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Hello i have problem with the player at google chrome, google chrome blocks the player you can see at picture: What must i do for not to block?

I bought your product again maybe it is updated, but i see it is the same…

Can you help plese?

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yes, google chrome have to disabled the FLASH. You can set HTML first (RADIO FIRSTSOLUTION). Look at here:

Hi, I just bought your Native HTML5 player I have set my Icecast URL but nothing appear in web page. Here is my flashradio.xml :

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8” standalone=”yes”?> <!— NATIVE FLASH RADIO V3 DEVELOPED BY SODAH.DE —> <flashradio> <THEME COLOR=”#fa9127” STARTVOLUME=”100” FONTCOLOR=”#ffffff”/> <CHANNEL URL=”” TYPE=”mpeg”/> <RADIO NAME=”Radio 5K” SCROLL=”AUTO” AUTOPLAY=”TRUE” DEBUG=”FALSE” INFOTEXT=”” INFOLINK=”” FIRSTSOLUTION=”FLASH” SONGINFORMATIONINTERVAL=”200$ <TITLEFONT FONTNAME=”Oswald” GOOGLEFONT=”Oswald:400” /> <SONGFONT FONTNAME=”Oswald” GOOGLEFONT=”Oswald:800” /> </flashradio>

Could you help please Gérald

have you a link from your site?

Hello, this is my website :

Hello, you have wrote: SONGINFORMATIONINTERVAL=”200$

does it auto plays?

oh yes? fo es have a wordpress shordcode? Thankyou

How can I know if it will grab my song info? what settings must i check with my providers? We use icecast v2 – Thanks

I would like to ask you about what is your experience (where do I find the error) if the player does not work in Mozilla and Opera browser? The player is displayed but no sound is heard. Sound is audible in Chrome and MS Edge, but visual effects do not appear. I using the latest SHOUTcast DNAS and Transcoder 2 with AAC.

is the aac or aac+?

Hello there, How to add multiple radio broadcasts to an xml file In your examples you have different listening options that belong to x radio and x radio.

I want to add xml file as 1 radio 2 radio 3 radio and make separate broadcasts on separate pages. How do I add radio stations to the xml file when doing so?

You have done a great job on this page;

I want to make radio broadcasts on separate pages. If you share the radio shoutcast links that are broadcast in WebRadio with me, I am delighted.

hello, the native flash radio is a single solution. You can add only one Stream.


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Hello, I did FIRSTSOLUTION=HTML but the player has no audio. How can I correct this?


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Hi again, I worked out this problem. I have an another problem. I have a three Shoutcast v2 stream but the player is showing the only sid1 current playing title. How can I showing sid3?

can you send the StreamURL?


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The player works great. Had to make a few modifications though. The first problem I noticed is apostrophes in song metadata come up as HTML code. This was an easy fix, as the developer forgot to add ENT_HTML5 to utf8_encode function call in currentsong.php

in currentsong.php line 23 and 25 add the following right after ENT_QUOTES


I also added https stream support by changing all URL’s in nativeflashradiov3.js from http:// to https:// and it works great with https stream now.

In all a very good and flexible player. Only one thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to slow down the scroll. I suppose that will involve de-minifying this giant ball of js and finding it ….any help to point me in the right direction by the author would be highly appreciated.

Thanx!!!! I will do it in the next update. Thanx a lot!!!

Thanks for the lovely player, I have one issue please how can i get the Meter to work i m seeing it working in your demo that i downloaded.


Thanks but I have already tried that and it only seems to work on iOS not androids

I asked you about the working led meters, it’s not working on mine and I followed your demo which is working in my browsers even with my stream,

What do I need to do for it to work? I bought this as one of the main reason is a working led vs others this is great for instant user fed info that there are getting the live stream.

I just manage to see it work on an Andriod but some weird chines browsers not chrome. This is a problem as I can’t go around telling hundred of people what to install chrome is the browser of choice by many of my listeners

What can be the fix or problem?


Would like a refund thanks

There is an error character

If the song name is: “Sixsense,Tristan-Pluto Athmosphears displays only “Sixsense”, cutting off the rest of the name due to the comma.

Another example: “ticon & ziki– Get Lucky”, displays: “ticon& amp;ziki – Get Lucky” by replacing “&” with “& amp;”

They have to fix it? you did not make it to any upgrades


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Hi, I bought the license and the files I threw ftp, but it doesn’t work I would ask for your help on the subject.

How can i get a similar setup as your demo site at I thought the code will come with same setup as the demo. The documentation is not clear on how to use the PHP files.

Hello, can you guys help me to know if your player works with:

Thank you in advance!!!


Hello, AAC+ is currently not supported.

hi please i have a wix website.I am interested to buy a native html5 radio player.Which of the two do i have to buy to be the code propriate for the wix?The jquery code or the wordpress code?Please answer to me as soon as possible. Best regards

I bought Native Flash Player v3 and noticed some issues on songtitle: Song titles They only work well with shoutcast v.1. With Icecast v.2 shows the name of the radio to songtitle With Shoutcast v.2 the apostrophe writes them to ’ an example: Faith Hill – There You’ll Be the display will show Faith Hill – There You’ll Be I thought it was my configuration error, but I found the same defects by doing stream tests on

the apostrophe writes them to ‘