MySpy 1.0 - Android studio

MySpy 1.0 - Android studio

This app is perfect for you who want to monitor your cell in case of loss or theft or create your own tracking system, who knows how to create other related applications such as applications that capture the person’s photo if you move the app with the wrong password, Anyway .. this app has unlimited applications, stay free to make your own customization.

This app include: Android Files and PHP Files.

  1. Get photo Front and Back cam.
  2. Get Location
  3. Send photo and location for your email:
  4. System auto open services if app stop.
  5. Initialize with system on boot.
  6. Upload photo with password.
  7. Initialize app with Dialer
  8. Disable sound cam easy
  9. Hide icon app / Optional
  10. Protect app as admin with admin device: Disable the Force Stop and Uninstall button.
  11. Take pictures in a silent and imperceptible way.

Gps are not very reliable, it depends a lot on your location, maybe this does not work well if you are in a remote place, or hidden away from home, the satellite may not reach everywhere on the planet and it consumes a lot of battery power.

Onesignal addition key: get=back, get=front, get=location

Requirement: Account onesignal / Include in Documentation Firebase account / Include in Documentation Android studio 2.3 Host for PHP files

My build: compileSdkVersion 25 buildToolsVersion “25.0.2”

Phone test for Guaranteed 100%: MOto G1 XT1033 Android (4.4.4) api 19 Others have not been tested but it seems to work fine on the devices of other clients and friends. If you buy and test on your cell phone I can include it here.

We will be adding new features soon because we are still running some tests and checking the demand for new services.