NACHO Lightbox - Flat responsive lightbox

NACHO Lightbox - Flat responsive lightbox

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NACHO Lightbox Wordpress version plugin

NACHO Lightbox is the perfect plugin for showcasing images, videos, iframes and even ajax in a modern and usable manner that is available on every device.

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  • Flat skin – perfect for modern websites
  • Responsive and beyond – very adaptable, perfect for desktop, tablet and even mobile. It hides the thumbnails on small screens to keep the media visible. Have a look
  • Touch gestures – mouse and touch are unified, so you can do anything using either one. Mouse and touch
  • Blazing fast – Featuring some of the coolest CSS3 Effects out there, it takes advantage of the GPU on mobile devices.
  • Responsive Videos from Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion. Videos
  • Responsive fluid grid included to keep your images aligned. Extra grid
  • Powerful events API – you can control all the options through this easy to use API. API Docs
  • Retina Graphics – Sharper on every screen, now including font icons
  • Deep linking – So when someone shares your image will be taken directly to that image.
  • No coding required – Using only jQuery selectors and HTML5 data attributtes

Designed for touch

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CSS3 Skins

black and white skins The plugin features two beautifully crafted skins with CSS3 font icons.


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v1.33 ( March 20 2015 )
* Fixed stacked images bug
* Fixed scroll position change in the page

v1.32 ( March 09 2015 )
* Fixed minor CSS bugs

v1.31 ( October 29 2014 )
* Added the option to disable click-to-next
* Added the overlay option
* Fixed click-to-next incompatibility with the sharing buttons
* Fixed sharing buttons on mobile devices
* Fixed light scheme playing bar

v1.30 (June 16 2014)
* Added font icons, replaced sprites
* Added a light scheme
* Added the option to disable the hashtag navigation
* Added effect speed option
* Added more backlight options
* Added Dailymotion video support
* Added the option to disable touch gestures
* Added click-to-next image feature
* Fixed swiping bug

v1.25 (Mar 13 2014)
* Added pinch zooming
* Improved thumbnails scrolling
* Improved lazy loading

v1.24(Feb 9 2013)
* Fixed like button https protocol

v1.23 (Jan 16 2013)
* Added captions for grid images
* Fixed sharing on touch devices
* Fixed Pinterest button
* Improved code

v1.22 (Dec 25 2013)
* Added keyboard closing using ESC key
* Added background closing option
* Fixed onload error with youtube videos
* Fixed social buttons on second line

v1.21 ( Dec 14 2013 )
* Added hashpath option
* Fixed youtube and vimeo type defined issue
* Fixed undefined id for project info
* Fixed remaining hashtag in the url

v1.20 (Nov 22 2013)
* Added cors option
* CORS requests are now disabled by default to speed things up
* Improved zooming
* Improved relative size algorithm
* Fixed drawImage bug in Firefox
* Fixed first-to-last transition issues

v1.19 (Oct 2 2013)
* Added animation option
* Added backlight option
* Thumbnails in the gallery now use the appropriate effect
* Added minification instructions in the documentation
* Fixed fluid grid and no thumbnails bug
* Fixed share button Chrome and IE issue

v1.17 (Sep 21 2013)
* Better documentation
* Improved and documented grid plugin, now fully responsive
* Added support for right-to-left languages
* Added .defaults property
* Fixed compatibility with Bootstrap 3
* Fixed thumbnails align issue
* Fixed buttons align issue when playing was disabled

v1.10 (Sep 3 2013)
* Added zoom option, allows you to disable the enlarge button.
* Replaced mask gradient, now looks good on bright screens.
* Fixed IE8 issue where images were badly aligned.
* Fixed IE8 video loading using attachEvent.
* Fixed the 'previous' method.
* Fixed flickering when image is sliding in for iOS devices.

v1.00 (Aug 25 2013)
* initial release


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