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Hello. I couldn’t find a description on how this works. Install the script files in the root server and connect to the databases? Can I connect remotely from a server to another? Are the mysql database and passwords hardcoded in the php files for multiple databases and users ? It will only backup one database and user?

Thank you!

The installation is very easy:
  1. Unzip the files and upload to the root of the server.
  2. In the ZIP file you can find: localhost.sql file. Import it to Your database.
  3. Edit config/connect_to_dp.php file (set mysql connection paramters)
  4. Set CRON in your CPanel/Plekt/Server for file /cron/backup.php

That is it! I think it is easy to do, but on request We can install it for free.

So the connect_to_dp.php file will only connect to one database? If I have multiple databases and users on that server, I will not be able to backup multiple databases with different users/passwords?

Thank you again!

You´re right. You need to upload the backup system for each database You´d like to create backup of.

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Than you very much for Your feedback. The mentioned shortcomings will be implemented soon.

What about with IIS server?

The system was tested on Apache + MySQL server. I suppose if you run PHP and MySQL on IIS server, then with the appropriate settings the script should work properly.

Is this thing only save is own database ??? :impatient:

This software is designed to be able to create backups of your database easily. Using the backup files You can quickly get back to a previous stat of your database – in case something went wrong or accidentally deleted something.

I’m very dummie to do this… You can configure this item in my server please? What information do you need?


Hi, I send it but I don’t have any feedback… My email is froes.*

thanks :)

Any feedback yet ¬¬’

It seems like you forgot to provide FTP and MYSQL connection parameters. The WHM parameters only will not be enough. Since we provide you our support free of charge, please provide us all information reuqired.


Is it possible to backup and restore databases on a remote host?

What is the the maximum database size it can support?

Can you create multiple admins responsible to backup and restore operations of certain databases?

Thank you

Dear Amlife,

Yes, it is possible.

This is quite much influenced by the server and it´s settings. I made test with a 750MB table on our server.

You can create multiple admins via PMA.

Hi, This is the fixed cron job version for anyone. (Cron job must use absolute part)

Change line 7 and 8 to:

$base = dirname(dirname(FILE)); require_once $base.’/config/connect_to_db.php’; require_once $base.’/functions/get_files.php’;

And change those ../backups to $base/backups

That’s it =)

Nice solution. Thanks!

You are welcome =)

Hi. Import Error…

Database: erdsoft_net_backup

CREATE DATABASE erdsoft_net_backup DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci

error 1044 – Access denied for user my_admin@localhost to database erdsoft_net_backup

You have mysql error. I think you need to modify the database name from “erdsoft_net_backup” to your’s.


I too have an error when importing the sql file in my database?

I tried to replace “CREATE DATABASE` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 erdsoft_net_backup` COLLATE utf8_general_ci; USE `erdsoft_net_backup`; with “CREATE DATABASE` MY_BASE` DEFAULT CHARACTER …..

but it does not work?

I tried to import the .sql file to an empty database, but I have the same problem can not be imported?

Or is the problem please?

it is not possible to make changes to the file in order to make a SQL query?

I can tell that it tells you that you have MySQL permission problem. You have no premission to create database. Open you database using CPanel / Plesk and only import the content.

Take out from the SQL the part where it creats the database: CREATE DATABASE` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 erdsoft_net_backup` COLLATE utf8_general_ci; USE `erdsoft_net_backup`;....


I’m sure I create the right table?

ok I let fall, it’s too complicated, I’ll look for another solution!

thank you

Hi dude, i have a website on a dedicated server then i have a small vps just for the database. Now i put the database on both server and if on fail the connection look for the second one. With your script can i backup from one server and restore on the second server automatic? like i want to setup to backup the database every day a 01 am from the principal database and restore on the backup server a 02 am. can i do this?

The script can not do that by itself only. To be able put this in practice you need to dig quite deep into server settings, too.

I believe i wont have a problema installing it on a Ubuntu server running Nginx + MySQL? Also, would be very nice to be able to backup to a remote FTP location, or Dropbox, or even email

This software works on PHP+MySQL only. You can not use it with Ngix+MqSQL. Sorry

FYI Nginx is the webserver, not the PHP processor. My servers run Nginx + PHP-FPM.

Hi ,

I have an application which is running online as well as offline ( localhost or local xamp ).

I want to auto backup my dB every 30mins from the local DB and restore it in online db .

Is it possible with your application?