MyRegExp - PHP Regular Expression Builder

MyRegExp - PHP Regular Expression Builder

This item is a PHP RegEx builder, with what you can do is to build Regular Expressions in an entendible-php syntax. You can:
  1. Build Regular Expressions with an easy PHP-Syntax
  2. Validate strings with the RegEx built
  3. Build RegEx’s and get them
  4. Apply preg_match to a RegEx
  5. Replace string with the RegEx built

All that in a php syntax. No more broken heads trying to make basic or complex RegEx!

$instance->$string = 'Need to change this';
$instance->extract()->match(' change ')->extract();

echo $instance->replace($string, '$1 leave $2'); // Need to leave this

Validate only numbers:

var_dump($instance->validate('124321')); // True

From basic validation….
// Find a or c in string
$instance->matchOne('a', 'c')

var_dump($instance->validate('hello codecanyon')); // True

To complex ones!
// Start by - followed by 1 or 2
// Match any char 0+ times
// End with - preceeded by 1 or 2

$instance->addStart()->match('-')->ifIs(FOLLOWED_BY)->matchOne('1', '2')->closeIf()
->ifIs(PRECEEDED_BY)->matchOne('1', '2')->closeIf()->match('-')->addEnd();

var_dump($instance->validate('-2 this is text 1-')); // True

What is included?
  1. Fully explained documentation
  2. One example for every function
  3. 9 general examples
  4. Class file (only 5kb)

When you buy it, I recommend you to first read the examples included in the documentation and then the rest of it, is more easy to understand all \\)” title=” :)” />
Rating will be really appreciated. Questions? Suggestions? Please, don’t doubt to leave a comment!