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Hello, I have set the colwith of a column to 60 however when a long hyperlink or string of unbroken text is present it makes the colwi(d)th wider. Is there a way of setting the maximum column width? Thank you, PS Excellent CRUD thanks. Ed

Is there a way to setup the from fields as hidden as a type? There are some fields i would rather not show. I tried the disabled option but i could not get it to write when i did that. Thanks for the help!

Great product but don’t plan on getting any kind of support. Also there is a bug in the post update api that needs to be addressed.

Is the following possible.

Captains Table = Tourny ID | Captain ID

Teams Table = Tourny ID | Player ID | Captain ID

Players Table = Player ID | Player Name

I need to have a form that saves to both The Captains Table and the Teams Table.

So the following Inputs

Tournament ID (Select) Captain ID (Select) Player(s) ID (Multilselect)

Tournament ID and Captain ID would save to the Captains Table Tournament ID, Captain ID, and Player ID would save to the Teams table.

Hello, can i get mysql api with this plugin??

example :



the plugin seems to work on my script, but i can’t to do of copy as on the example 2. how to Remedy ? ? please can you help me?

do you have this script for Joomla??

Hello. Can i use $mysqlCrud->hideCol(’’); to hide last (buttons) td somehow? I need a page where the database is listed without editing/add new buttons.

I see support su*ks, but documentation is good enough. Found this:

$mysqlCrud->hide(‘delete’) ->hide(‘edit’) ->hide(‘copy’) ->hide(‘view’) ->hide(‘add’) ->hide(‘excel’) ->hide(‘csv’) ->hide(‘print’) ->hide(‘search’);

pre sales question i have a table with 30 field and what i need is easy way to let client insert and upload 1 pic and at my side i will be able to filter about 6 fields at the same time. please will it be possible or can u help my achieve that

Have followed install instructions and have created simple page which points to the table to display mysql content. but it works fine offline but online it unable to display reads “No data to display”! What could be going wrong? please can anyone help since the author does not respond anymore

Hello, I installed according to instructions and i’m getting an error 500

Hello friend, I have a problem with data not being saved into an extra text field. The field is created exactly the same way any other fields are, but still not saving the data in this only one text field. Many Thanks.

Hi there, thanks for your script. It’s up and running good so far, but we have a problem to show images. Thumbnails are always broken, lightbox view is correct. Any ideas?

How i can insert values to another table in ADD screen

HELLO! I need a plugin so new users can register and then from the website create a table that only this user can have access, the table should be created uploading a Excel file to mysql dB. Same for many users. Can I have this with this plugin?

Is this plugin still supported?

how i use pdo with this?


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I don’t succeed in making the search box work. I cannot make seach in the list trough the search box. It doesn’t work. Can you help please?