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following your instructions and the first error leaves me paralyzed: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/sitioweb/public_html/rest/server/myRestServer.php on line 314 Please ask your help, thanks.

Hi, please send us an email with detailed info, thanks for your purchase :D

Hi AlternaNetworks… where have u been? ur should have update right ? ..

im sorry my email have been disable so i only can message u here…

Hi!, metroshrink was soft disabled, but we’re working on a codeigniter + bootstrap version :D

so i can redeem refund right? id bought 4 of ur metroshrink… i cant get refund from Envato as they said u r working to fix it.. but almost a year…

internal server error after the installation/upload. the log file says => PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /var/www/api/myRestServer.php on line 314

thanx for support.

@cesar52 same problem here, can you provide a solution?

would be great if you finally could provide a solution for the ‘[’- bug on line 14!

Hi, we’re working on this.

Hi, is this still being worked on ? I just tried to install and have received the same unexpected ‘[’ on line 314 error.

fix is ready, sorry for the dielay

the same ERROR, 2 months and not fix yet?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/xxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxxx/api/myRestServer.php on line 314

fix ready, sorry for the delay

Please, report this developer to ENVATO, ticket category – Item is broken or malfunctioning- NO SUPPORT

sorry for the delay, update is ready

This script works really well thanks! made the task a creating my own api easy.

Glad you like it :D

FYI add to add in the config file header(“Access-Control-Allow-Headers: Origin, X-Requested-With, Content-Type, Accept,api-key”);

to allow cross domain custom headers

You can add custom headers on every response too, take a look to the documentation.

all the time getting 404 error. I have installed in in local Virtual Host. Mac, XAMPP address ‘api.backbone-test.local’ it is folder API selected as virtual host. Need to use it for backbone.js help please

how to enable cross domain scripts ?

how to make it ok working via ex. link? seems like is not ok

Hi, to send allow ajax crossdomain just enable it on main file or set manually on your controller$this->responseHeaders[] = 'API-POWERED-BY: myRest Server 1.0';

how to make it available via subfolder. not sumbomain. I have problem with backbone.js crossdomain request. I want to access it via address and it is showing me error all the time and If I want to access my controoller it is showeing me regular NOT FOUND page. think it can be .htaccess routing problem.any help?

MyRESTserver can run on subdirectory, domain , or subdomain, just upload to desired location; what you see when run

How can I use multiple sets of credentials with this ?

Currently, it looks as though I can only set a single set of credentials

$this->auth[‘credentials’] = Array(username, password);

yes, in fact, you can add many as you can, or auth via headers or any other method you can imagine.

Very nice. I added in encrypted and signed packet support via HTTP headers. Works very nice. Shoot me a line if you would like to add—couldn’t add full support for this without modifying the core myRestServer.php file.

WTF is this. No demo, no normaly screenshot.

Hi hope next update support to php 5.5 preg_replace thanks

working on this!

A pre-sale question. Does it support API Key? Thanks

Hello, which database support ur script ? does ur script has wsdl support?

Hello, I am looking to design a website similar to Is your script useful to achieve me that functionality? Let me explain you what exactly I am trying to do. I have a affiliate account with and I want to promote GoDaddy domains. GoDaddy offer free list of domains in .csv file which is updated everyday. That csv files contains over 300,000 domains. I am looking to upload .csv file everyday in my website and display in my website with datagrids. (Just like do. I would also like advance search and apply search filters to list related to domains. Use the link below to see what type of csv I want to work with… Also I would like to know how can I apply my affiliate link at CSV file or within your system.