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Hello there, Great plugin. Would this also apply for PayPal as well ? many thanks for your time and help in advance . Good day, kindly, Van


Didn’t understand you question.

PayPal is included as part of WooCommerce?


Yes Paypal Gateway comes free with WooCommerce.

Hi there,

So we do not need an additional Payment gateway for NAB Transact to work? All we need to do is setup an SSL certificate?

We have already the NAB merchant account.


To use the Gateway you need Merchant ID and Password from your NAB Transact Account.

Hi mate, installed on WP 3.5.2 local host, but its not showing up at the gateway options. Any idea? ecotechwebdesign at gmail dot com


Resolved via email.

Hi there, installed on WP 3.6, but its not showing up at the gateway options too. Any idea?

And woocommerce 2.0.13


Can you please contact us through contact form on our profile page at so we could mail you the updated plugin.

I just bought this plugin. When I try to upload it, I get a message that says; Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

This is my 3rd item bought from the people. They have extremely bad support system and I will certainly not being buying anything else from them. I contacted them about a theme I bought over 1 month ago still no answer. If anyone can help will be great otherwise ill be going through Paypal for my money back. I also have not heard back from anyone in regards to my Australia post plugin not working. I really frustrated with the sellers!


Can you please contact us through contact form on our profile page.

Would this be compatible with WooCommerce


Yes it is compatible with that version.

Is there a version that is compatible with the latest woocommerce version?

Its updated to support latest version.

I highly recommend this plugin!

Dude – I have been pulling my hair out trying to work with the WooTheme’s recommended NAB Transact plugin for over a month now – I originally steered clear of yours as I thought using the official and recommended plugin was the best choice. It wasn’t.


I don’t know you, but you are a legend in my books.

Thanks loads.

Hi there.

Prepurchase question. Does your plugin validate or correctly format the credit card number values entered, for example does it check for and strip out spaces or dashes?

thank you.

Hi I been using the official NAB Woocommerce plugin and it’s a nightmare to match transactions back to particular sales made through Woocommerce, as no reference is passed on through to the NAB terminal. NAB assures us that first or last names can be feed through if the plugin was correctly coded. Just wondering if you plugin offers this?


Can you please clarify on exactly what you mean by reference.


I’ve been using the official NAB Transact plugin of woocommerce too and it’s seriously not good at all. They say that the plugin will take the credit card details from the checkout to NAB, but that’s not what it’s doing.

When I check your plugin, I am really happy & willing to buy. So If you can please let me know the answers for the below questions, it would be much appreciated


  1. I have the same question as @olly958
  2. Does this plugin do refunds?
  3. I’ve checked the screenshots & one of the screenshot is an order which displays the status to be “processing”, while the order note says “NAB Transaction payment completed”. Does this plugin change the order status?
  4. One of the screenshot has front end of the website with checkout. Next to payment gateway title, you got different cards logos. AMEX & DIners are also included. But there is nothing in the settings which let these cards enable or disable. Does this plugin automatically accepts them.
  5. Does this plugin has “Risk Management” feature?
  6. What happens if NAB Transact declined the payment, will the order still processed? and will the customer be notified of failed transaction?


I have sent you 2 emails requesting support, please reply.

Hello, Will there be an update for Woocommerce 2.5 or even 2.4?

Hi, Looking to purchase this plugin. Is it compatible with the latest Wordpress 4.5.2 and is it compatible with the latest Woocommerce 2.6.1 Thanks

Hi, This plug in work but a little primitive from what I can see.

1) It does not refund directly via WC back to NAB Transact. To do refund, you basically end up having to refund in WC then login to NAB Transact and refund manually.

2) It uses WC order number as reference and there is no option as to add other prefix. When you have 3-4 different places for accepting payments, not being able to identify does make it complicated.

3) When transaction is declined, it notifies customer right at the top of the check out. Could use some logic with having it next to Payment button.

On the good note, it works fine with WP 4.5.3 and WC 2.6.1

Hopefully you can address this. Purchased this plugin but will either have to customize it or buy different one.

Does this plugin support automatic subscription renewals? Recurring payments?

Hi there. I sent you an email a few days ago. I can’t get NAB to show up in checkout. Can you help please.

Is this plugin compatible with the latest woocommerce version? 2.6.8

Hi. Can i use for “carte bleue”?