Native Email- User-Specific Category Email Alerts

Native Email- User-Specific Category Email Alerts

Native Email Pro- 2000 Subscribers

Major New Update V 1.3

Welcome to the Native Email plugin for WordPress. Give your site users personalised, flexible, automated email alerts by category, post type, taxonomy, page and more- all in one easy, powerful, combined solution. Essential for your directory site, ecommerce site, news section or blog. Why? Email marketing is by far the best way to promote your site and its content-outperforming social media seven times to one. With Native Email, wave goodbye to mass newsletters in your third-party mailer service and form more successful relationships with your site users using your native website content- just like Amazon, eBay and most other major sites do.

Use Native Email To Alert Site Users About

  • Newly added products in a customer’s preferred category
  • Latest blog posts of interest to each user
  • New listings on your directory, classified ads site or real estate site
  • Most popular posts or products this week

  \\Key Features

    • Automated widget collects emails and automatically sends regular user email updates based on their individual preferences
    • Works with multiple products, post types, taxonomies, categories, pages and any other content
    • With the powerful Native Email widget, use it as many times as you want on the same site for different types of content
    • Design your own fully responsive, branded emails, including five email layouts, or send text only (non-HTML) emails. Includes time-saving Live Preview.
    • Send in batches- Native Email’s unique batch sending system means you can send to unlimited subscriber numbers.
    • Schedule your emails to be sent at a time of your choosing to ensure best open rates
    • Further optimise your customer emails to include Most Viewed, Most Commented or Most Recent content
    • Import and merge email data by CSV. Or export data for use with third party mail services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact
    • Allow site users to subscribe to categories whilst browsing with our custom subscribe to category button and fancy pop-up box for category pages -NEW FEATURE
    • Subscriber Preferences link means users can easily change their preferences with the super-easy auto-generated subscriber preferences page and link at the bottom of emails
    • Keep a track of all your email sends including date, time, user and email content with the FREE Send Log
    • Multisite compatible- use with all sites on your network
    • 2000 subscribers forever
Set-up is quick and easy too. Whether you run a one-person blog, a business site or an eCommerce store, configure Native Email for WordPress in just a few minutes and allow it to automatically collect subscribers and send updates. Sit back in the knowledge that you have improved your brand, increased site visitors, optimised sales and boosted site registrations.

Customisable Email Template With 5 Layouts




Native Email’s Top Features At A Glance

Native Email’s set of features, options and extensions allow you to take control of virtually every aspect of the email distribution of your website content.

Send-In-Batches Notification-Eail

Sent-Log Any-Post,-Product-or-Page

Multi-widget Filter

Additional-Widgets Responsive-Email-Templates

Template-Editor Configure-Content

Content-Optimisation Schedule-Emails

User-Management Data-Import-Export



Customize Your Email Templates With Ease, No Coding Experience Required!


Multiple Widgets To Enhance Sign-Ups



Buyer Responses

“Great Plugin!”

Robert, Digital 8

“Just brilliant work. Thanks for the great support. This is fantastic.”


“Thanks and congratulations for this excellent plugin!”

Nico, OcusMedia

“The best $19 I could spend on our website.”

Dinish Kahn,

“Pro Support Indeed!.”



Further Details

Email Alerts

  • Automatically send unique user email summaries of posts based on their selected category preferences
  • Send Most Popular posts, Most Commented and/or Most Viewed posts or send latest posts
  • Schedule user emails to be sent daily, weekly, monthly or at a specified time
  • Set the number of posts to include in each email
  • Exclude specific categories from all emails
  • Sent emails automatically renamed from “Your Blog” not default “WordPress”
  • No fiddly code- install, set-up and let it run your email updates in minutes

Email Template Builder

Our slick custom template builder ensures communications are professional and tailored to your preference:
  • Choose from 5 different fully device responsive content layouts depending on your requirement
  • Customise email header, logo, footer, font, subject heading, contact info and template colour to fully fit with your brand
  • Live preview of your email to make life easier
  • Choose unformatted option to put the content of your email at the forefront (people often prefer simple text emails).
  • Send a test email to check your template before you use it


As mentioned, Native Email comes with a multi-use subscriber widget that fits seamlessly into your theme. Allow your customers to fill in their interest and set up their email address and they automatically start receiving their notifications.
  • Captures user emails and categories of interest using the simple tick box widget form and submit button
  • Place widget anywhere in widget areas, adapts to CSS seamlessly
  • Use widget multiple times for different posts, pages or taxonomies
  • Use Shortcode to place widget on any page
  • Customise submit button with your own CSS
  • Show only specific categories to appear on front end display widget or display all. Easily select categories to show or exclude on widget with simple tick-box.

Subscribe To Category Button And Fancy Pop-Up

Allow users to subscribe to individual categories whilst browsing and make the process of capturing subscribers even easier.
  • Insert the code and the subscribe button automatically appears on all category pages across your website
  • Customise button colour, text and alignment
  • Slick pop-up box included, with custom title and custom CTA text

Data Capture and Compliance

Native Email comes with its own admin area where you can collect subscribers, manage your data and ensure emails are automatically sent only to those who have granted permission.
  • Build a valuable back-end database of registered subscribers
  • Unsubscribe function automatically removes subscriber contacts from database
  • Manually add/ remove users to database and assign categories
  • Search the database for individual subscribers
  • Import/export contacts by CSV to integrate with other email services

Send Log

The Native Email Send Log section enables you to keep an easy track of your email alerts. Track
  • sent emails
  • date/ time sent
  • subject
  • content of each email sent

Full Features

  • User-Based Notifications By Post Type,Category Type, Taxonomy, Page and More
  • Customisable Email Templates
  • Auto-Subscribe Widget
  • Multi-Use Widget
  • Multi-Type Subscription (one subscriber email can subscribe to multiple types of updates)
  • Send In Batches
  • Custom Widget Styling
  • 5 Email Content Layouts
  • Text Only Version
  • Email Scheduler
  • Send Most Recent + Most Popular Posts
  • Set Number Of Posts In Emails
  • Send Log
  • Include/ Exclude Widget Categories
  • Widget Shortcodes
  • New User Notification Email
  • Re-Brand Email From “Your Site”
  • Email Data/ Preferences
  • Live Email Preview
  • Send Test Email
  • Add/Remove Users
  • Assign Users Subscriber Categories Manually
  • Import/ Export User Emails by CSV
  • Fancy Pop-Up Subscription Box
  • Subscriber Preferences Page
  • Premium Support


Swift premium support is available for all. Main site: Demo

Username: NativeUser

Password: NativeDemo


Massively increase exposure of your site posts, products, news or listings on your site. Improve:

+ Site Visitor Numbers

+ Customer Retention

+ Site Usage Times

+ User Registrations

+ Sales

+ Brand Image

+ Social Interaction





Minor CSS Fix to Submit Preferences Button


Major New Update

- Send in Batches (Send Optimisation)

Send unlimited emails without affecting performance. Set sending configuration according to your sites server capability

- Set limit of users

- Set time for each send

- Category fix

New categories are added, not overwritten

- Subscriber emails

Non-logged in users can subscribe using any subscription widget and button and only fill in details once.

Logged in email will be displayed both on auto tag widget and widget.

Logged in users can auto-subscribe using subscribe button.

Logged in users preferences remembered.

- Template Design.

Select Font Size and Font Spacing added.

New button designs on template

New logo upload

- User Management

View each subscriber’s’ latest send.

- Better pagination

Send Log

- Turn on/ turn off send log


- Admin Style Changes

- “Select all” function for categories for admin in back end

- Separation of category page subscription pop-up into widget

- Complete email code was stored in the database for the send log previously. For large sites this could cause issues. Now only post id’s are stored, with the template dynamically generated.

- Improvements to back-end logic to ensure even smoother running

- Overall cleaning and improving code



Minor typographic correction to widget submit field

V1.2.2 03/ 08/ 2015

Improvements to admin area and UX.

V1.2.1 09/ 05/ 2015

Fix to CSV import bug.

V1.2 03/ 04/ 2015

Major New Feature- Optional “Subscribe To This Category” button and pop-up form feature has been added.

Major New Feature- Subscriber preferences page- Subscribers can now view and edit their preferences via the Subscriber Preferences page and shortcode.

Shortcode Fix- Fix error, shortcode reflects widget settings made on the widget

Logo display in template design- fixed display of logo in admin area

V1.1.2. 20/ 12/ 2014

- Logo spacing – Fix spaces in logo names in Template Design which can cause problems in Gmail

- “For Each Post” mode- When a post is published in a particular category, emails are only sent to subscribers in that category, not all subscribers in the post-type

- Scheduling- If no new posts have been created in a category, scheduled (empty) emails are not triggered

- Email duplication- if an email has been sent previously, it will not be re-triggered by another event, eg scheduling or post publication in another category

V1.1.1 15/ 12/ 2014

- Display subscriber Category and Post Types by name (not number in) User Management

- Fix to Multi-Type Subscription- Ensure the same email address can subscribe to multiple types on the same site- eg Product Updates and Post Updates