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How secure is your script against hacking? Because if I buy it I wouldn’t want my customers data to be at risk, or the payments…

It is built on Industrial Level Secure Framework CakePHP and is protected against known hack attempts such as XSRF, SQL Injection etc.

Thank you

It is built on Industrial Level Secure Framework CakePHP and is protected against known hack attempts such as XSRF, SQL Injection etc.

Thank you

Very good system, but lack sthe main features to booking the talent. Please add booking process and get qoute in next update :D You’ll have the edge than the same system which can found in envato :D Overall good works

Please PM me the details i can do it as part of custom development or will include in update log for next update.

Thanks a ton. Good wishes.


sree77 Purchased

hi friends, don’t buy this script, don’t have minimum basic options like ’’category’s,’’ if u have asking basic options to customer care, those are asking money. this script have looking out side good, in admin area , very very poor. don’t waste, your money ,its not worthy of $5

Hello there, the demo is available so that you can check your requirement before purchase. If the option is not in default package you need to place custom development orders.

No where is mentioned in item description page or in demo either about the category. Still i feel sorry for any trouble or inconvenience caused to you.

Thank you


FMGLLC Purchased

Bought the script! realized that there’s no booking feature for talent or contact feature! when will this be available?

Greetings, ticket number UP3EWSWBE326369.

Receive link “were no longer in business”.

Yes we had a collaboration for the support with this company which ended 5 months ago. The new support links are already available on all item pages.

Please try this link and create ticket :

Thank you

Hello! Two questions: can videos be uploaded to the web? Or only are youtube links. And the second question is, can you install another payment platform?

Hi! I can not change the Spanish language. Just leave me english. Help me please! thanks!

I have another problem editing the banner photo. How do I edit content? Talent Showcase Platform, Signup, Setup and Action !. When I click on edit it will not let me change this

Hello sir, I request you to create support ticket as tech support is managed by different team. Also note we don’t work on Second Saturday and Sundays. Thank you

It is multilingual?

No it’s not multilingual for now, but translation will cost $20 extra and 2 working days.

how can i put the plans in to one page?? the page is missing

Request you to create a ticket at : for the same.

Thank you

hiii, we purchase mytalent portal, we want to remove Powered By – Elfemo line at bellow. Also we looking for change UI of website,

Thanks a lot for your purchase, Please use this link to create support ticket for the same. Thank you : )

i have tried on it but problem with submiting support ticket, it not be sumbit, Also I sent mail to u, plz revert me

No Problem. I have received your email. It will be done shortly as it works in queue. Support is handled by different team actually. Thanks

when will be the next update? its been 2 months i read from the comments still no updates. thats the only thing im waiting and what upcoming update feature or upgrades that are coming? thank you

your response points out what others been saying for almost a year now and that goes for those new or interested buyer to your script. I said that because it sounds like the priority or focus is more into the custom projects rather than the actual script itself to improve it better than others out there which will lead more sales vs to custom projects. Its really simple to think, you done tons of custom work with this script already, why not just put that into one as upcoming updates? why i say that? think of those who got this script from you guys with 6-12 months support then it will expire without any good updates for a year? thats sad to say if this is the route you guys will take then i will start looking for other script out there that will listen to their users.

thank you :)

We are small team and with many product listed. We cannot focus on just one product. Also i have not received any requirement of updates other than yours. Please consider. You can choose other script if you are getting better options. Thank you : )

thats exactly what i meant you dont appreciate the comments, suggestions and specially those who purchased your script and gave their opinions to make it better. As a matter of fact i have gotten msg in that regards not to buy this hence the hesitation and good luck with the sale because in a long run the way i see it if your so called small team focus on custom development then the main script is left behind and less sales in the future. At the end not my lost and yall lost along with reputation here :)

hi author, First I have many issue with your service, I purchased My Talent Script, regarding support I tried to submit ticket it is not working properly, it take too much time to respond while sending ticket.


I need some modification in script , please guideline us

1) How to remove Powered by at footer of page 2) How to change Top Contact number 3) How to enable right click event on page 4) How to change footer right address

Please send me guideline for above changes , we can modify if you tell me guidelines.

We can not pay any thing for this.

Hi there, Yes we had faced too many hack attempts recently on our website which made the servers slow. We are fixing the issue and this moment the ticket system is working flawless and fine.

Ticket works in queue due to large number of ticket we received from Both Envato buyers and our local clients. We don’t work on Weekends so if you raise ticket it may take little longer.

For below issues you don’t need to pay anything, simply raise ticket or send email to support (at) elfemo dot com and they will assist you for the same. Good wishes.

Thank you so much.


how can i change the location address shown in the map on contact page?>


Sir please raise the ticket at to get it done. Please don’t forget to rate this script to get priority support and customization discounts. Thank you