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I have a problem with a plug. He stops playing and very interrupts. My address You write that you can make updates to version V2. Where can I get versions V2?

Hello, you must contact your service provider from your streaming service. I can’t help for update.

Hello author (sorry i don’t know your name yet)

I try to setup a mpeg audio stream over https. This is done by proxying the stream from https to http with nginx which is connecting to icecast2. Connecting the stream with winamp works 100%. Connecting with the native flash radio delivers the error : 400 error the plain http request was send to https port.

https request -> nginx -> http request -> icecast2

I would appiciate your support very much.

Regards, Vincent

update to php7 and php7-curl soon ?

i think in the next update is this included..

Hi, i want to build a web radio station for my client, where he can play his own station too. Can i use your script for this? thank you for your answer. Best regards Marco


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Marco, yes but we need update to php7 track title not work…. but is the best scrip for my radios