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Amazing work! GLWS! :)

Thank you :-)

Dear author, i download this app from playstore. as i am opening gallery to open image, so app is saying there is not any image to open. and one native ad is opening with blank background. even i have lot of images in my mobile. please reply if you have skype so please give me. so its best to talk , and further modification.

In gallery you can see all the images that you will create using Name maker app, once you create any images it will show you in gallery and then you can edit that image again

android studio or eclipse ?

android studio

Admob Banner & Interstitial ?

Yes it has admob Banner & Interstitial

Hey, there’s a problem with me.

Please help!

Picture of the problem: Https://

Please explain the solution in the pictures

My English is not good.

Thank you

Thank you so much. I’m going to work on the new file.

Hello Sir. Can I help change fonts in the application?

Yes, Please let me know description.

code is good.. but there is no option to add two or above texts on image

Thank you for suggestion. It future enhancement. So will be in next version update.

Can i use all the images and fonts directly without any changes. I want to purchase this one.

Yes, You can use font in your apps too.

I mean by purchasing a single regular licence,Can i use the fonts in your project, in my multiple apps?