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Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks a lot. Good wishes for your sales too.

Nice work! Good luck with selling!

Thanks a lot. Good wishes for your sales too.

Great work of you but keep look at your loading speed otherwise it may would have negative impact of your sales.

Thanks, perhaps it due to Demo Server load not the script. Will optimize the speed if required anyways : ) Thanks again for your valuable suggestion. Good wishes for your sales too.

46 Can payments be made with stripe and have recurring monthly payments as well as yearly or 1 time payment

We can include strip if you wish with payment slabs. It will cost approx $50 additional and 3 working days. Thank you

We can include strip if you wish with payment slabs. It will cost approx $50 additional and 3 working days. Thank you

i’m interested in buying this project but its in CakePHP. Is it possible to get this project in Laravel 5 ? I can be reached at or 9741913678

The code can be can be converted to Laravel 5 but will cost approx Rs 350,00 and 15-18 working days. Else we offer custom development service if you want to modify any thing in the existing package.

Thank you.

Hi Sarah. i love youe name because is the same of the name my whife :grin: . and i love your script because is the sami in my dreams just try to Markdown slightly :shocked: and adding my own language (arabic) . plz and i bought it immediatly

I am sorry the price is fixed and cannot reduced. So sorry. Thank you

ok no probleme . i need wait to receive payement from my costumers next month .thanks for your help ¿ .

No issues. Good wishes. Thank you.


I like your MyTalent Portal. Does your Portal also includes a blog functionality?

Do you also make customization’s?

What is your hourly rate for customization’s?

Thank you.

Hi thanks for your response.

Thats a expensive blog feature for a $60 site. But I understand its a lot work.


I can manage to do it in $150. I am sorry but the cost cannot be reduced to any further. Thanks for your interest and time. Good wishes

I can manage to do it in $150. I am sorry but the cost cannot be reduced to any further. Thanks for your interest and time. Good wishes

Hi, i like talent scripts,...need to add new profile level: talent,talent manager,talent sponsor, site experts( for experts talent coments),talent company(company talent seeker)...

Please PM me with more details, we can custom develop the additional users and its level. Thanks for the interest. Good wishes.

Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you very much. Wishes you Merry Christmas. : )

Congratulations on the wonderful work! I wonder if I can customize the fields freely. And I would also like to know if it is possible for the Talent Seeker to pay to see the talents’ phone.

Yes it is possible to provide payment plan to get contact details. It can be done via Admin – Plans . Thank you.

In the demo there is the talent option to pay to show your phone. I would like it to be the other way around (The talent seeker pay to see the talent phone) How much would you charge to reverse?

It will cost approx $160 and 8-10 working days to do the changes. Thank you.

Sorry, I have another question. Is the script 100% editable? I need to translate to Portuguese, change colors… is it possible?

The script is written in Cake PHP and Bootstrap and it’s open source. We also accept custom development order. You can PM me the requirement for quote and time frame. Thank you

Hi! How does the talent seeker plan work? What is it for?

The plans are the amount of contact you want to make visible for talent seeker. Plan can be paid or free. You can try creating plan to check how it works. Thank you.

When creating a plan for talent seeker in the demo there is a choice of months but does not say what he can do during these months, for the talent has option to show phone and other things, but the seeker talent does not have fields with options of what he can do with the purchased plan. I am sending an image with my doubt because I want to be tell the talent seeker what he can do when he pays a plan:

Yes sorry my fault. The plans are for monthly subscription not on contact basis. (I got confused with Our other Product My-Matrimonial where plans are on contact basis.)

However if you wish. We can add the feature. It will cost approx $35 extra and 3-4 working days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

hello sir i have to buy this script but my server don’t support SMTP mail option by which i have to verify my new user. any suggestion or help?

You can use the default PHP mailer instead of SMTP. Thank you

interest but need to use it for soccer teams recruiter so talents will be layer .for that we need video for talents to demonstrate their talent. what to do?

Please share your requirement on my PM . I will provide you the quote and time frame for the same.

Thank you.

Hello, I bought the theme “My talent Portal” and I would like to know how to edit the menu of talent and search talent, and also how to edit the text of the slide, and remove “ADVERTISEMENTS” thanks!

Hello daayilha, Please create support ticket here :

Many thanks for your purchase.

pre-purchase question::

-Hello, I have a question. we want an event listing website. so we want to buy your project and convert it to an event listing website.

Admin will be same as admin but we will change Talent Interface to event interface and Talent Seeker Interface to participants interface.

so we have to change some credentials some fields/options/menus both in UI and Database.

so can we convert your project according to our requirements !!!

It’s written in Bootstrap and CakePHP so if you are aware about the frameworks you can change it accordingly. The script is open source with no encryption.

We also offer custom development service, it will be faster and cost effective if you wish we can do it for you.

You can PM me the details anytime for quote and time frame. Thanks for taking interest. Good wishes.

Yes it will be both cost and time saving if we can hire you for custom development . please let me know your email id so that i can send you our requirements . Thank You

Please Click on my profile and PM (Personal Message) me the details. You should see a box to send email to me. I will revert tomorrow morning as it’s too late my side. Good wishes. Thank you.

hi, just purchased when uploadded to server it says: The file you uploaded,, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: SiteLock-PHP-BACKDOOR-GENERIC-md5-aqof.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

Sir we don’t work on Weekends. Today is the work day and your email is in queue. It’s handed by different team. Please hold on, you will get the reply once your number reached.

Thank you

ok, thanks. so sorry .. good job

Thank you. Have a great day ahead.

please if i buy your script can you help me install to my server free?

Yes the installation is free with your purchase. Cheers

WOW 6 Sales , I was wondering who and why? when you say installation is free that means there is something wrong and installation is not friendly

The installation is easy, you can upload – unzip and browse the path through URL which will lead you to Installation wizard. It’s almost like WordPress installation do.

Yes 6 sale is disappointment. Thank you


daayilha Purchased

Whats the update in 9 March 17?

Nothing noticeable. Please ignore that update. Thank you