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Hi, is it possible to put password option for the zip files? Thanks.. :)

Hi, we will add this function in next version

Hi… It will be great to have the password function in this class.. And also please give the method to open locked zip file.. Thanks.. :)

Hello, I am planning to buy your scripts for backup of files and databases. Understand that Files Backup Pro Class will be suitable for the files and folders whereas for the databases you have two scripts Backup Pro and MySQL Backup Pro Class. Which one will be the best? Please advice.

Hi, MySQL Backup Pro Class this is script for developers (you can integrate it to your project). Backup Pro this is script with GUI and you can use it from browser (need only upload files on your server).

i want to backup 2 place same time. Yandex and Box

i wrote

$params = array( ‘driver’ => ‘pdo’, ‘host’ => ‘localhost’, ‘username’ => ‘username’, ‘password’ => ‘password’, ‘database’ => ‘database’, ‘temp’ => ’/’ ); //Yandex Disk

$cloud_servers['yandex'] = array(
    'server' => '',
    'user'   => 'user',
    'pass'   => 'pass'
$cloud_servers['box'] = array(
    'server' => '',
    'user'   => 'user',
    'pass'   => 'pass'
$file = Backup::init($params)>as_sql()>zip();
foreach($cloud_servers as $server){

But foreach is not working. Only first one is working. I don’t want to edit your code. Because it will conflict after new release. Can you support multiple upload in same time ?

Hi, ok. We test and add this functionallity on this week.

Hi. I have about 7 million records I need to export as csv. Can your script work in “batches”, so I don’t get problems with max execution time?

Hi, enabling the email sending i receive correctly the email but no attachments. i tried different email domains (gmail, yahoo) but the result is the same.

is there any solution ? thank you

I have 2 questions:


My database backs up correctly but can’t seem to get $path to work:

$path = ‘backup/’; Backup::init($params)>as_sql()>save($path);

Puts the backup in site’s root directory and not in backup directory as specified by the path.

Any suggestions?


When I run my php backup script from within my site it works (except for pathing problem above) but when I run from CRON the backup file itself is not generated. I know the script is running via CRON as I’m getting an email notification via my CRON page.

Any suggestions?

Now that pathing is corrected, getting CRON error:

As Sql function error: Can’t open file /<backup-filename>.sql

Any suggestions?

Now noticed that backup file is saved to specified path but also saved to site root directory so it is stored twice – is that correct behaviour?

Backup file generated is still saved in 2 places but now my CRON job works. FYI for Vesta CP users, the syntax for CRON command is wget <yourdomain>/<your backuppage>

hi, The email is not attaching sql file. please help. I receive email but no file attached. please help.

tolksystems, I bought this script awhile back, but stopped working since June. It seems that is no longer working. I use the script to upload zipped MySQL file to Google Drive. Please advise. Thank you in advance.

Hello, I can’t use your class. I’d like to export a file.sql but it’s was empty … Can you help me ?

Hi there, I’ve just purchased your script and it was very easy to set up. Everything works fine witch cron jobs which is very important to me. Thank you for your work with writing this script.

However I have one problem with encoding. When I open the .sql backup file, Notepad++ sees this file as ANSI encoded (there are no Polish letters, only question marks instead of diacritic letters).

I trigger the original script with this code added at the beginning of backup.php file: <?php set_time_limit(3600); $params = array( 'driver' => 'mysql', 'host' => 'localhost', 'username' => 'xxx', 'password' => 'xxx', 'database' => 'xxx', 'timeFlag' => 'true', ); Backup::init($params)->as_sql()->zip()->save($path);

Rest or the backup.php is untouched.

Is it possible to backup my database with Polish letters? Here’s screenshot of phpmyadmin main window:

the script does not send the backup file as attachment on the email. Any help?

I have purchased the MySQL Backup Pro Class from and the script does not send the backup file as attachment on the email. Any help?

ok I’ve seemed to have a problem, I’ve tried this to just do a simple backup and I keep getting an error:



$params = array( ‘driver’ => ‘mysql’, ‘host’ => ‘localhost’, ‘username’ => ‘XXXXX’, ‘password’ => ‘XXXXX’, ‘database’ => ‘XXXXX’, ‘timeFlag’ => ‘true’, );

$path = “backup/”;


Fatal error: Class ‘Backup’ not found in C:\wwwroot\htdocs\admin\backup_test.php on line 16

BTW This is running on a local host xampp it’s not network, it’s only available by the intranet.

Hi ! is it possible to custom export zip name ? Thanks

You can add a progress bar for creating zip files, thanks

If I want to save the zip for example: Mac: / Users / vmol / Backup Windows: C: Backup


Hi there, using your script, is it possible to automate the backup of separate tables in a database and then to be able to restore any one of them if required?

Hi, I’m getting crazy on trying to make work your script without success! I want to backup on google drive via webdav but nothing, no php error and no crash, the script end and on gdrive there is no file!

Here’s my code:

set_time_limit(3600); require_once(‘class-db.php’); $params = array( ‘driver’ => ‘mysqli’, ‘host’ => ‘localhost’, ‘username’ => ‘’, ‘password’ => ‘’, ‘database’ => ‘‘ ); $webdav_params = array( ‘server’ => ‘', ‘user’ => ‘@.’, ‘pass’ => ‘**’ ); Backup::init($params)>as_sql()>webdav($webdav_params);

Hello i got this error when i try create the backup “Error backing up server.”

Hello i got this error when i try create the backup “Error backing up server.”