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Hello Before buying, I wanted to know if your plugin will do the job to create alerts for a real estate listing site,

Hello I just bought your plugin, I can not install it, could you tell me what to do? Phill

Hello I just bought your plugin, I can not install it, could you tell me what to do?

Décompression de l’archive de l’extension…

Installation de l’extension…

L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Aucune extension valide trouvée.

L’installation de l’extension a échouée.

Retourner à l’installeur d’extensions

Good Morning This is a pre-sale question. I am running a subscription / membership website. Using the wp job manager plugin. I have different user subscribed to different custom category. I need a plugin to send emails on regular basis to the members according to the subscribed category. Will this particular plugin solve my issue. Thanks in advance.

Yes it will thanks, for the interest. :)


pellewan Purchased

My_site.com will be based on user submitted posts.

Since catagorizing thousands of posts on a wide variety of subjects would be a nightmare, the site will not have categories at all.

Instead we’ll require the Poster to add at least one tag of his own creation (we will not have pre-made tags).

Then there are users that subscribes to posts, let’s call him Subscriber.

The Subscriber should be able to create tags on his profile page that he’s interested in.

When the Poster publish a post that contains a tag that the Subscriber has on his profile, an email is sent to the Subscriber, notifying him that a post is published under “tag”.

Example: A Poster publish a post about soccer. He tags the post “soccer” and “Ronaldo”.

A Subscriber has added the tags “soccer”, “european football” and “association football” on his profile page.

The Subscriber will now (as soon as possible) get an email notifying him that “There’s a post about “soccer” on my_site.com!”

Can your plugin do all this?


pellewan Purchased



pellewan Purchased

Very unhappy customer.

I set up a user to receive email “straight away” when posts with a particular category is published.

A post was published but no email was sent.

Is this whole plugin a scam?!

Hello. Thanks for purchasing our plugin. I think there is a misunderstanding. As it states in the documents, after publishing a post you must click the “Send Emails” button on the post publication page (for any posts you want to send). The post will then be sent either Straight Away or on the schedule you have configured. If you have further support requests please post them here:

Regards, Michael


pellewan Purchased

If we want to set up a wp-cron job (an automatic event triggering an action) what’s the action hook for sending the emails?

The plugin already has a system to setup a Cron job. All you need is to choose the frequency/interval the scheduler in the Content Control tab.

The plugin is not functioning. None of the buttons on the dashboard are working.

Hi. Please submit your support issue here so we can look/ assist:

Hi, I have a PRE SALES question, I have a car auto portal and a real estate portal, and I would like to create email filters like this :


Is your plugin capable of this with the price, category etc, as well as show me persons who subscribe in the back end? Let me know if this is possible.

Regards, Servaughn

Hi. The price/year range isn’t a default aspect of the search but we could customise it in this way for you. If you are interested please message us via our profile page and I can discuss it with our head developer, thanks.

I have purchased the plugin. But unable to install it. I have downloaded the plugin through all files and documentation. But the zip is not supported for installation in wordpress.

Getting the following message.

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-9686440-native-email-userspecific-category-email-alerts.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Okay i have installed and activated the plugin. I have a specific question. In the Content Control Tab. Is there any option that the Number of posts would be removed and the system will deliver emails on a specific time interval. I mean to say all new updates would be deliver to on 24 hours basis on specific custom contents. If i limit the number to 10. And if there is 11 posts. The post number eleven would not be deliver. So i want to remove the number of posts and set it to time intervals.

Hi. We can customise the core code for you and make this possible. Please drop us a quick email on our profile page and I will respond, thanks.