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I have been following your product about 4 months now, and see your efforts for those contextual ads.

I am not sure but just in case I found a very good way to understand it here, ..”A contextual advertising system scans the text of a website for keywords and”.. I know you use tags and tried them in the example view although defining them individually for each banner is really a hard.

I would suggest if you go to the tags option to have a list of tags, and you choose from them for each banner, instead of having a list sharing a few of those tags individually.

Again if you go for the “scanning the keywords”, we, as users, would only have to connect this field to a database (new or already implemented) to search for those tags, and then serve the banner with the same system you have created. Hope I made sense.

Thanks for your time and of course I understand that with the number of purchases, 7, it is not very motivational, maybe you could launch a new product with the suggested features.

All the best.

Thanks, the problem with scanning the website is that I’m not google, ad-sense has very complex algorithms to determine the keywords, that requires a team effort and a powerful server to crawl not considering that they first need to crawl, then pass these information to the system and then print the banners. The way I’ve done it is a bit easier, although I agree is not as handy as having a full contextual system.

Do you have any idea about an hybrid compromise?

Any update on internet explorer (all versions) issue in regard to uploading. I cannot upload with internet explorer.

I’m gonna fix it, it’s not my top priority since it’s only an issue on the backend not on the frontend, meaning that end users (users who are gonna see the banners) won’t experience anything problematic. Don’t worry, though, it’s coming, meanwhile you could use chrome or firefox or safari or opera.

The screenshot is huge. You cannot press the purchase button!


Thanks, I guess it’s an error of envato? I’m contacting support..

Hi 0plus1, I did not buy the NagaX yet. But I will! I have a question and maybe a feature request. It is possible, in the current version, set the delay for each banner? For example, if I have two swf’s and the first movie display time is 10 secs and the second film time is 20 secs … In the current version there is a possibility I do so? If not, this feature is already on your list for the next update?

Currently this feature is not available, it’s not too hard to implement, but I currently can’t give you an ETA because I’m really busy with some projects, as soon as I finish them I’ll be sure to update it. It’s in my todo list.

Is it possible to load a random banner in a group on an external site? I wish to place my ads on a sellers site and randomly load ads from a group.

If you mean a single banner inside a group it is possible, from the documentation:

Newsletters/External Sites can use NagaX as well, if you open the (eye icon) in a single banner, you’ll notice another section of code, this is to include the single banner for a newsletter/external site.

If you mean an entire group that could be possible in theory, but it requires some (easy) modifications. I didn’t include this option as you must be really sure of the environment on the hosting website (jQuery/other libraries and so on). Drop me an email so we can work something out.

I am trying to load a random, single banner from a group. I sent you an email :)

Hi, I have the same question is it possible to rotate the ads on client websites? thanks

Hi pooya, it’s currencly not possible but I’m adding this in the new version as it’s a feature requested by lots of people. Please hold on it will arrive shortly.

Looks great, but I need to know can multiple sites be served from one installation? Does it generate code for an ad “zone” that can be reused on multiple domains?

I’m actually updating the script to add this functionality, will be released in the next week, it’s actually possible already but needs some work to be done (it’s sort of an hidden feature). Hold on and check back in 7 days or send me an email and I’ll tell you when it’s ready.

HAHA! sorry, meant to reply here, but that is my note just below this one…

That’s great. If you happen to remember, just reply to this post again and I’ll know then. I love how your script rotates the ads. I have been searching for something simple. There are some free pieces of software out there, but they are way more complicated than I care to worry about and they are geared at selling ad space more than they are with “serving” ad space, so I’m very much looking forward to your update. Thanks!!

Hi, just bought/installed NagaX Banners with the intention of setting it up to serve the same set of banners on multiple sites that I own, on multiple servers. However, now that I’ve set it up and read the documentation that comes with it, it appears that you can only run the rotator on the same hosting server as the /nagax/ folder/installation. Is that correct, or am I missing something?

It’s correct, although you could achieve what you need with a simple iframe


I saw the demo but I was with a doubt …... if I create the banner, put within 10 days and place the code on my site, when you pass the deadline what happens with the banner?

It simply stop serving the ad

Hi, Is it possible to rotate via php only? (each page refresh) and not load all banners? :) + with this option and GEO targeting/exclusion option, I’ll buy today :)

And of course, for a higher price too

What do you mean exactly? Technically it still rotates without javascript on reload. GEO targeting would be pretty cool. I’m not promising anything but I’ll think about it.


I just purchased this great application but I have seen that in a group when I add more than two banners the rotation stops once the third banner is displayed…but I have more than three!

Please your help thanks!

This is with javascript?

Hi, I am interested in extended licence. I need to have banners overlay at the top and bottom of web pages. So, if a visitor scrolls down the page, the header and footer banners are always seen. can you advise how to do this with the code generated by your product, please?

Also – is there a demo anywhere?

Hello, I wonder if with your banner server I could get the image url so I can use it in code like this: <?php $img = image_url_generated_by_server; header(‘Content-Type: image/jpeg’); readfile($img); ?> Thanks!

Friend try a system where I can program the banners, eg day 1-10 appears a banner, the 10-20 other, or in the morning appears a banner, the afternoon another …. this your permit this? it allows call banners created / hosted by banner generators, in case he would call the banner link understand ? Your demo’s with error …..