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hi how it work if auth features is needed ? how to post image ?

Hi, this script help to work with MySQL database. You can add auth function if you need… You can save user data into MySQL table and get it using as_array method for comparison. You can save posted image as files on the server and save path into MySQL table. If you need more detail example, please send email to

Can you show examples of what $params would be in the GET and INSERT? Can this be used for Android or iOS developing as a webservice?

Hi, this is array of parameters (driver, host, username, password, database name). Yes you can use this class to create webservice (using JSON).

Great! Works like a charm.

Is there any possibility to get result of MySQL query as GeoJson? That will makes maps developers very happy ;)


Hi, this is interesting. Can you contact with me from email

If you have some questions about integrate of MySQL Conversion Class, mail to with description of your problems and samples of code.

Hi, I have bought your class and I am trying to receive an xml post to the page and then take that xml and update a related database record.

By looking at your update.php example: <?php require_once '../db.php'; $params = array( 'driver' => 'mysql', 'host' => 'localhost', 'username' => 'root', 'password' => 'pass123', 'database' => 'test' ); $data = array('name' => 'test'); if (DB::init($params)->from_array($data)->update('test','id = "1"')) echo 'OK';

Could you please provide the code for a similar example where it is using xml instead of an array and that it is updating a specific table “TableX” where the id of the record in TableX is found within the xml?

If you could give me any pointers on pulling in the posted xml request that would be awesome. I am guessing that I need to use something like file_get_contents?

Thanks for any help that you can provide. Cheers, Pete

Hi, please contact with us from email:

Did you receive my email?

Yes, our developers answered you.

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Hi, please contact with our support via email:


I want to buy this, but I saw that you have long time without responsed support question. Do you still offer free technical support? at less for error problems.

Thanks JR

Hi, we answer to question sending to our email:

Hello, i have a problem with special char. In my db i have some value with special char, like ‘Vursù Starderi’ o something similar (àòèù ecc..)

When i try to have my json i have “null” where in db there is a special char.

How can i fix that?

Thank you

Hi, can you send example of db to our email?

does this handle nested json?

Warning: mysqli_escape_string() expects parameter 2 to be string, object given in /var/www/html/devoops/public_html/classes/db.php on line 195

trying to insert the following json: {"user":{"url":"","city":"Houston","state":"TX"}}

Hi would this product be able to import large and complex json to mysql like this

if so does it require complex configuration to enable

hello, I can usually a dynamic xml wordpress, xml to spend a losdatos this app in JSON ??

Hi, can this product convert Wordpress arrays into MySQL data? Also, once it’s converted into the MySQL database, can it send data to another database?

Hello dear, I have get an error on your script. Can you help me please?

Error Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in C:\Web\Develop\www\json\db.php on line 61

Call Stack

My Purchase code: 0aa07b62-87a4-46e8-88ed-c2e5c004659b

Under update code when i try to 2 or more parameters it only insert the last one and leave attending other value.

For example if am using this code ‘username’ => $username,’paword’ => $password,’firstName’ => $firstName,’lastName’ => $lastName

It only updates Last name and do not change earlier list and generate SQL QUERY as update tablename set lastname=”” where

But it has to generate update tablename set ‘username’ = $username,’paword’ = $password,’firstName’ = $firstName,’lastName’ = $lastName where id=

Please reply—as if i change the DB code of update from from for{ $set = } to (concatenate) for{ $set .= } Then its runs well but took all my parameters.

Please help