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Where can i find the purchase code

Where can i find the shoutcast streampath?

Open your .pls – file und look at the server url. After the latest slash you find the streampath.
Title1=FM Best Webradio of the World


Icecast 2.4 kh4/kh5 do not function on iOS 11

During testing with iOS 11 (currently up to Beta 5) Icecast has not worked on either iPhone or iPad devices. A bug report was submitted to Apple shortly after the release of Beta 1. However, 5 betas on with it still not fixed make it look likely no resolution will be offered on Apple’s side at launch in September. Safari Technical Preview (macOS Sierra) and Safari on High Sierra Beta do not seem to be affected. Older versions (2.3.3 KH11) and standard Icecast 2.4.1 do function correctly.

Please Update to latest version:

IMPORTANT! Problem with Chrome 55 + and Safari 10 +

Issue why SHOUTcast v1 and early SHOUTcastv2 will no longer play in chrome and safari: Solution: Update to the current v2 build and it works!

Google Chrome 55 + and Safari 10 + have a issue with much StreamURLs. The Problem is the header HTTP/0.9. In the future this will not more work. Browser console: GET; net::ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE

Read More:

Which audio streams are supported?

MPEG-Audio stream AAC-Audio stream (IMPORTANT! no AAC+, no HE-AAC, no HE-AAC v2)

Using Stunnel to add ssl to shoutcast

A client requested shoutcast over ssl. Shoutcast did not support ssl naively so I decided to use stunnel to allow it. Here is how I got ssl working:

First stunnel must be installed. Many OS’s have stunnel preinstalled: so try running stunnel first. If not install with your OS’s package management tool such as

centos: yum install stunnel ubuntu: apt-get install stunnel

Once stunnel is installed you can begin. First a config file is needed. In this example shoutcast is installed already and running on port 8000. It is listening on localhost only. Create the file


cert = /etc/stunnel/stunnel.pem

Now create the PEM file /etc/stunnel/stunnel.pem

The format is

rsa key first certificate second cabundle/intermediate third

Set permissions to 600 chmod 600 /etc/stunnel/stunnel.pem

Now stunnel can be started with the command /usr/bin/stunnel and we can connect to port 8002 over ssl.


How can I display the current song playing?

The player used a php-script for display current song. This script required PHP5 and supported cURL. Check if allow_url_fopen is enabled in your php.ini Also important is the web-server firewall. The web-server need a communication with the streaming URL. If only port 80 allowed, can this script not communicate with the streaming URL.

Autoplay will not work

Google have changed the autoplay polices: An AudioContext must be created or resumed after the document received a user gesture to enable audio playback:

The native HTML5 Radio player plugin uses AudioContext function for audio analyzer display.

This current parameters will not more work: - autoplay: true - useanalyzer: real

Solution1: - autoplay: true - useanalyzer: fake

Solution2: - autoplay: false - useanalyzer: real

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