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Goodmorning, prepurchase question: have you coded the plugin for WP REAL ESTATE THEME? Is it possible to do this: create a subscription form where the users can insert their data and select a range of price, surface, ecc?

Hello Tonynoise,
Thanks for your interest in Native Email. We have not specifically coded the plugin for WP Real Estate. However, we are currently customising the plugin in a similar way for a feelancer theme. We can happily offer you a similar customisation serice to configure Native Email for this theme. For further information or a quote please contact us via our profile contact form. Regards, Michael D

shame the demo login is broke!

I just tested- it is working.
User: NativeUser
PWord: NativeDemo

I dont like the black button on the demo can this be slightly restyled and can the button be placed anywhere on a page? – I just want users to be able to one click subscribe to a category, is that what this plugin is?

The user can one-click subscribe with our Category Page widget. We also have two other subscription widgets to make opt-ins as easy as possible around your site. The category page button colour can be customised, if this is what you refer to? By default this appears at the top of the page. We are here for custom work if you would like it configured differently. Let me know if you have other questions, thanks for the interest.


I need a way to hide the post excerpt as it is displaying my theme’s shortcode. Is this possible? I am using a child theme. If this is possible by editing the template php file for the plugin, then what do I need to do so that any changes I make won’t get overwritten if I update the plugin?

Thank you.

Hi Michael,

Please can you take a look and make sure that the plugin is working correctly cos I don’t seem to be receiving any mails. All I want is for the user to receive an email once a day at 9am with only the new posts in the category that they have subscribed to. A maximum of 5 posts should should show. If only 2 new posts have been added then I would like the user to only see those 2 new posts and not any older ones. Please take a look as soon as possible as the client is really getting frustrated.

Thank you.

Hi Cordell, I will answer this via DM. Regards, Michael

Hi Michael,

Thanks. I have replied.

Much appreciated.

Hi there,

Does this work with custom post types? I essentially want to use it to allow users to recieve notifications when a car of a particualr make is added to the website. Is this possible?

Hi there,

I believe I would need some customisation on the plugin though if I am wrong then please let me know.

My cars (which is a custom post type) have two taxonomies which are the brand of the car and the model. They both have a relationship with each other. There are lots of models associated with a brand. However, I want to make sure that the model cannot be associated with an incorrect make.

What I would like to happen is that when a brand is chosen, that the form then shows the associated models to choose from which the user then chooses the correct models.

Once that is done, the user is added to the mailing list with the relevant brand and models that have been chosen and then when a vehicle is added to the database, your plugin would check if anyone wants to recieve updates about that particular make and/or model and if so, then send them an email.

Is this possible and if so, how much do you think it would cost to implement?



Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for this. You would need a cusomised subscription widget. Let me have a look at whether you would need anyting else and come back to you. In the meantime can you also contact us via the profile contact form with your contact details so we discuss via DM. https://codecanyon.net/user/nativeplugins
Thanks and regards, Michael

Can you also provide your website logins for us to provide an accurate estimate. Thanks and regards, Michael

Hello, how do I change the table border colors in the email? Right now they are a thick dark grey and don’t match my email template at all. Thanks

That just redirects me to the homepage of you site. I have tried to register at nativeplugins.com/register but the captcha you are using is impossible to read

Hello. You will now be able to register here: http://nativeplugins.com/register/. I am checking on the file the location of these template images- I will update you. Regards Michael.

The location of the images to edit is NativeEmail>Assets>Images>bottomrounded-bg and NativeEmail>Assets>Images>toprounded-bg. These are the images to change to a colour of your choice and then replace. If you would like further assistance don’t hesitate to let me know. Thank you.

Hi, a quick pre-sales question: Is it possible to send the e-mail in one of the layouts, but WITHOUT sending the featured image in a post along in the e-mail?

Kind regards,

Hello! Thanks for the question and for posting. A simple solution would be to replace the place holder image in the relevant folder with a blank image. If you wish to do this, contact us via support at nativeplugins.com and I will tell you what to do. Best regards, Michael D!

Thank you Michael. I just opened a support-ticket. This sounds like the perfect solution.

You are welcome. I don’t see a support ticket opened. I will respond when you do. Regards, Michael


Hi, I have installed the plugin and i want to use it for job subscriptions. when adding the widget i can see Jobs but can’t see Job Categories on the other hand, in admin panel i can see everthing

Hi. Thanks for purchasing Native Email. Once you have selected the Post Tpe on the widget itself you are then able to select categories. If you are still having difficulties please submit your query here (with logins): http://nativeplugins.com/submit-a-ticket/ . Regards, Michael

Hello, I have a pre-purchase question. Can you use categories and tags together or is it only one or the other. I have a very large list of categories to be used by the subscriber to help customize which posts they want to be shown in their emails. However, I have several categories that I want hidden from the preference lists but be included in the emails when certain categories are chosen.

Hi, thanks for the enquiry. We have a new widget- Post Subscription Widget- which will only show relevant tags or categories next to each post on your site, and auto-fill the subscriber email. It sounds like the solution for you and is coming out with our new version in the coming week or so. Let me know if I can be of further assistance! Regards, Michael D

I have just bought htis plugin, I am little dissappointed to see that you cannot have multiple criteria for the alert, it is an alert that matches only one type. Is it possible to make this work across multiple post types in the same widget? Thanks

Hello. Thanks for purchasing Native Email. By default each instance of the Multi-Widget can be set to a post type and category type. I will consult with our developer about other options for you. Best regards, Michael D

Hello. Just to confirm. Each widget can be set to one post type at a time. That is the way the Multi-Widget functions. You can use the widget as many times as you need to display different post types (but not in the same widget). We are also available do custom work for your subscription opt-ins, for example if you would like to subscribe to multiple taxonomy. Please let me know is we can be of further assistance! Best regards, Michael D

A few POST PURCHASE questions here. First off, well done. This is perfect for a large publication like mine that puts out hundreds of stories per month in dozens of categories. Here are my questions:

1. Can the email release be timed daily? Does it depend on that “First Event Occurrence” section? I want them to shoot out once per day at the same time.

2. It seems like that “Submit” button on the Content Control page sends out an email to all subscribers. Is that true? What’s it’s purpose?

3. Can we customize that widget? Is there a way to at least put a box around it? It looks pretty bland.

4. I submitted an email that I want these auto-emails to be sent from, as requested, on the Content Control page but the emails are still coming from my personal email account.

5. Is there a short-code for the widget so that I can put it on a landing page so that I can create ads to get readers to that page?

6. I read that you offer pop-ups. How do I access it? Is it only a Category Page option?

Sorry for the load of questions. If you would like to answer these off-record, you can send them to Brandon@BSNDenver.com.


Just to confirm- I answered this via your email. Thanks.

Hi, great work and dito plugin.

I am trying to get the Category page pop up to work. I found your explanation in the docs with the plugin. There you write about putting this code: <?php do_action(‘nativeemail_single_subscription’); ?> inserted in one of the mentioned .php files.

For this site I am working on a multisite.

Can you be more precise about where to put the code in a multisite environment and which part of the code is needed? Thanks a lot!

Hi Mike, thank you for the answer so far. I already registered. Hope to here your update soon…

Hi Joefster. In order to add the Category Page Pop-Up to multi-site just add the condition for which blog Id you want to add it to. If you would like us to do it for you please send us your FTP (via support on the site) and we will do it for you. Best regards, Mike

Thanks, I will fill in the Feedback form on your site with credentials. Hope you can help….

Hey Native Plugins Team

Your plugin looks like it could be just what I am looking for, very flexible…

My main use case is the ability for guest users to be able to subscribe to email updates when new custom posts are added to categories, tags and other custom taxonomies… I may have miss read other comments and details on your demo website, but from what I can see, taxonomy (terms) related subscriptions may just be related to standard wordpress categories?

To add context, one of my custom taxonomies will be brands / shop names, each shop has an archive page. When a new offer is published from that store i.e. Nike, I want subscribers to be notified. how easy is it to control where the subscription button is placed? i.e. in the sidebar / at the begging / end of the archive page termplate.

Furthermore, how easy would it be to customise modal popup for taxonomies…


Paul Brown

Hello, I would like users to register for all tags without having to check any checkbox… Please could you help me?

Thanks a lot. Eric

Hi there, We have a widget for that. It works with the new version of the plugin though. I will let you know when this is out- it will be in the next week. Best regrads, Mike

Hi Mike, thanks for your reply! Do you know when the new version will be available? Best regards, Eric

Hi Eric- hopefully the next few days. Thanks and regards, Mike


I have 1,530 subscribers from the old site that I need to import to the new site. They are all assigned to 1 or more category. How do I put in the import csv template that they are assigned to 1 or more category? Currently, when I export a csv it just gives me numerical values for the category so I have no idea how ti mass import members and assign them to multiple categories. Please help!

Hi there. I will check this with higher support and respond thanks. Mike

Just to confirm- this has been replied to via support, thanks.

can a birthday email be sent out on the users birthday ?

Yes- you could write it in advance and set it to publish on the relevant date. If you subscribe someone to the category “Birthday” it will send that post if you post it in that category.

Is there a PHP non wordpress version available for this ?

Hi. No, it is for WordPress at this stage, thanks.

Hi Michael -

Thanks, i’ve got it set up and working.

Here a question. On my category pages i’ve got the Native plug in working. As each category has it’s own page, i don’t really need the check box visible (or if visible, would prefer to have it pre-checked. Are either of those things possible?

Example: www.trumptracker.news/environment/

On the home page, I’d like a subscriber to be subscribing to “all categories” by default. Either by having all the check-boxes checked (and hidden) or with a “all category” check box. As you can see having the list visible is too much:

Example: www.TrumpTracker.news


In our new version I think we have covered these issues with some new features.

There is an “all category” check box for the widget. And then once checked, selections are remembered and auto-filled each time for subscribers. I think this should achieve what you want. The new version is complete and we are testing now so it shouldn’t be long before it is released. Let me know if you need anything else!

Best regards,


Hi.. looking at this plugin as a possible solution to my goals of notifying members of new posts. However, I cannot access the demo to see how it actually works. I need something that will run with CPTs and custom taxonomies. Thanks.

Hi AVABIZ, yes thanks for looking. the demo site is temporarily down- i will notify you when it is back up. Thanks, Michael.

Hi support,

Love the plugin already and i am only checking it out on my website.

Question though. How can i make sure the email is only displaying the title? Setting the post excerpt to 0 doesnt work unfortunally.

Best regards,


Thanks Michael!

Another question. When the categories are listed that you can subscribe on, some of these categories that are longer will break down in two lines. How can i expand the block these categories are listed in so the category names will al be on one line?


Grocery and gourmet coupons

Health and personal care


Home and kitchen coupons

Hi. I will check this and come back to you. Regards, Michael

Hi, You can make all this text in one line by providing full width to widget using custom css code in WordPress. Thanks.