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I am really confused – i always get a 404 page when i click on any member i try to enter – what am i doing wrong

Hey. Did you save your Permalinks, just to make sure all is correct. You can email me via my profile so we can discuss further, if you like.

I like the table layout. Is there a way to search the tables? So if I was looking for a person I can just type in there name and get the info?

Also, can I assign groups to a category. Then have 3 different tables on one page that are pulling from different categories?

Search is not yet available.

You can have 3 different tables on one page that are pulling from different categories.

Can you build that in custom and I pay extra?

Yes, that is an option. Simply email me via my profile so we can discuss the features you would like and we can go from there.

This is great! I plan to purchase but have a question:

Can you please advise if the excel upload option has been added or will be added soon and if you are including the search option soon as discussed in the post above?

Sorry about the delay in my reply. The excel upload option proved to be really difficult.

However the search option is still in development, just awaiting details on what persons would like specifically. You can message me via my profile and let me know how you would like the search to look like and do.

Thanks for your time.

Hi – I don’t have an option to upload a thumbnail. Where is it located. Also, my staff information isn’t in the same fonts as the rest of my website. It’s displaying in a courier type font. Thx!

Is it possible to list the categories on the side and only show those members from that category when it’s selected?

Are the fields customizable on the backend (ex. Add/remove new fields and labels)?

No, sorry. That is not available in this version. I will look into this. Thanks for passing by.

Is there any way to search the listings of people? That would be key for us :)

Sounds like a plan. I will implement it.

Is this plugin still having supports?

I would like to ask a question about your plugin. Is your plugin capable to do STUDENT MANAGEMENT????

Please reply asap. Thanks!

What are the specifications for your Student Management request?

I can’t get the permalinks and/or member URL to work, please click on the following link and member to see broken link: http://brandedpixel.com/ttte/directory/shannon-ohara/

Please advise?

Regards, Jeremy

I got the same error. Please go to Settings->Permalinks and click save Save. Then let me know if the problem still persists.

Worked – thanks!

Copy put in the edit window for members is losing it’s HTML once live – paragraph returns don’t work and paragraph lines flow together. How can we get member descriptions/copy to retain WordPress formatting (so line breaks and paragraphs display right?

Thanks, that is strange. I will look into that now.

Just submitted support form with following (sorry for duplicate)...

Here is what the lost formatting looks like in the member window, as well as what it looks like in the WordPress editor:

- http://brandedpixel.com/proofs/LostFormatting.JPG

- http://brandedpixel.com/proofs/EditorFormatting.JPG

Please advise? Jeremy


I would like to have 6 items per row. Is there a shortcode variable for that? Thank you!

I figured out the cols shortcode, thank you but I have another question. See next comment.

I cannot seem to get the categories working. Our needs are very simple. We have two categories. Some people will go into one, others into the other. Pastors and Members are the categories. Can you walk me thru this? I did what the instructions said but it does not seem to work that way.

Question — will this allow me the option to sort by category (such as department) and sort alphabetically? I need to have a large directory, and there will be tabs on the page that give the viewer the option between searching by department and searching alphabetically. So I’m assuming those options will be available with different shortcodes? Is this possible?

is there a way for students to fall under the parent guardian and be linked? Parent has 3 kids and can manage them buy things for them etc?