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I have a similar question to Tonynoise – I am using WP Residence theme and would like to send users updated properties based on budget, neighborhood etc. Can I do this? Also, does this work with 3rd party mailing services like Mandrill?

Also, the demo is not working

Hi. Thanks for the interest. Regarding the demo, it is down temporarily as we put the new version up. Sorry fot the delay. In answer to your first question, yes it can be done but it is not in the default features. We can customise the widget so that you can achieve this. This will be delivered as customisation work (outside of standard support). Please DM me via the profile page and I will give you details. Secondly, you can export all opted-in contacts via User Management to inport inito third party mailers. Thanks and best regards, Michael D

Hi, great plugin! One thing:

How can I pull from post excerpt field instead of just the first n characters of the post? Thanks.

Hi. Thanks for buying Native Email! For this you need to change the following.
in template-functions.php

Thanks and regards,,
Michael D


Hi, for some reason it’s not sending out any emails. I see logs under “sent logs” but no emails have been received by any email addresses. I’ve checked in the spam folder.

Whoops figured it out— it was an issue with PHP, the plugin is working fine. As a side note, I would highly recommend using the Mailgun WP plugin for sending.

Hello, good luck with your sales. It seems like a great plugin but I have a pre-sales question : My scenario is to create 10 users in different locations. I will post job offers to my WooCommerce site and I’d like to notify the users which located in the posted job’s area. Is this doable with your plugin?

Hi. Is it available live notification (same facebook, any notification will be added to icon in menu with count and detail each notification)? It seem dont have yet, is there any plan to create shortcode live notification with count?
It will allow to choose parent catalog only? Or even detail to sub-sub catalog?

Hi. Just bought your plugin. It works with posts, but not with custom type posts. Can you explain me how can I make it work with custom type posts?

Details and latest version sent.

the Email Post plugin crashes the website every time I publish a post. The plugin appears to send a a few hundred notifications then crashes the website with a Error 500 – Internal Server Error. Then I keep having to get tech support to let me back in? They mentioned something about a problem with the PHP file?

Hello. Please provide your login or FTP details via our support page and we will look at this: http://nativeplugins.com/submit-a-ticket/. Thanks, Michael

Hi. I saw that you registered but I didn’t see a support ticket. When you provide your details I am going to email you a version of Native Email V1.3 for download,the latest version, thanks. Micahel


lewebat Purchased

Hello, when will the version 1.3 released? Are there any major updates then?


lewebat Purchased

great to hear…. thanks, looking forward to this update….

Thanks for the support :)

Plus there are new widgets too!


Hello, does this plugin has also opt-in and opt-out for receivers and what measures are further taken to prevent spamming. Is this e-mail alert pluging legal proof?

Hello. Thank you for your message. Yes, all subscribers must opt in to email subscriptions. They can subscribe using our easy to use sidebar Multi-Widget or one of our other widgets for subscribing to different content types. All emails have an auto-generated unsubscribe link at the bottom (and there is also a subscriber preferences page generated for handling their subscruptions preferences). It is not possible to send emails to subsccribers who haven’t opted in and also there is a user management section to handle user data and to remove subscribers if necessary. Thanks and regards, Michael D