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I have a similar question to Tonynoise – I am using WP Residence theme and would like to send users updated properties based on budget, neighborhood etc. Can I do this? Also, does this work with 3rd party mailing services like Mandrill?

Also, the demo is not working

Hi. Thanks for the interest. Regarding the demo, it is down temporarily as we put the new version up. Sorry fot the delay. In answer to your first question, yes it can be done but it is not in the default features. We can customise the widget so that you can achieve this. This will be delivered as customisation work (outside of standard support). Please DM me via the profile page and I will give you details. Secondly, you can export all opted-in contacts via User Management to inport inito third party mailers. Thanks and best regards, Michael D

Hi, great plugin! One thing:

How can I pull from post excerpt field instead of just the first n characters of the post? Thanks.

Hi. Thanks for buying Native Email! For this you need to change the following.
in template-functions.php

Thanks and regards,,
Michael D


Hi, for some reason it’s not sending out any emails. I see logs under “sent logs” but no emails have been received by any email addresses. I’ve checked in the spam folder.

Whoops figured it out— it was an issue with PHP, the plugin is working fine. As a side note, I would highly recommend using the Mailgun WP plugin for sending.

Hello, good luck with your sales. It seems like a great plugin but I have a pre-sales question : My scenario is to create 10 users in different locations. I will post job offers to my WooCommerce site and I’d like to notify the users which located in the posted job’s area. Is this doable with your plugin?

Hello. Thanks for the interest. Yes, you can simply create a location as a category and subscriber users to their relevant geographic location, thank you. Mike

Hi. Is it available live notification (same facebook, any notification will be added to icon in menu with count and detail each notification)? It seem dont have yet, is there any plan to create shortcode live notification with count?
It will allow to choose parent catalog only? Or even detail to sub-sub catalog?

Hi, Sorry somehow this message seemed to get missed whe you posted it. Firstly , thanks for your suggestion. Your idea about social on the email is something we have in the pipeline, thank you. And yes, you can opt to display and allow subscription to both parent and sub-categories. Thanks, Michael

Hi. Just bought your plugin. It works with posts, but not with custom type posts. Can you explain me how can I make it work with custom type posts?

Details and latest version sent.

the Email Post plugin crashes the website every time I publish a post. The plugin appears to send a a few hundred notifications then crashes the website with a Error 500 – Internal Server Error. Then I keep having to get tech support to let me back in? They mentioned something about a problem with the PHP file?

Hello. Please provide your login or FTP details via our support page and we will look at this: http://nativeplugins.com/submit-a-ticket/. Thanks, Michael

Hi. I saw that you registered but I didn’t see a support ticket. When you provide your details I am going to email you a version of Native Email V1.3 for download,the latest version, thanks. Micahel


lewebat Purchased

Hello, when will the version 1.3 released? Are there any major updates then?


lewebat Purchased

great to hear…. thanks, looking forward to this update….

Thanks for the support :)

Plus there are new widgets too!


Hello, does this plugin has also opt-in and opt-out for receivers and what measures are further taken to prevent spamming. Is this e-mail alert pluging legal proof?

Hello. Thank you for your message. Yes, all subscribers must opt in to email subscriptions. They can subscribe using our easy to use sidebar Multi-Widget or one of our other widgets for subscribing to different content types. All emails have an auto-generated unsubscribe link at the bottom (and there is also a subscriber preferences page generated for handling their subscruptions preferences). It is not possible to send emails to subsccribers who haven’t opted in and also there is a user management section to handle user data and to remove subscribers if necessary. Thanks and regards, Michael D

I have a Directory Listing Website.

Can I set this up to work for each page for a different client?

So for instnace if I had two gardeners I could set the catagory for each subscription as

Gardener 1 news Gardner 1 deals

Gardener 2 news Gardner 2 deals

Hello, Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, you can set it up as follows:
Gardner 1 can publish news and deals and subscriber 1 can subscribe to those.
Gardner 2 can publish news and deals and subscriber 2 can subscribe to those.
These different categories (for each gardner) can easily be displayed separately on each page using our Multi-Widget for different category subscriptions. If you would like us to look in detail feel free to send us your website or a screenshot. Thanks and best regards, Michael D

Many thanks for your quick answer….I have added this to my To Buy list…..

I have just two other questions…

1> it works just with catagories or tags?? Does it work with individual WooCommerce products?

2> Could it be made work for a change in a product like a price decrease???

Thanks! I wanted to check with a colleague about your other questions before responding. 1. Can you be more specific regarding the first question?
2. Out of the box it works with custom categories and taxonomies. We may be able to customise it to work with price changs. If you would like to discuss this in more detail please DM your Skype details and we can look at it. Thanks and regards, Michael D

Hi Support,

Our purchase code doesn’t works it says already used.

It seems to captured our development server IP.

Please clear that IP so we can enable it on live server www.doobert.com



Thanks for your message. We have received your ticket and will resolve this and via DM, thanks. Michael


lajre Purchased

I ordered this, but it’s not clear that it can be used without purchasing the Post and/or category widget extension as well? Are those needed for users to actually use this on the front end?

Hi, Thanks for buying NativeEMail! The plugin works entirely out of the box without our add-ons. Users susbcribe using our front end Multi-Widget found in Appearances>Widgests in WP Admin. However, if you do use our add-ons, they further increase the liklihood of subscriptions and interactivity. For example, the Post-Widget makes it very easy for someone to continue to recieve further content/ categories that they have engaged with already on-site and Post-Title as Subject displays each post title in the email inbox of the subscriber- this is again likely to increase subscriber engagement. Thanks and regards! Michael


Is there a subscriber limits? “Native Email Pro- 2000 Subscribers”. Does this mean that the plugin only supports as maximum for 2000 subscribers?

Regards, Samuel

Thank you for your enquiry. This version (Pro 2000) supports 2000 subscribers. Native Email Unlimited is unlimited subscribers forever. You can either upgrade from the Pro version for $19 or buy at https://NativeEmail.com/shop/
If you have any further questions please let us know.
Regards, Michael D

Hello, excuse me but your answer is confusing for me. “2000 subscribers .. unlimited subscribers” ¿?

Can support 6000 subscribers?

Regards, Samuel

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. This is the Pro Version for 2000 subscribers. For unlimited subscribers and is avaiable on the link I provided. https://NativeEmail.com/shop/ Please DM via the profile page or our website of you would like to upgrade, thanks.

Hi. I installed the widget here (http://www.biznoz.com/experts/) – How do I get it to stop showing all the category options? I just want a user to be able to enter his email to subscripe to the category that he is on. So if he’s on ecommerce category, he can enter his email and receive updates from ecommerce category.

OK. Here’s the demo for Post Subscription Widget:
http://demo.nativeemail.com Depending on whether it is set for Posts, Directory Posts etc, that is where the widget will show on the front end. The widget can be found under the “Widgets” tab at the back end. Currently showing on this page on the front end.
http://demo.nativeemail.com/next-generation/ Would you like me to speak to our developer about showing the standard subscription box in the way you describe above? Regards, Michael

It can’t hurt to find out what it would cost. Basically I’m looking for the same thing as https://nativeemail.com/product/cateogry-page-widget/ except instead of button, just the form would display in sidebar so you enter your email and just hit submit

Hi there. I have discussed this and we can provide it for you no problem. Can you DM me through our profile page message box here or NativePlugins.com and I will provide details. Thans and regards, Mike

Hi Native email,

I just bought your plugin. I have a problem.

When one of my users updates his categories that he wants to follow in the Subscriber Preferences page, his chosen categories are not updates in my “User Management” panel. Can you explain what is going on?



One more thing: the user is listed as a subscriber, but the chosen categories left blank

One more question: how can i deactivate the license key to use the plugin on an other website?

I finally solved the above. Now comes the next problem: When one of my users starts following a Tag, in his “Scheduled Posts” list, all old posts with this tag are also added. How can a make sure he only receives posts that are published from today on and not old posts? Thanks

We have upgrade Native email plugin from Native Email Pro to Native Email Unlimited. But License Key of Native Email Pro is not working for Native Email Unlimited Version.

It shows only Invalid license key for Native Email Unlimited.

Hello! I use the CLASSIPRESS theme on an ad site and am needing the following function: The user would mark an ad category that he or she had an interest in and when an ad was published in that category they would receive an email notifying you. Does the plugin work for this? Does it work with classipress ads? Awaiting return. Thank you!

Thanks for your interest! Yes, this is the precise function of NativeEmail and it will will work with your Classipress categories in the way described. Hope this helps. Regards, Michael


ahakky Purchased

Hi, Trying to determine if i can do this with Native email plugin: We have N subscribers. Each subscriber has M number of Taxonomies that reflect areas of interests.

Is there a way to send them emails, say once a month, that has new posts in their areas of interests (aka: chosen taxonomies)?

Thank you

Hi there ahakky. Thanks for your message and for buyinig NativeEmail. I guess you already worked out the answer is yes- that is a core functino of Native Email! Happy emailing. Best regards, Michael D


ahakky Purchased

Hi, I guess my question was not clear, so I will use an example: Imagine N users, each with M Taxonomy preferences (for simplicity, lets assume each user has same number of taxonomies). Question: Can/How to configure the tool to send monthly email to all users, where topics will be new posts based on a user’s taxonomies. Can this be done dynamically vs hard-coding lists of users?


ahakky Purchased

Had to re-install, so when asked for they key, i enter the same key, bur get error message License key is already usedd on X.X.X.X ip address

How can I re-add my license?

Hello. Are you installing on another website?
Can you submit support tickets here please: http://nativeplugins.com/submit-a-ticket/ Thanks

Had to re-install and now when i enter my license keys, i get an error per license already in use