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Apple rejected the application because there is not a public API. The author should correct this error recently Apple has added this limit and then form quests will never be approved!

Remove any calls to [UIDevice currentDevice].uniqueIdentifier

Looking to purchase this code, will it work in my current Xcode5 iOS7 application?

Hi i buy your contact form and i’m a beginner to xcode… with your tuto i can do the url tou my server and make the app but when i go to my url server i don’t see anything…. just 403 error and hey said this folder need restriction… can i recieve the submissed on my email? thank a lot. Flo

Try a different hosting provider e.g. 000webhost. Let me know if that works.


Just wondering if there is a way to send the form to an email address rather than a server?


I replied to your email.

Hello, the application is working fine and I’m getting the e-mail after I submitted but unfortunately the image won’t show in the e-mail, it doesn’t send the image. So please I need your help, what should I do?


I already anwered your question by email. Please check your inbox.


We fix a lot of problem. Last question about latitude and longitude. When click to sent submit button. longitude and latitude seems to be zero.

Message: Type your message here.Geo location latitude: 0° 0’ 0.0000”Geo location longitude: 0° 0’ 0.0000”http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=0.000000,0.000000Unique device identifier: <__NSConcreteUUID 0×15d4ac40> 0C56D936-DE9E-4A36-8A1A-AEE55B3C85C1Operating system: iPhone OS 8.0.2

This project is outdated and also not working for me. I am using Godaddy hosting. I have changed my Email and the app URL and I see no emails coming through. PLEASE HELP!

5 Days and no help… I would like a refund!

How can I call the code from HTML (using PhoneGap on iOS)??