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what is password for demo?

User Demo: Username: demo | Password: demo

Admin Demo: Username: admin | Password: admin

You can also create a new account to test some disabled functionalities from public demo accounts. Enjoy!

Need to look that up in myPMTool :)

Thanks irieman!

Very cool! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks ceb123a!

Made a demo user for anyone:

User & pass: Demo

Thanks iAlex!

This is just what I need! I will be buying this soon. No more forgot password links for me!! :-)

Thanks rhdesignsolutions! You can use search labels while adding a website for this purpose. Then you can search it from your home page e.g. ftp login etc.

Thanks, purchased. Good luck with sales :-)

I hope, thanks again :) And please don’t forget to vote if you like it!

Any thoughts about adding custom fields so users can store more than just passwords?

Not now, maybe later

Hello, installation stops on Step 4 – Creating Configuration File

any suggests?

With your FTP application, you need to change the permissions for the installation files before you can proceed. To access permissions of files and folders, you need to look at their ‘properties’ or ‘information’. If you click/highlight a file or folder and then command + I you will usually be presented with the permissions dialog. You need to change the permissions of the following folders to 777 (or ask your host if 755 will work instead – it’s safer):

After the installation completed successfully, you can change the permission of the following folders to 644.

Finally, if the installation folder could not be deleted automatically from your server, please also delete the ”/installation” folder from your server.

Hi, Can add users rather than let them signup? I want to remove signup from homepage and just be able to add them myself. Password recovery might be left though. Nice work Thanks!

If you want modification on the current item please create a ticket from here and ask a price. Thanks!

Hello, is possible to delete the passwords added? Thanks

Sure, it’s possible. You can also delete a category with all passwords stored under this category. I made it with drag buttons to prevent unwanted or accidental deletion. Unfortunately you can’t use it on the demo for security reasons.