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I bought your app to grab the rss section to implement into my app. I noticed that the views are within the same viewController. How can I set it up so that its two different controllers?

Hi gtechnology,

May I ask why you want to do this? And yes this is possible. It’s a little bit tricky but nothing too hard.

Just make another UIViewController (with .h and .m files) and add a UIWebView in. Then via the implementation file (.m file) send the URL of the selected RSS feed to the new view controller .m file. From their you can read the URL and view it in the UIWebView.

Thanks for your time :)

If I want to design this app, which develop platform that I want to choose. Thanks. I am not a programmer.

Hi lwj4224290,

This app has been designed for the iOS platform.

If your interested you can hire me as a freelance app developer.

Thanks for your time :)


I think this is just what I need. I need to promote weekly events. So the question is? How do I update the content. I mean is there some way to upload images to my server and the app load them? Or any time I update the con ten, I need to upload the app as an update to the app store?

Hi memo_vh,

Well you can customise the RSS feeds in the app for example in the blog(news) section to load a feed from your server. You can then add content to those feeds such as images, videos, text, etc….

Other parts of the app need to updated as a app update.

Thanks for your time :)

Sounds good. Do you have a video or something when I can see the app working?

Hi memo_ch,

Currently I don’t have a video. But the screenshots are this app running live on the iOS simulator.

Thanks for your time :)

Dear Supertecnoboff , Your source is great. ! I am happy I bought it. I was able to change what I wanted expect the following maybe you can help me: - taking out the RSS Icon, the Facebook Icon in order to have the 6 icons all on the first page. - Change the information page in the information tab ( the iOS Pop up when I click on the “i” letter on the right bottom side ) - Change the name of the portfolio to XYZ in order to see the correct name under the icon of the app ( this one is probably easy but I am a real newbie. :-) Thank you much and great job !

Hi goldingo,

Thanks for purchasing MyPortfolio :)

1) If you want to remove you have to do this manually via the Interface Builder in Xcode. Simply open the Home View controller UI file called: ViewController.xib. Now you won’t actually see the buttons because I have set their alpha to 0 so that they are hidden to begin with. You’ll need to click on the UI a bit and you’ll notice that there are some squares, these are the buttons. You can now select them all, set their alpha to 1 (so you can see them) and then remove and shift the ones you don’t want. (Remember to set the alpha of the buttons back to 0 once your done so that the nice animation can happen at the start of the application).

2) The ‘i’ button on the information page is set to show a UIAlertView when pressed. To change the text which appears, simply open the file “Config.h” in the project. You’ll notice that there is a definition called INFODES (#define INFODES) and there will be some text next to it, change the text to what you want.

3) Right in order to change the name which appears under the app icon, you have to edit the .plist file of the Xcode project. Click on the project on the left hand side and you’ll notice the right side of Xcode change. Now click on the Info tab and you’ll be presented with the .plist file. Now simply edit the field in the .plist file which is called: “Bundle name”.

Thanks for your time :D

Hello, I would like to know if is possible from video list, when I press any videos of the list, play the video without charging youtube window?, I don’t want users watch other videos in the suggestion list of youtube, is that possible? thanks

Hi jpantinop.

Yes this is possible. You need to add a UITableView and then load in data from the YouTube API V3. This is not something I have implemented into the app, but it can be done relatively easily to be honest.

Thanks for your time :)

Hi there,

I would like to swap out the Youtube portion / feed for another rss feed. Is this a quick change that can be done?

It would help me out a great deal!

Great app by the way.


Hi partylikearockstar,

You could simply just open the RSS version instead of the YouTube video and change the RSS link it loads the data from.

Thanks for your time.

hello i’d like to buy the app but is it support IOS 7 & IOS 8 ???? thanks

Hi bengaber,

Currently the app does not have support for iOS 7/8. I have been planning on updating ALL of my CodeCanyon items for many months now. I just don’t have the time right now as I am busy working on other projects.

I will update all my CodeCanyon items in the coming months.

Thanks for your time.

Can you update this so I can use it again?