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very nice one – will buy it ! good luck with sales !

Thank you :)


It is interesting, but can you make it responsive, it is too wide anyway.

Can it increase the counts for generate up to 5000 instead of 1000?


There is no current plans for making this item responsive. You can change the generation amount through the config file by editing the $slider max variable value.

Hello How do i change the theme? Thanks for a good product…

To change the skin navigate to includes->config.php and edit the $website[‘skin’] variable to either 1 or 2. To create a new theme for the script just copy over the files from templates->TH1 to a new directory like templates->TH2 and edit the HTML and change the $directory[‘theme’] variable in the config.php file.

Can it be changed to only have first names?

Hi, is it possible to modify easily your script to generate plants / animals / planets / objects etc… names for example?

So the names are hardcoded in script or it scraps name from web?

the names are included in the item rather than scraping because scraping is rather unreliable.


macster Purchased

nice one. do you think you can add couple more features? Will greately appreciate it :)

1. option to select country/language names from a specific country - we can load our own names.txt files for the names for i.e french as an example

2. option to select the minimum number of name characters - example only names with min. 7 char like “Michael” and not “Mike” (4 char.)

Thank you!


Can the sript be modified to generate names from our own databsr?