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I cannot get the slider to save, I have file permissions set correctly for the files and images folder.

Please advise.


Thanks man – I just sent you an e-mail.

As far as I can see, you have free hosting. Try on a regular hosting. Maybe free hosting has some limitations. Contact customer support hosting. In any case, PHP 5.2 is already a very old version.

I’m on a paid VPS, not free hosting.

Additionally, you do not include anywhere that your script is not compatible with PHP 5.2.

Please advise.


We really liked your MySlider and would like to know if you have any CMS for Website building with similar functionality / flexibility? We are making now Builder on Kooboo CMS, but not really happy with it.. If yes, we are interested to purchase, it not maybe you can help us develop it. Please let me know. Please, respond by email at Respectfully, Sergey Kashin

Is there anyway I can set up a .php environment on my computer and simply copy code to the site I want it placed on?

You need to upload php files to the site server, which will be used the slider.

hi, The slider will not display properly in Google Chrome 37.0.2062.120 Browser.

Slide the pieces are displayed:

Does not displayed or is something wrong?

Not be displayed properly!


But when the settings uncheck the responsive issue is resolved!

Thank you! In Chrome 34 this bug was not. Even in Chromium 37.0.2062 in Linux this bug is missing. Under Windows problem I see, but so far not found a way to solve it. Will decide.

everything fine, but when we save banner we get an empty ,js file except first line var sliderConstructData = null; suggestion ?

That version PHP? Need PHP 5.2.3+ (magic_quotes_gpc – OFF).

Does it support video?

I want to know is running any version of databases …. What are databases that are supported by this script

No database. Data saving to files (JS).

I’m not a programmer, so I want to clarify … I am the fairest script with Script affixed with the latest data is sql rules you will have a problem in linking it with databases

Image upload facility is there, but I want images gallery for selecting images. Let me know is it possible.

Question pre-sale… your not help for this product? i purchase new and who solution any question or dude?

i see.. thanks

Great job, congratulations, I’ve downloaded and installed without problems. clear and easy documentation to apply. I recommend this product really is excellent.

Thank you!


i see in the demo that user choose the dimensions of the slider in pixels. Is it possible to specify width and height as percentages? For example, I need to set the banner to the left of the screen with height to 100% and width to 30%.

Hello dear, a query, as I can avoid running the slider in loops is to say that it only runs once and is visible without looping this is possible

Hello. While this is not possible. Maybe it will be possible in the next version.

Thanks for your answer who estimate post the nex versión? – Best Regards

Hi please i need your help, i upgrade to new version bad show this error to run…

Warning: include( /var/www/vhosts/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 388

Warning: include( /var/www/vhosts/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 388

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’ /var/www/vhosts/’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/opt/plesk/php/5.6/share/pear’) in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 388

Who fix?

please ignore this post i fix….

please ignore this post i fix….

This is languaje spanish for you….


/** * Spanish language file */

$lang = array( ‘apply’ => ‘Aplicar’, ‘save’ => ‘Guardar’, ‘save_as_new’ => ‘Guardar y nuevo’, ‘close’ => ‘Cerrar’, ‘new’ => ‘Nuevo’, ‘open’ => ‘Abrir’, ‘logout’ => ‘Salir’, ‘slide_new’ => ‘Nuevo slide’, ‘slide_copy’ => ‘Copiar slide’, ‘slide_delete’ => ‘Borrar slide’, ‘slide_animation_play’ => ‘Reproducir animacion slider’, ‘empty’ => ‘Empty’, ‘layers’ => ‘Capas’, ‘layer_add’ => ‘Agregar capas’, ‘animation_in’ => ‘Animacion de entrada’, ‘animation_out’ => ‘Animacion de salida’, ‘no_animation’ => ‘Sin animacion’, ‘delay’ => ‘Demora’, ‘color’ => ‘Color’, ‘image’ => ‘Image’, ‘upload’ => ‘Subir’, ‘layer_options’ => ‘Opciones de capas’, ‘layer_type’ => ‘Tipo de capas’, ‘layer_type_text’ => ‘Texto’, ‘layer_type_image’ => ‘Imagen’, ‘layer_type_video’ => ‘Video’, ‘layer_type_icon’ => ‘Icono’, ‘layer_copy’ => ‘Copiar capas’, ‘layer_delete’ => ‘Borrar capa’, ‘layer_show_hide’ => ‘Mostrar / Ocultar’, ‘effect_n_delay’ => ‘Efecto y demora’, ‘no_effect’ => ‘Sin efecto’, ‘text’ => ‘Texto’, ‘font_n_size’ => ‘Fuente y tamaño’, ‘text_style’ => ‘Estilo de Texto’, ‘line_height’ => ‘Altura de linea’, ‘icon’ => ‘Icono’, ‘choose’ => ‘Cambiar’, ‘choose_icon’ => ‘Cambiar icono’, ‘padding’ => ‘Padding’, ‘text_color’ => ‘Color de Texto’, ‘background_color’ => ‘Color de Fondo’, ‘link’ => ‘Enlace’, ‘link_video’ => ‘URL Video’, ‘source’ => ‘Destino’, ‘name’ => ‘Nombre’, ‘show_arrows’ => ‘Mostrar flechas’, ‘effects_from_first’ => ‘Reproducir efectos del 1r. slider’, ‘pages_nav’ => ‘Navegacion de paginas’, ‘auto_play’ => ‘Auto reproducir’, ‘stop_play_mouseover’ => ‘Parar auto ejecucion al pasar el mouse’, ‘delete’ => ‘Borrar’, ‘preview’ => ‘Preview’, ‘confirm_delete_slider’ => ‘Borrar este slider?’, ‘alert_no_slides’ => ‘No hay slider ha borrar.’, ‘without_text’ => ‘Ningun texto’, ‘add_code_to_head’ => ‘Agregar este codigo en la etiqueta HEAD’, ‘example’ => ‘Ejemplo’, ‘example1_desc’ => ‘Mostrar Slider.’, ‘example2_desc’ => ‘Use template HTML para mostrar contenido dinamico (PHP code).’ );

sorry i send new to code…. <?php /** * Spanish language file */ $lang = array( 'apply' => 'Aplicar', 'save' => 'Guardar', 'save_as_new' => 'Guardar y nuevo', 'close' => 'Cerrar', 'new' => 'Nuevo', 'open' => 'Abrir', 'logout' => 'Salir', 'slide_new' => 'Nuevo slide', 'slide_copy' => 'Copiar slide', 'slide_delete' => 'Borrar slide', 'slide_animation_play' => 'Reproducir animacion slider', 'empty' => 'Empty', 'layers' => 'Capas', 'layer_add' => 'Agregar capas', 'animation_in' => 'Animacion de entrada', 'animation_out' => 'Animacion de salida', 'no_animation' => 'Sin animacion', 'delay' => 'Demora', 'color' => 'Color', 'image' => 'Image', 'upload' => 'Subir', 'layer_options' => 'Opciones de capas', 'layer_type' => 'Tipo de capas', 'layer_type_text' => 'Texto', 'layer_type_image' => 'Imagen', 'layer_type_video' => 'Video', 'layer_type_icon' => 'Icono', 'layer_copy' => 'Copiar capas', 'layer_delete' => 'Borrar capa', 'layer_show_hide' => 'Mostrar / Ocultar', 'effect_n_delay' => 'Efecto y demora', 'no_effect' => 'Sin efecto', 'text' => 'Texto', 'font_n_size' => 'Fuente y tamaño', 'text_style' => 'Estilo de Texto', 'line_height' => 'Altura de linea', 'icon' => 'Icono', 'choose' => 'Cambiar', 'choose_icon' => 'Cambiar icono', 'padding' => 'Padding', 'text_color' => 'Color de Texto', 'background_color' => 'Color de Fondo', 'link' => 'Enlace', 'link_video' => 'URL Video', 'source' => 'Destino', 'name' => 'Nombre', 'show_arrows' => 'Mostrar flechas', 'effects_from_first' => 'Reproducir efectos del 1r. slider', 'pages_nav' => 'Navegacion de paginas', 'auto_play' => 'Auto reproducir', 'stop_play_mouseover' => 'Parar auto ejecucion al pasar el mouse', 'delete' => 'Borrar', 'preview' => 'Preview', 'confirm_delete_slider' => 'Borrar este slider?', 'alert_no_slides' => 'No hay slider ha borrar.', 'without_text' => 'Ningun texto', 'add_code_to_head' => 'Agregar este codigo en la etiqueta HEAD', 'example' => 'Ejemplo', 'example1_desc' => 'Mostrar Slider.', 'example2_desc' => 'Use template HTML para mostrar contenido dinamico (PHP code).' );

Thank you.

After nine months I ask you again, is there no possibility that the slider will continue from the beginning once it is finished?

Who update version?

Please clarify what it means “slider will continue from the beginning once it is finished”. I do not understand this.

Hello, sorry for my English I only speak Spanish and this is the result of a Google translation. What I consult is the possibility that the resulting slider has a loop so that when it finishes automatically it can start again to be inserted in the header of the site ….