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Hi, If if im reading this right, this will allow my mobile device to get internet access thru my pc? correct? Also, does this come with the code or is it just the compiled app?

Yes it’s correct, if your pc have an internet connection (ex a usb modem) or if you have a single connection to share with your friends. Now I provide only compiled app, but in the future I will sell also the code written with Delphi2010. Thank you


... is it a wifi ?

yes, a wifi tool “utility” to emulate an access point with a win7 laptop :)

I just don’t understand why the compiled app itself is doing on CODECanyon…

Hello, app “closed source” is not against codecanyon rules, i thing i will include sources in next major version if users will ask it me

What framework did you use to make this?

I only used Embarcadero Delphi 2010 working on a Windows7 native service. Thank you :)

if I use a USB modem on my windows 7 laptop. Can I share the net through wifi?

Hello Onix. I have installed the software but my sony X8 can’t connect to the created hotspot, I tried to connect also another laptop but it shows no internet connectivity. I am using windows 7, 64 bit laptop.

You can share the internet connection through wifi but some configuration on w7 is needed. Basically you have to share the internet with Microsoft server “ICS” or “Internet Connection Service” and make a “bridge” from internet local connection and the created wifi lan. You can find some suggestion here:

mistake… “microsoft service”, not “microsoft server” ;)

Thanks for the link.

But Can i send you email with screenshots? Maybe you could help me better and i could explain the problem easily.

sure. send me an email to gian55 AT gmail DOT com so i will check your configuration. thank you

Finally the program works.

need admin permission?

good work… you give the source code? thanks

I would have interest when the source code became available. Thanks.

Does this app share my wireless connection? or I need to be connected via LAN?

this tool create a wifi hotspot on your machine, you can set up a gateway (ex on your mobile phone) so you can share your connection to all user connected at you wifi

Great work, clean & professional. Wish you best sales

We can control each user’s bandwidth ?

is this working on wind 10 ?

Is source code available yet?