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i am unable to register the plugin on http://amcotax.com.au/ currenty testing site is on http://amcotax.com.au/new it picked my local computer it and registered the plugin with that. Can you please help me with this . ?

I, i have buy your plugin for categorized newsletter but if i insert widget in Dx sidebar is not good visualizzation… Where i have wrong ? Can you help me ? Thank’s Stef

Thanks for buying Native Email! Of course we will help. Please can you provide your logins by submitting a support ticket here:
Thank you.

I have list of brands . i want customer select those brands then send email when product is added with brands in woocommece,then the email are send to brand that it is added to would activate an email with the details of that product to be sent to all the people who opted in for that list.

If that is possible with this plugin?

Yes it is, thanks.

Hello can you please contact me private i switch themes and deactivate and installed in another theme and is not letting me use it

it says is been used in 2 ip address no idea who are those at this moment thank you

Hi. Please submit your licence code and details here and we will re-activate your copy, thanks:

Hi there, looking to buy. I need to be able to segment by brands in a woocomerce store. Is that possible with this plugin either directly or by using some customised set-up?


edit: just saw an answer from 4 days ago saying it is possible so all good thanks



Please explain the difference between native email and the unlimited version? In what type of situations would one need the ultimate over the standard?


Native Email Pro is for up to 2000 subscribers, Native Email Unlimited is unlimited. Regards, Mike

Hello I am trying to install the plugin in a new theme i deactivate in my older theme as i am no longer going to use it ( never went live) and now it doesnt let me install please email me surfer4you@yahoo.com

Hi there. I responded to your message when you contacted us. Please provide your licence code and email here and we will reactivate your copy thanks:

I have been trying to get rid of the category list on the sidebar widget. It won’t go away.

Hi. The cats you want to display are chisen by ticking the relevant box on the widgget. If you have a support query please submit it here:
http://nativeplugins.com/submit-a-ticket/ Thanks.

Hello I switch hosting companies recently and I changed my theme but stayed with the same domain why my license is not working if is the same domain? 72ada699-6a09-410f-a872-45bda1afc35f

Hi. I have reactivated it for you- please try it now. Thanks, Mike


I switch themes on my website but the same hosting, same domain, same IP address I deleted from the other theme that other theme is live but no plugin from native mail so no idea why is not working it says is inactive

Can you please submit this as a ticket if you are still having an issue?
http://nativeplugins.com/submit-a-ticket/ Regards, Michael

I am trying to upload the plugin to my WP but I am always getting this error.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Also, I am trying to extract the unzipped file but there is no plugin in there.

Hello Mike, I unzipped the the downloaded file and the folder “Native email pro with docs ” appeared > then opening this folder has 2 folders only 1. Licensing and 2. Native Email Pro 2000 envato. Its been few days now and this plugin still unusable to me, PLease help. Thanks

Hi- Native Email Pro 2000 Envato is the folder. Install that and check out the readme file in the other folder, it has two links to the docs in it. Regards, Mike

PS if you have support issues the support forum is here:
http://nativeplugins.com/submit-a-ticket/ Regards, Mike

Hello, can I use it as a notification service for rentals, for example, when someone wants to know of new properties added in a particular city or zip code, like in this example:


Can subscribers pick how often the messages are received and can I also customize the emails? Is there a limit for how many subscribers can be handled?

Please let me know. Thank you

Hi, Thanks for the enquiry. 1. If these act as WordPress categories or taxonomies then yes. If the theme uses a specail front-end submission plugin it may need some custom work which we can do for you. 2. No, but again we can customise this for you if you like. 3. Yes, please see the demo. 4. This here is the Pro 2000 version for 2000 subscribers, you need Native Email Unlimited for Unlimited Subscribers. Thank you.


Spballif Purchased

We have removed the plugin on one site and we can not use the same key on another site. What should be done ? Thank you for your reply. info@amplitude360.fr

Please submit your details here and we will re-activate your licence for you.
Thanks and regards, Michael

Hi, I added the native email widget in my footer, how do I change the font size of the Header “Create Alert” . tried to adjust thru my theme panel but its not working. Its too big! Thanks!

Please can you submit post sales support questions to the support forum, thanks.

Hi, please check my ticket again. Thanks!

We have replied, thanks.