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room116 Purchased

Estamos teniendo problemas con el plugin

lo ponemos con envios semanales y lo envia cuando quiere por ejemplo ultimos envios. 06/22 06/21 05/16 05/15 05/14

Luego los envios se realizan varias veces el mismo dia a mismos usuarios, no se como hacer para que funcione correctamente

esperamos respuesta

We are having problems with the plugin

We put it with weekly shipments and send it whenever you want For example last submissions. 06/22 21/06 05/16 05/15 05/14

After the shipments are made several times the same day to the users, I do not know how to make it work correctly

We wait for an answer

Hello. Thanks for purchasing Native Email. Can you please submit your issue via support here, thank you. http://nativeplugins.com/submit-a-ticket/


Tyney Purchased

Good day

my native email is not sending through emails i have even tried using email plugin but does not seen to send ant post

Hi. Have youi read the Quick Start guide/ docs?


If you have a support issue please submit it here:

Thank you.

Hi author,

1. would it be possible to receive job alerts based on a keyword?

For example, the widget could have a field where you’d type “writer.” As a result, you’d get an email with every item that has the word “writer.”

2. Finally, it would be nice to get more flexibility with the alerts frequency, for example: 2hrs, 4hrs, and 8hrs intervals.

If these two things dont yet exist, please consider them feedback for a possible future update.

Thanks! Have a good day.

Thanks for your input. These ideas are not in the current version- we have added them to our possible features list. Regards, Michael


I build websites and create posts which I then let my cleints update through Front End Posting in Ninjaforms.

Could a user be notified when a Post is updated?

I do not allow cleints to create new Posts….just update exising Posts I create myself.

Thanks for the interest. The default system emails posts when they are newly posted. I am checking with our dev whether we can customise it as you wish. Regards, Mike

Hello. We can offer this as a customization for you. If you require further information please drop us a message via DM. Thank you .

It’s possible to altert users in New post with specified Tags vor keywords in Title?

Hello. Using our Post Subscription Widget users can subscribe by Tag. Thank you.

I cannot install this plugin after purchasing it? Can you please tell me why? please email me asap on jenny@sombrilladigital.com.au

Hello. Thanks for purxchasingn our plugin. You need to use the support forum here to explain your issue thanks

1) What is differnce of this plugin with unlimited email add-on?

2) Please give me code to force all custom post type used shortcode on page ([NativeEmail post_type=”product”.....]) as syle “Show hierarchy on frontend”

3) Send log add on, how to get it, i follow link in admin but can not download. Can you just add it ready in plugin for next release?

4) In creating template. Logo and all content was added, why there is just blank with text “no post” http://demo.nativeemail.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=nativeemailpro&tab=tmplatedesign

Regarding the above, please clarify your issue with point one, I’m a little unclear what you mean. I will then check your issue with point two when you provide your details via support, thanks you.

Please contact me direct via email support. None accepted a crazy website, which hard for ceater account. i turn around to create account, login fail and active password.. finaly dont get any email verify pass in email spam, etc…. Give me email please. Thanks

Hi Juila, Sure. We haven’t had any other issues with the support forum but please send a DM through our profile page here on this occasion:


Tyney Purchased

i am failing to reactivate my licence says already used on 197….. which is my current public ip address how can i fix and activate


Please reply me here. So i can direct send you support question with screenshot detail


Hi Juila, Sure. We haven’t had any other issues with the support forum but please send a DM through our profile page here on this occasion:

Hi. sorry so many email, can not find you to keep continue topic. How is update lisence issue going on?
By the way, can the plugin update also used for taxonomies and tag?

WHY? Example property, user need price range and country (taxnomies) or 2 rooms, 4 rooms option…. If only catalog seem too much notication for them. Example they choose catalog property for sale (you can guess, it while a huge email every day they will receipt)

Hi Michael, I would like to update Native Email from 1.2 version to the last release… Can I do this by simply replace Native Email directory in plugins directory? Best regards. Eric

Hi Eric. You can simply deactivate the previous version and install version 1.3 and activate it. Your settings will be saved. Sent log is now a separate plugin so you also install that separately too. Here are the Quick Setup Docs.

I am using the widget in the body of my homepage. Is there a way to format the display of categories to multiple columns and rows?

Hi. Sorry for my delayed response on the first issue, I am waiting for our dev to respond. If you do need to re-create the subscriber preferences page, create a page and add shortcode
If you need to re-install we will re-activate your licence. Please submit a request via support so we have your details. Thnaks. Support is here:
http://nativeplugins.com/submit-a-ticket/ Regards. Mike

I submitted a ticket over 12 hours ago and haven’t received a response yet.

Hi. I am sorry about the wait- I have passed your licence code on for re-activation, I am waiting for confirmation at my end. Thanks for your understanding.

Will this work with Hirebee. Hirebee is a bidding theme and I need to know if it will work with its project post types and project categories. Will buy if so as soon as you reply. Also, what is the 2000 email max and how do you increase it?

Can I pm you somehow to look at my site and confirm your plugin will work?

You can PM me yes. But it works with all Wordpress content. Contact form here.

PM’d you

I have an additional question. Is it only widget based that powers the users selection? Can I use this in a forms plugin like gravity forms? I would want the selection area within the body of the page not the sidebar.

Answered above.

When are you forecasting the new release with the forms. I have so many categories my concern it will make the widget extra long going too far down webpage.

Hi Mickael, I would like to change the sending email address… Please could you help me? Best regards Eric

Hi Eric, Yes. It’s under Content Control> Sent From. Don’t forget to look at the documents if you need to, including the Quick Guide:
Regards, Michael

Hi Michael,

Hope you are doing well. I purchased this plugin back in April to use in one of the subdomains. However, I decided to move contents of that subdomain to main domain, hence discontinued use of NativeEmail for that domain.

I intend to use this plugin now for another domain, but getting a message that licence key is being used at another ip.

Can I request you to disable my earlier licence key, so that I can set this plugin on another domain.

Your help is much appreciated.



Hi Amit, I’m well thanks! Yes we do allow licence transfer. Please submit your details via DM, preferably support, and we will address it.
Best regards, Mike

Hi Good day. I would like to ask for a help. I have a premium native email plugin on my wordpress. And in some post i put a 2 or 3 categories on it. However, the subscribers receives multiple emails depending on the category of the post. Is it possible that the subscriber will only receive one email even if the post has multiple categories? Thanks in advance.

Hello. Thanks for yor message. You must submit a licence code to prove purchase (not here). Please submit your ticket here, thanks:
http://nativeplugins.com/submit-a-ticket/ I will happilly answer then.


I have just purchased your plugin and want to activate it but it says “icense key is already usedd on ip address”

What I shall do ?


Hi. Thanks for purchasing it. Sorry about that. We will resolve it, please can you submit your details here: http://nativeplugins.com/submit-a-ticket/ Thanks!

I just bought this plugin but its not installing. the error is “no valid plugins were found”. Kindly sort this for me

I just bought this plugin but its not installing. the error is “no valid plugins were found”. Kindly sort this for me

Hi. I think you need to unzip the folder as the zipped plugin is within the main folder, along with readme file.

I have done that already, it only has two folders (licensing and another folder called native email pro ) plus a read me file. There is no zipped plugin

Please install Native Email Pro (zip it if neccessary). Best regards, Michael


Sombrilla Purchased

Hi I have purchased your plugin but I cannot find the settings? Maybe its not installed properly? It is very urgent could you please check it for me? My client wants site users to be able to subscribe to certain BLOG CATEGORIES and get and email when new articles are added to categories that they are subscribed to, Can you please tell me which add ons if any are required? also? thanks

Hello. Thanks for purchasing Native Email. Please view the quick start guide to get started: