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Good day,

Sorry if this is a dumb question…

Are you able GET users/search the Twitter API with your client?

Tx, IH

Hello. I’m new to web development, so I was wondering if your script could help me to communicate with the Restful API of the following service:

My intention is to retrieve the data submitted by the user throughout a form on WordPress, let’s say it’s a Contact 7 form, and then do a “Post” to create a pass for Passbook using the service API, which At the moment we only support JSON response format.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

sorry for the delay, yes.

How do I add a PHP variable to the request URL?

$request = $data->request('localhost/v1/objects/object_8/records/$myPHPvariable' ,'get','json');

Great thanks!

There is a bug in the setAuth function. The username is being duplicated twice in the generated Basic string.

Turn on debug and copy and paste the resulting string to

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to fix this bug. Please help!

Hi I have just purchased your script and cannot get it working as I keep getting an error when calling the class. “500 Internal Server Error”. PHP Version = 5.4.34 PHP Error log reports: - “Call to undefined method myRest::auth() in /Sites/dev/BZDash8/REST/getHeatmap3.php on line 46” Line 46 of my code is as follows: $restCall->auth(‘Stuart’,’1234’);

Complete code section is as follows – the $url is a FQDN and works with other CURL methods. $parameters is the correct format for the POSTFIELDS part of the CURL and works with other CURL methods:

include (‘myRest.class.php’); $data_string = json_encode($parameters); $restCall = new myRest(); $restCall->auth(‘Stuart’,’1234’); // user/pass to basic auth $restCall->addParam($data_string); // POST param $restCall->debug(true); $restCall->saveCookie(’/authcookie.txt’); $response = $restCall->request($url,’POST’,’JSON’); echo $response; Regards, Stuart

Found the problem. The provided documentation has an error. Should be $data->setAuth(‘username’,’password’); and not $data->auth(‘username’,’password’);

When making a POST the class appears to add an additional [ at the beginning of my JSON string and a ] at the end. This causes an error of 415 Unsupported Media Type. How can I get this to stop occuring please

Does this support OAuth?

just curious, the wordpress login seems cool but would could you do programmatically after you login? any examples?

Hello. I’m new to web development, so I was wondering how to create dice road with your script ?

any latest update on this ? is it still work for youtube API and twitter API ?

hi, how to add params in forms data ? like this . please

Could you please reply to the question I sent you by e-mail?