Discussion on Android MyTube App (Youtubers,YT Channels,YT Playlist,YT Videos, Admob with GDPR)

Discussion on Android MyTube App (Youtubers,YT Channels,YT Playlist,YT Videos, Admob with GDPR)

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is iOS version available

No, Only android version available.

hello sir,, I just bought your code. when I open the code in android studio and I build to apk a warning like this comes out

Execution failed for task ’:app:lintVitalRelease’. > There was a failure running$AndroidLintLauncherWorkAction > A failure occurred while executing the work item > There was a failure running > Lint encountered a fatal error while building the release target.

Please help

For more details contact us on skype during working hours. Skype: support.viaviweb

I have contacted you via Skype: support.viaviweb

but no response yet.. thank you

Team will be conducted soon.

if I enter several YouTuber channels, is it safe to upload them on Playstore?

Did you purchase code?

I want to buy it

We will update and can’t say anything about futures updates features but if you want any changes/modification then possible with customization. for more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb


Video of sub category not loading here is proof , and this video from your own apk.

You showing like this not issue in code/app and it’s not proof for anykind of issue. There is randomly show video. For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb


Why you not accepting ,its bug in code ,your own app has same issue like other app ,a dont use skype ,i message you on whatsapp ,but you are ignoring .

Listen sir, we already test then confirm you it’s not bug. If you can’t able to understand then sorry. We can’t give answer on whatsapp so contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Thanks for understand.

google login not working ,also they are not removing it ,no help from seller ,i need refund

Please don’t waste time on chat here, Read document file and do it correct way setup then login system will be work. Login system connect with many features so can’t remove that. Please don’t more comment on this topic now and spend your time on solve issue.

Thanks for understand and have a good day.

i purchase this code 15 sep .follow doc file 100 times ,i am sure i am not doing nothing wrong , your code is 1 year old ,why you not upgrading it ?

it will update soon. Thanks

can we add video from m3u8 and mp4 url ?

No, It’s not support. Please check demo app and admin panel so you will get more idea.

Please provide next update ?

Just updated in Nov 21, Once need in future we will do it.


How can I get someone other channel ID for use here?

U need permission for use others data in your product. You can’t add copyright data. Must check demo app/admin panel so you get idea

I am not able to update my package name in admin panel its giving popup message that successfully updated but again its package name remain same

For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

1) i want to buy your code but your searching option is not working. 2) another thing is that have maintained youtube and admob policy according to new update.3) can be use facebook or others monetization without admob have you created this featurses?thank you.

Due to holi festival support close 18th to 20th March. For more details contact next week on skype: support.viaviweb

has scope for nothing when using video stream from youtube and enabling admob ads for monetization?

Hi, Can’t get your point.

Playlist. Data not found

Please check in demo app. must check playlist details.

Code is working fine? I dont see any thing video in playlist and in chanal when i browser demo apk

Playlist. Data not found

yes, code working fine without any issue. Please check in demo app. must check playlist details.

hello sir ,,,, my app has been removed from playstore because google has changed security for android…....i am using http in my backend url…so you need to add some attributes for security with http scheme….. and boolian values for facebook ad is mismatched due to which facebook ads are not working properly…admob ads are working but facebook ad not… am requesting to check both issues and please solve it as soon as possible

Yes, can’t get any problem in code. Code side all things perfect.

Okay but security configuration with http is missing in code due to which playstore is removing app after some time and for Facebook ads….


Hello, I already purchased your app but i want to disable login at app startup. What is the setting.

Whatever changes you want that possible with customisation so for more information contact us on skype: support.viaviweb

Hello, I want to purchase this app but kindly confirm if this app can be used for a single YouTube account or multiple YouTube accounts. Am a YouTuber and would like to have a personalized app that has only my videos from my viewers.

You can add multiple channels, playlist and videos, please check demo app and Admin panel so you get more ideas. For more information contact us on skype: support.viaviweb

brother problem is that when we use old code , onesignal notification works error in profile button and when we use new code, profile button works but onesignal notification not works

sir php code updated or android code as i downloaded…in php update section,its showing update for version 6 june/2019

Download Latest Version of source code.

sir when we are using restricted youtube key according to documentation,it doesnt work and when we are using unverified youtube key ,it works but shows unverifiwd developer while subsribing in mytube app… there any solution…

You have to create YouTube api key and set.

why my code has not been updated

its showing update for previous version of 6 june 2019….and i havent got any email regarding update

Contact codecanyon team.

new update is of php side or android code….in php ,its showing for previous version of 6 june 2019 and in android code ,its showin updated on 3 june

Sir I have done everything according to documentation…and I have verified my licence with package name…but still it’s showing invalid license in pop up…..... please answer me how to correct it ???

I already helped you on whatsapp, better you focus on documentation.


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