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fantastic work on this, nice job :) i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales ;)

Thank You EricProchnow

Great job done GLWS :)

Thank you

Congratulations. and good luck for sale :)

Thank You

Great work, Good luck with sales!


High quality, keep up the good work :)


Hi, its really nice game and awesome design. One concern the random numbers that appears makes the game really easy going. for example all the answers are large number everybody knows for example the question is: 6*6=? answers are 10 36 4 and 7 so everyone knows the its 36 the answers should be similar around this number for example answers should be 36 26, 54, 66 like makes the users little think you get the idea what i am saying? sorry im suck in english. by the way i like the game and design i will buy if you can make that happen

thanks for your feedback and i got this note from several people as well and i’m already working on update which will make the questions and the answers more tricky and challenging, stay tuned by clicking on the follow button

Impressed with the UI, Nicely done. All the best


can you put the changelog for updates

done, you can check description now

Nice Job!


Hello! Your apps design looks good. I want to buy this. Just want to know is this native android java code? Or hybrid code e.g. cocos2d/buildbox? Is your code supports fully Android O ???

Yes,this is native android app built with java
and yes its supports all android versions from 4.0.3 and higher which include android O,
if you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask
kind regards.

plz i have got some probleme with admob, how can i disable admob in the app ??

Remove Admob Codes from java code or just make ads ids empty from strings file.

Is it compatible with android 8.0+?

I cant really give you an answer for that, because I have not tested it on android 8.0 devices, but you can download the demo from google play and test it on any device you want