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Report generator can only generate reports. This have more facilities. Manage data, tables, fields, keys, report generating is just one features in this script. Thank you for your comment.

solid with nginx?

ya that should work – good stuff – thanks in cart :)

Thanks. I have pending update which will probably approved today. Take that update and run. Thanks again.

Update Approved.

Thank you for your appreciation.

Can this handle image files as well?

For the moment blob fields are structural part and data part is implemented. in data part it’s still missing some advanced features like veining images etc. But very soon I will update that part too. It will just take few more days to develop. Thanks for your comment.

Can you reply here once done so I can purchase it.

Item is now Updated with image facility. Please see the demo for the update and documentation for usage.

i have this issue:

Notice: Undefined variable: rrr1

Notice: Undefined variable: rrr12

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by

sorry about that. please add following lines to inc-main.php page.

$rrr1=NULL; $rrr12=NULL;

If this doesn’t work. please send me full error message to my email. premasirinelliwinne@gmail.com. don’t worry we can fix that.

i send a email

got. it. replied.

hello.. can this possible to have a different role ex user or special user only.. does it handles a table with 10000 rows more? Thanks

Great. Anyway I’m planing next update and then I will do this table joining reporting system.

Hope you could update it soon, im planning to buy it but no join table, so i must wait it before buy. thanks..

Great. I will let you know once it’s updated.

Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!

This does not have an inbuild user login system. But it’s possible to implement one for this. FOI: this is not a Wordpress Plugin.

So I already have the user login system in my wordpress site, is there a way to integrate this to my system? and also do you have permission settings capable of making each of my users only see a table they create when they upload a xls? the table gets created, and the user should only be able to see his table? is this possible? thanks

This is not a Wordpress Plugin and not support for Wordpress. This is pure PHP and MySQL.

If you can host this script separately and we might connect to your wordpress user database and authenticate from it. Anyway all these are custom works. Please send me email to premasirinelliwinne@gmail.com with more information on your requirement to see whether we can proceed.

Is MySQL Database Admin still available. I was not able to access demo site?

Yes it’s available. You can access the demo here: http://codecanyon.nelliwinne.net/MySQLDBAdmin/

Thank you for super fast reply!


Hi, i like your script! i need some clarity on this.. my website mysql DB have more than 100 thousands contact data’s , is it possible to download all in one single click with proper pagination?


it’s says login failed.. i tried with ip

Check your credentials. and also permissions for external connections.

can we use data base report

Yes. There is an inbuilt report Generator. You can see it in the demo.

hi, Good work! I just downloaded excel data’s from DB but i can’t find CSV Export., is it possible to export in CSV format?

Well. It’s only Excel availabled for the moment. But you can convert from excel to CSV. If you need CSV format from web based system, just send me support message with explanation why you need it. Then I will give a try to do that. Thank you.

because i have large number of data’s,

and each time when use to download in xl it’s creating some file name as number it’s difficult to identify the files in many tables.. is it possible can i get each file in the name of table?

It’s simple to change the output file name. Just look at actions-excel.php file. If you cannot rename it to table name send me a support message to help you.

Hi, i want to export in CSV format because i have large number of data’s, in excel it’s take lot of MB spaces and very difficult to open and edit.. if it is in CSV nearly 60% of space is compressed and it’s easy to edit.

...If you need CSV format from web based system, just send me support message with explanation why you need it. Then I will give a try to do that. Thank you…

thanks do the needful., i just sent a support message.

Got it.