Native Contact / Feedback Form - iOS Xcode Project

Native Contact / Feedback Form - iOS Xcode Project

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Native Contact / Feedback Form is a plug-and-play iOS application.

Key features:

- PHP file included

- Simply put that file on your server and define some stuff – It’s like magic!

- Through the PHP script you get the form submissions right into your e-mail inbox

- Default form inputs: Name, E-mail, Message, Photo/Image

- The following user data is available: Geo location (latitude, longitude), Unique device identifier (UDID), Operating system

- Easy to add additional, custom form inputs

- Easy to integrate into existing projects (I also include a tutorial for that).

- There are three video tutorials (english) included.

- Make sure your server/provider supports/allows PHP mail().

Apps using Native Contact / Feedback Form

- POWETU | Submit News & Media for money


20 March 11

Message now includes Google Maps URL

31 January 11

Initial release

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