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I have a problem with a plug. He stops playing and very interrupts. My address You write that you can make updates to version V2. Where can I get versions V2?

Hello, you must contact your service provider from your streaming service. I can’t help for update.

Hello author (sorry i don’t know your name yet)

I try to setup a mpeg audio stream over https. This is done by proxying the stream from https to http with nginx which is connecting to icecast2. Connecting the stream with winamp works 100%. Connecting with the native flash radio delivers the error : 400 error the plain http request was send to https port.

https request -> nginx -> http request -> icecast2

I would appiciate your support very much.

Regards, Vincent


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update to php7 and php7-curl soon ?

i think in the next update is this included..

Hi, i want to build a web radio station for my client, where he can play his own station too. Can i use your script for this? thank you for your answer. Best regards Marco

Welches Format ist das Radio von Deinem Kunden?

Marco, yes but we need update to php7 track title not work…. but is the best scrip for my radios

hello, is coming soon

Hello, no update news, no?

I use the Centovacast system with Shoutcast v2 and some users report that streaming to, just for.

But for others not, so there is a problem in the player code that causes this problem only for some users.

I’ve already done a test here, on my computer the audio does not hang, so I connected remotely to the listener’s machine that complained it hangs and I saw that the audio actually crashes constantly.

Then I changed the player to another one in Flash that I have and the audio played without any problems.

As I do not know what it can be, I’m still waiting for an update of this player.

The stream is working but beneath the Station name I’m getting a message that says, “503 Service Unavailable No server is available to handle request”. Not sure why I’m getting this message but please let me know how to change the language of this error.

player in footer and ajax???? In wordpress plugin

Fully fonctionnel thank you !!!!!!!

Native Flashradio V3.17.04.15 NOT Native Flashradio V3.17.04.17 as the description says has the zip file. and the analyzer does not work for me

hello, the analyzer will just work for shoutcast 2.5x and html5. look at here:

Google scheint seit Chrome 56.x+ das Problem mit den SHOUTcast v1 Playback behoben zu haben, auch in der aktuellen Version 57.x funktioniert es. Scheint aber nur ein Workaround zu sein, wer weiß wie lange das so bleibt. Safari akzeptiert nach wie nicht mehr den HTTP/0.9 header. Hinsichtlich der sicherheitsrelevanten Bedenken, wird das wohl auf lange Sicht irgendwann auch wieder aus dem Chrome verschwinden.

BTW: In der nativeflashradiov3.js wird der Google-font nur mit http:// aufgerufen. Wenn die Seite, in die der Player eingebettet ist, über https:// aufgerufen wird, wird dadurch das Script vom Browser blockiert. In der neuen Version von gestern, ist übrigens am unteren Rand des Volume-Reglers ein weißer Schimmer – egal ob der Analyzer auf TRUE oder FALSE steht. Der Analyzer selbst funktioniert nach wie vor nur mit FLASH-first.

Issue Google Fonts: update today. Thanks!

hast Du mal eine URL, wo ich das mit dem weißen Punkt sehen kann? Ich vermute das ist Flash.

Ah nun sehe ich das, dass ist die weiße Linie des Analyzers, die bei mir am unteren Rand so schimmert. Ich nutze den Player ausschließlich mit HTML5. Aber es macht keinen Unterschied, ob ANALYZER auf TRUE oder FALSE steht, der weiße Rand bleibt. Ich schicke dir den Link via Email, da ich nicht möchte, dass er hier öffentlich steht.

Hello there I buy the NATIVE FLASH RADIO V3 but the title of the song does not display I can not find how to display the current title

Hello I buy the audio player but the current title does not appear on the player I am looking for but no result thank you in advance

Hi, how do i generate the HTML embed code??

If not, then how can i use this amazing software? I already have the IP for the shoutcast,

yes you can use SSL. But the shoutcast needed also SSL.

I’m very confused…

Hi I bought this but cannot use it. Can I refund and get the WordPress version?

I think you have WIX?

Yes, but wix is https… How do i upload to wix, please explain in detail…

I also have WordPress. I’m thinking that’s easier


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Hello, Can you explain how can we make this work over SSL, Regards.

Hello, SSL required a SSL-shoutcast-server.

Greetings I’m putting this code on my website but the player does not appear on the web ..

<Html> <Head> <Title> Native Flash Radio V3 MRB STREAMING </ title> <Meta charset = “utf-8”>     <Meta name = “viewport” content = “width = device-width, initial-scale = 1, maximum-scale = 1” />     <Meta name = “apple-mobile-web-app-capable” content = “yes” />     <Meta name = “apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style” content = “black-translucent” />     <Meta http-equiv = “X-UA-Compatible” content = “IE = Edge”>     ”CACHE-CONTROL” CONTENT = “NO-CACHE”>     <Script src = “”> </ script>     <Script type = “text / javascript” src = “js / nativeflashradiov3.js”> </ script> </ Head>

<Body> Native Flashradio V3 <Script type = “text / javascript”>     $ (”# Flashradio”). Flashradio ({settings: “flashradio.xml”}); </ Script> </ Body> </ Html>

Also tried to do it by InlineFrame but if we do that way has no sound .. this is the link of the inlineframe

The file is here and is sounding perfect in the original file Http://

Hi, if i buy you player can i view the title song if i have not the password of shoutcast server? Thanks

I want to know this streaming shoudcast v2 your player plays

Hello, please tell me a solution to my problem. I have been launching your player with this problem since. You have already released several updates and none of them have solved this problem to this day.

My Streaming Server is a Linux Centos 6.7 with Centovacast in the latest version.

I already use Shoutcast v2.

I use the MP3 codec for your player, because your player does not play the AAC PLUS codec, although the AAC PLUS codec is the most used in the world due to compatibility with smartphones, but unfortunately your player does not yet play this codec .

But until you support this codec, I will continue to use the MP3 codec.

But your player stops at nothing, it simply stops playing the audio.

I’ve already searched all the code in your player and I can not find an explanation why this happens, and it happens only in your player.

Please help me in this, the owner of the station is charging me a solution of this urgent problem.

See my radio: