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Could not download file please put a down loadable file up :-(

Strange, there has been no problem downloading the file so far. What error did you get? Did you get a .rar file?

I made a post a while ago about slashes appearing in testimonials. I followed your advice above but I am still getting the slashes..

Can you provide a screenshot of your table in phpmyadmin or relevant and email it to me? Please include your PHP version and mySQL version in the email so I can try to debug it.

Is there still no demo for this script?

I don’t see a way to toggle off the requirement for email and URL , can I remove some code to achieve this without affecting the performance of the scripts?


Hi, Sorry for the delay but yes, this is possible. Would you prefer if I altered the script to suit your needs so that it doesn’t break the script? Message me for more details if needed.

email sent, thank you

there needs to be a spam check or something. I get alot of spam emails sent. Any updates?

n/m, I wrote something small and embedded it in to help stop spam.

Even with running the latest versions of PHP and MYSQL ,

Technical error

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘add,ipaddr,approved)

Also – Why is the TAB key required to move to the next field when trying to submit a testimonial? Rather have my money back. WARNING FOR OTHERS THINKING OF PURCHASING THIS APPLICATION .

I apologise if this script wasn’t up to your expectations.

First and foremost, it would be helpful if you could pinpoint to me where the error lies. (e.g, when trying to add a testimonial in the administration, updating a testimonial, etc). As for the TAB key, I’m not too sure what you’re going on about.

If you can send me a message or email about the whole situation I may be able to fix it and hopefully mytestimony can be worth your money.

WOW – to take 14 days to reply shows me how concerned you about about customer service! The error I posted above occurs when someone or admin adds a testimonial. It’s a MYSQL error that is displayed. Nothing wrong with my database tables.

The TAB key problem lies somewhere in the Jquery code. When moving from the email field to the next, the cursor is taken back to email and a person is not allowed to type text into any field without using the tab key.

I found the problem – I included a depreciated function in the code. I’ve uploaded the updated version to fix all problems but as this may take a while you can send me a message and I’ll send you the new fixes.

As for the TAB key, I have not included any Jquery in my script, which I found quite strange when you mentioned tabs and Jquery. I’m sorry I cannot help in this matter.

So has the new and improved code been uploaded? Would like to see if it works although I am happy with purchasing a different testimonial script after having problems with this one.

Yes, it has already been uploaded since a few days ago. Hope it works well this time. Let me know if there’s any more issues.

Nope! Same error received as above when I tried to add a testimonial via the admin panel. I re-downloaded the files, edited the config file, uploaded and tried to add a testimonial. When I hit the submit button, I got an error!!!

Would love to try what I purchased, but I’ll just continue using the BESTIMONIAL script I purchased after my FIRST AND SECOND attempt to get yours working…

P.S. Why does submitting a testimonial REQUIRE a URL ????? Not everyone submitting a testimonial has a web site!!!!! (This is truly NOT a well planned script…) I guess I’ll read through the script at a later date to find any potential security threats your code may also contain.


I’ve uploaded it, but it was rejected because of some system issue. I’ve reuploaded it again, hopefully it would appear soon. That’s why the issues remain unfixed.

Again I suggest you to send me a message and I will send the testimonial script to you via email. If you want, I will also include the URL fix as well because it was done previously.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Not working… database error: Table ‘getpaid2_testimonials.testimonials’ doesn’t exist… any ideas?

Sorry for the late reply, can you let me know where this error message appears? Have you tried installing the script (located at beforehand?


I’m getting error messages saying it can’t connect to the database

Here is the link

Please advise Thanks

Sorry for the late response, it looks like it’s working from the link you sent me. If there’s anything else please let me know!

Can the “my testimony” logo be changed to something else, do the colors all have to be what the screenshot shows?

Yes, you can customise the HTML /CSS to suit your needs to fit your own website.

i get this error when i submit edits:


Unknown column ‘submit’ in ‘field list’

also getting this for every ‘



I need a form that allows users to fill a form in that automatically adds feedback to a webpage

Is this script capable of doing this

Kind regards


At the moment it doesn’t allow automatic approvals, but if you need it be, I can write a customized script for you.

Does this script require a database? Also, will it work in my responsive static site?

Respectfully, Leonard Michael


Yes it does require a MySQL database (minimum MySQL 5). It will work with any website and you can customize the theme to fit your site too.

hi, to avoid manually do at each new testimonials would the member proposes to file their own testimonies with a form. such as on the site and accepts or rejects from an admin panel the presentation of the testimonials page an example an example of the form thank you