the streaming URL. If only port 80 allowed, can this script not communicate with the streaming URL.

Change right click (context menu) to your site

You can change the text and URL over this parameters: INFOTEXT=”YOUR INFO TEXT” INFOLINK=”HTTP://YOUR.INFO.LINK”

Or you can disable it with emtpy paramters: INFOTEXT=”” INFOLINK=”“

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